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How to Defeat Annoying, Popular Yugioh Decks, Part 2

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Ready for round two?  Well here we go.

Ready for round two? Well here we go.

If you're continuing from Part 1 of this hub topic, welcome back! If you've just stumbled on this hub or skipped the previous entry because you found these monsters more annoying, then bienvenue! The Lightsworns, Dark Worlds, Elemental Heroes, and Gladiator Beasts were fast, deadly, destructive, and always gave your opponent a reason to gloat. These decks... are even worse. Like placing Green Lantern against a man with no arms, Steven King against Stephanie Meyer, Eminem against your best friend that raps to himself all day yet refuses to go to a recording studio. Facing the Elemental Heroes, you see the punches coming, yet can't dodge them. You lose, yet still make swings, pride yourself with at least going down throwing blows, even if you can see your opponent doing a victory dance above your floating stars. Facing the Mermails, you'll get curb-stomped. You'll enter the ring, meet your opponent, then black-out, asking yourself as the stands sit empty and the custodian sweeps the ring, "What happened?" However, after reading this hub, you won't be the one kissing the mat. You'll have the knowledge to defeat some of the most powerful and contemporary meta in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game.

Remember Billy Joel's hit song, "We Didn't Start the Fire?"  Well, these guys did, and they did it with style.

Remember Billy Joel's hit song, "We Didn't Start the Fire?" Well, these guys did, and they did it with style.

Fire Fists: Hell has too much Support

The Plague: Only the gray hairs, or the now employed and miserable, remember the days when every Monster Card sucked, leaving only Magic (^_^) and Trap Cards to worry about. Then came the Decks that made Spell and Trap cards worthless: the Gladiator Beasts, Dark Worlds, Plants, Quickdraw, and basically any group which relied on Syncing. Every player from U.S. to Japan thought the Support scare ended and that crazy and straight-up ridiculous Monster Effects were the only thing to fear... Until O'McDonald's circus from Hell hit the scene. The Fire Fist, a flaming archetype of pyro warriors named after animals, destroy your Spell/Trap support, Monsters, and recycle each other WITH Spell and Traps that boost their attack. The Fire Fist combine strong Monster effects with burning support to leave their opponents biting their fingernails, chanting, "Gorillas, Bears, and Dragons, Oh My!" But with the right cards and technique, any duelist can turn this animal horror show into a cute pet farm, for for every fire there's a hydrant, and for every insane, animal-worshiping monk there's a slaughterhouse.

The Cure:

  • Eliminate the Spell and Trap Cards: Break their bag of tricks with cards such as Malevolent Catastrophe or Fairy Wind. Also, since the Fire Fists search for their precious Support cards by bringing them face-down to the field, you can severely decelerate the deck with Dark Simorgh.
  • Like buffing themselves up? Feed 'em steroids: All of the Spell and Trap cards that this flaming fraternity use boost its attack. Overworked and Fiery Fervor take advantage of this, helping you burn-out or overpower any workaholic Monsters getting in funny formations to harm you.
  • United they stand... But not too tall: The strongest Fire Fists have 2200 attack, and taking into account their reliance on Spell and Traps to stand above your monsters, Forbidden Lance is one's best weapon against them, a card that'll drop their formation boost while decreasing their already low attack simultaneously.

FYI... Thunder King Ria-oh can slow down their searching capability, but all it takes is one well-placed Fire Fist and Fire Formation to turn this King into a peasant. Arm thyself against the Support cards instead.

Wind-Ups: Little Toys Storm You at 225MPH

The Plague: Ha! You thought the Lightsworns were fast. Imagine a bullet train and a cheetah having a baby (for God's sake, don't image too hard or someone will make a fanfic from it). Now imagine that baby gets trained to run track by The Flash. The Wind-Ups Special Summon so much your eyes will spin. They Special from the Deck, the hand, the grave, you name it. Konami even limited the Wind-Up Magician and banned " " Zenmaity in an attempt to, "Stop this crazy thing," but it didn't work. Even if you derail a bullet train, it's still coming for you like a bat escaping from hell with a jetpack. Wind-Up Shark, " " Magician, " " Rabbit, and " " Rat keep the party coming, and the Wind-Up Factory keeps Santa's private army of Toys for Terror spilling your Lifepoints into the streets. Listen to the following cures, and you'll break these toys' super-sonic setting. Permanently.

The Cure:

  • Limit the Summons: The Wind-Ups' primary weapon is field advantage. Cut their presence with either the trap Summon Limit or the field spell Summon Breaker to shift their lightning speed to a snail's pace.
  • Shut down the Factory: Deck Lockdown not only ends the threat of the Wind-Up Factory, but also all of the effects used to help them swarm... For two turns anyway. But a two-turn lead is better than getting left... the length of Texas behind, so Side this card.
  • Counter their Field Advantage with Hand Advantage: Maxx "C" is the best counter to this troop that makes Chucky from Child's Play look like a Cabbage Patch. If your opponent decides not to dominate the field, you get a free turn to fight back, and if they do, you get a fresh hand full of cards. Just make sure your deck's strategy is ready to strike back.

FYI... Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match can also devastate Wind-Ups, but you'd need to make sure these traps' effects don't hinder your own Deck.

And you thought you saw the last of her in the Elemental Hero build... silly duelists.  She's singing a new song now, and it's more painful than before.

And you thought you saw the last of her in the Elemental Hero build... silly duelists. She's singing a new song now, and it's more painful than before.

Mermails: Bringing Their City to a Sea Near You

The Plague: Oh, they've done it now. The Dark Worlds clawed, fought, and swam up from Hell and the Mariana Trench, and on their way met the Atlanteans, had kids, and produced a Yugioh archetype of your nightmares. The Mermails discard cards to special summon themselves and to activate their effects. Combine that with the original Atlanteans' ability to gain effects when dropped for a water Monster's effect, which should remind any respective duelist of another archetype, and you have the dream-team people wish Dark Worlds were: Speed, Destruction, and Swarming without biting your nails for that much needed Spell/Trap card to activate an effect. Many a duelist have seen Abyssmegalo and Deep-Sea Diva begin a performance that's too die for, an OTK that matches Judgment, Lightpulsar, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal in its simplicity, destructiveness, and epic eye-pop-ability in the speed of its execution. With cards that activate in the hand, field, and Graveyard, it can be difficult to pinpoint what strategy can torch these fish-freaks and their forgotten city. However, study the tides right or pack the right spear gun, and you'll keep these fish-men mutants beneath the waves where they belong.

The Cure:

  • Stop their effects in the Graveyard: Mind Drain won't stop the Special Summons of the big Mermails, but it will stop their destructive and revival capabilities. You'll still be facing giants, but at least the archers and medics will disappear from the backdrop.
  • Slow down the Deck searches: Land these sea-lubbers with Mistake and Thunder King Rai-oh, or they'll speed through the Deck so fast you'll swear you're standing still.
  • Eliminate the Graveyard: If your Deck can take it, adding D.D. Fissure or Macro Cosmos (or heck, why not both?!) will be the equivalent of sucking the ocean right from their fins. No drops to Special Summon from the hand, no Specials from the Graveyard, no discards to wipe-out your field... You'll be sailing a luxury cruise through the entire duel.

FYI... The writer recommends adding Battle Faders to your repertoire while staring-down these demons of the deep. Every heard the saying, "It's not over till the fat lady sings?" Well in Lemuria and Atlantis, "fat lady" is replaced with "Deep Sea Diva." You've been warned.

*Claps*  Congratulation Konami; you've managed to handicap one of the worst Decks in Yugioh even further.  Now if only you'd finally do something about all those dragons flying around...

*Claps* Congratulation Konami; you've managed to handicap one of the worst Decks in Yugioh even further. Now if only you'd finally do something about all those dragons flying around...

Dragon Rulers: Because Monotony Always Wins

The Plague: Okay... Now just ask yourself, if you play the game or even touched the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG once in your life, what type of deck has the strongest monsters and the highest support? If you said Dragons, then you'd be a typical player stereotyping this great card game, and you'd be right. Dragons are overpowered, dragons are cheap, they have more Support than a woman wearing a regular bra, a sports bra, a bustier AND a corset. Every Yugioh archetype has at least one boss dragon that will knock your socks off, so what's the point in naming Dragons rulers in a card game where they already dominate with an iron fist and nuclear-powered machine gun? Fellow duelists, there is actually a reason why... This is the archetype that rules THE archetype. The Dragon Rulers can discard themselves and other dragons to do almost anything, making the Quickdraws and Elemental Heroes that toolbox your grandfather gave you that you leave buried in the shed. To further add to their opponent's agony, each of the big dragons can Special Summon itself from the hand or Graveyard by banishing two dragons, and at the end of the opponent's turn they return to the hand, making their enemies ants under a magnifying lens. Add in Super Rejuvenation, a Quick-Play Spell that allows the player to draw for every dragon discarded or tributed during that turn, not too mention all the Dragon support that already exists, and these lords of the sky seem unstoppable. Yes, they seem unstoppable, but how many stories/novels/movies/shows have been created where the dragon gets defeated by the brave knight? All Dragon duelists have to face the facts, just as Seto Kaiba had to in the original Yugioh show: Dragons were meant to lose. They were always destined to be slain by that honorable/drunk/sinning/apathetic knight, no matter how omnipotent they are, no matter how intimidating they appear, no matter how bad their breath smells. Be that courageous warrior in shining armor; don't surrender to fear!

The Cure:

  • Clip their wings: Mind Drain will stop the little dragons' effects from activating, effectively muffling the throats of the little guys so they can't call their pretentious, overgrown brothers. If these guys REALLY tickle your hate bone, then add in Soul Drain to stop their effects completely. If you can keep him alive, Goblin of Greed also proves effective.
  • Stop them from Attacking: If you're not running Dragons yourself, use the Level Limit-Area B for Dragons: Dragon Capture Jar. It won't be a permanent fix though; you can thank Blaster for that.
  • Tame their Dragons: You know the old saying, "If ya can't beat 'em, tame 'em!" Add Victoria to your arsenal to snatch your opponent's Dragons from the Graveyard, a strategy putting a powerful dragon to your defense while eliminating effect-fodder for your opponent.
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FYI... Other than the Xyzs, Blaster possesses the destructive potential of this deck and has the highest attack. Target him, and focus on the Level 7 Xyzs to remain a cut-above in your duel with Dragons.

And that's a Wrap, Ladies and Gentleman

The variety in the Yugioh TCG makes the game complex and enriching. You have fast decks, stall decks, beat-down decks, destruction decks, and control decks. Unfortunately, you also have troll decks, lockdown decks, merciless decks, Dragon decks, and the worst, meta-decks. Konami does make the attempt by using a ban/limited list, balancing the game by trimming away cards considered as overpowered as Sophitia and Misturugi in the Soul Calibur series, yet some strategies transcend filters. The problem gets aggravated when players use such strategies to separate themselves as "The Elite," obnoxiously flaunting copied decks before those who enjoy the diversity the game signifies. Just as dictators are as human as you or the writer, a Deck is just a deck. It has strengths, as well as weaknesses, and they should be exploited to balance the playing field, but most importantly to let "The Elite" know that Yugioh is just a game. Even though victory is valuable, having fun represents the focus, bringing others together represents the goal, translating a simple card game into hope represents the dream. What hopes do you aspire for? To network with others while playing, to travel and see the world with this game as a backdrop, or perhaps to use it as a catalyst to the entrepreneurial endeavor of opening your own virtual/physical card store? Whatever the drive of the reader, know the writer wishes you well. Continue to duel for your dreams.


DarkMagicRuler on June 28, 2015:

I've managed to stop the lightsworns and darkworlds a good number of times using a from scratch spellcaster deck that relies pretty heavily on stall traps. The fire fists though.. Garunix and Neph kill my strategies.

Sam Little from Wheelwright KY on January 02, 2015:

I have read this badboy like 3 times and each time it is just as entertaining and interesting as the first!

Zeron87 (author) on September 17, 2014:

I have a friend who's had am ambition to make a semi-competitive Slifer Deck irl. He tried the Ninja Engine, desiring to mix that monster from GX who gets 1000 Atk for every trap in the Grave (Can't remember the name). I think the plans are still on the drawing board though.

I do share your passion buddy ^_^. I'd love to see a competitive Egyptian God Card deck, or at least Konami release enough support for one.

TheSauceBoss9000 on September 16, 2014:

My favourite deck would probably be Marik's Slifer deck. It gets Slifer out on the field easily, and with that kick-butt 5 card combo, no one stands a chance (except Yugi of course XD)

Zeron87 (author) on April 21, 2014:

Thanks for the comment buddy ^_^. People tend to underestimate Watts. They're great for stun/control, and Wattpheasant wreaks havoc on Xyz-focused decks. And I'm curious about what type of dragon deck your using. The new Blue-Eyes build with Maiden? Hieratics? The biggest problem with most dragon builds is cloggy hands. If that's the case, look into Totem Dragon and buffing your defensive support (Mirror Force, Fiendish Chain, Bottomless Traphole, etc.)

Sam Little from Wheelwright KY on April 08, 2014:

Great stuff my friend. I have had great success with my Watt deck against the prime decks but I still have some difficulty when using my dragon deck.

Zeron87 (author) on January 14, 2014:

Yeah, those guys are annoying... They have mad support too, and I should have included them on the list. But a deck focusing on destruction should stop them, though. A Light-Imprisoning Mirror would hurt them too, and if your deck can take it, Rivalry of Warlords.

Jose Salcido on December 26, 2013:

Photon deck caused allot of problems

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