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How to Farm Gold in Karazhan - World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth



Karazhan is a level 70 raid which was released in The Burning Crusade expansion. This is one of the highest rated raid in World of Warcraft history due to its lenght, complexity and lore implications.

This raid can be farmed for BoE green items which are used in transmogrification processes, rare pets that can be sold on the Auction House for nice amounts of gold and also a mount for yourself which actually drops from the first boss in Karazhan.

The pets I mentioned above are all of rare quality and they are as follows:

  • Spiky Collar which teaches the Lil' Bad Wolf pet.
  • Instant Arcane Sanctum Security Key which teaches the Menagerie Custodian pet.
  • Satyr Charm which teaches the Fiendish Imp pet.
  • Netherspace Portal-Stone which teaches the Netherspace Abyssal pet.
Farm Results

Farm Results

I ran Karazhan from start to finish on a level 110 Enhancement Shaman with a an item-level of 880. Below you can see the amount of time a full run took and also the amount of gold I made. The gold I obtained was strictly from BoE items and trash grey items as I was not lucky enouch to get any of the pets mentioned above.

The run took me 28 minutes and 40 seconds and I gathered 2000 gold from BoE drops. An extra 200 gold was obtained via trash items that were sold.

Total time: 28 minutes 40 second / Total gold: 2200 gold.

Below you can find more information about the pets that can drop in Karazhan and screenshots of the prices they have on my server.

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As you can see in the screenshots provided above, the pets sell for quite a bit of gold considering the amount of time and effort this raid takes.

The prices can heavily fluctuate between each and every realm so I would strongly suggest you check the prices on your local Auction House for these pets to see if the time investment would make sense for you.

The prices shown above are from my realm which is Argent Dawn - EU.

The pets drop from the following boss encounters in Karazhan:

  • Spiky Collar - The Big Bad Wolf
  • Instant Arcane Sanctum Security Key - The Curator
  • Satyr Charm - Terestian Illhoof
  • Netherspace Portal-Stone - Prince Malchezaar

The pet items that drop are Bind on Pickup which means they can not be sold directly. What can be done is to add the pet to your journal, then navigate to the Pet Journal, find the pet, right click it and select 'Put in Cage'. This will create a pet in your bag which can be sold on the Auction House without any issues.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and do let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. I also put in a YouTube video below on how to find the entrance for the Karazhan raid in case there are some of you out there who never visited this wonderful raid.

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