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How to Earn Diamonds Quickly in Roblox's Royale High

Royale High is one of Roblox’s most notoriously famous games. Roblox users from all around the world join Royale High to roleplay, compete in exciting pageants, attending high school, and so much more. The currency of this particular game happens to be diamonds, in which are used to buy outfits and accessories in the shops, spruce up your dorm at the campuses, and even to buy yourself something nutritious in the different realms of RH. Earning diamonds may seem daunting at first as they do take some work to earn, however with these helpful tips you can earn diamonds quickly and effectively!

Do your daily logins

Make sure to login daily if and when you can to check in on your computer at your apartment. This alone will provide up to 12,000 diamonds in the span of 10 days. After the tenth day is reached, the login meter will reset and you have the chance of earning up to 12,000 diamonds again within the next 10 days with little to no effort! The next daily login is spinning the wheel! This not only gives you diamonds if you land on the specific space, but also can give your special accessories that you can apply to your avatar! The last daily login would be the Fountain of Dreams. Here you have a chance of winning diamonds and also winning the current legendary halo!

Level Up!

Leveling up will give you 300 diamonds every level and can be achieved by earning XP from attending classes at the campuses, turning in homework for said classes, competing in the pageants and archery mini-games, and even just taking a quick snooze at your apartment. If you are up for buying the two available diamond multiplier game-passes, together they will provide up to 6x the amount of diamonds, 2x if you only buy the doubled game-pass, and 4x if you only buy the quadruple game-pass.

Sleep whenever your energy is down!

This is super important as it almost always levels you up and instantly gives you 300 diamonds (600 if you have the doubled gamepass, 1200 if you have the quadruple gamepass, and 1800 if you have both gamepasses combined).

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Diamond Farming!

Diamond farming is one of the quickest ways to earn diamonds and one of the seemingly easiest ways. Diamond farming simply means to go around the different realms of RH and collect the diamonds that you can find scattered around. The difference in colors will determine how many diamonds you earn from that specific diamond. You can earn from 1 to 20 diamonds without the game-passes and from 6 to 120 with the game-passes.

Compete in Pageants!

Competing in pageants is a fun way to earn diamonds and XP in a small time frame. You will get diamonds and XP just for competing and if you win one of the three grand prizes, you can win up to a thousand diamonds!

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