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How to Construct an Igloo


Basic Igloo


Winter boredom? Here is a cure...

How to construct an Igloo from Sugar Cubes

Igloos are associated with the Intuit, but all of the Greenland Thule and Canada's Central Arctic build and shelter themselves with igloos still to this day! The snow must be the hard packed type where blocks are 'cut' from the snow, and used to make the domes. The reason why snow is utilized is mainly because the air pockets kept in will behave as an insulator. You don't need to be in either of the pole's to construct an igloo; you can also make one in your own backyard!

Youngsters love Igloos. They have an unusual fascination towards snow and snow constructed structures. In case your youngsters wish to play in an igloo or create one themselves, lets teach them the design, and assist them with these easy how to construct an igloo instructions which are quite easy to follow and keeping your youngsters preoccupied is always a plus.

All you need a box of about 200 sugar cubes. That runs around $3.50 for name brands. You also need a glue gun and a cardboard base, or something that is large enough and sturdy enough for your base. You will also need some coconut flakes for the ‘snow’ and a glue gun or gluedots. Think how heavy a box of sugar cubes weighs and if that cardboard box piece doesn't withstand the weight of the box, it won’t for your igloo either. Now you need a little bit of a creative imagination and artistic side too. This is a fairly simple task to accomplish, but may not seem so at first.

Step 1: Find a sheet of cardboard for the bottom of your igloo that is thoroughly clean and ready to use. Draw a radius around the board using a pencil and compass and set your compass for 7-8 inches in diameter. Paint the card board in white with the exception of the inner radius, the spot where we still need to build the igloo. The white represents the snow around the igloo. Do not let that dry yet. It needs to be wet for Step 2.

Step 2: Sprinkle some coconut flakes where the white paint is still wet. They are going to dry together with the fresh paint. Please do your best to attempt not to get any coconut flakes or white paint within the circumference drawn out for igloo area. Now let dry.

Step 3: Now we get down to how to construct an igloo.Make sure you brought that creative imagination and artistic side too. Get your sugar cubes out and lay them around the circle in a standard but leaving a small space between each cube. You also need to remember to leave a space (start with three sugar cubes spaces) for the doorway tunnel. Then gradually begin the subsequent levels higher, using less sugar cubes as you go up, and remembering to leave that space between each cube. Use the hot glue gun to keep cubes together, or you can use what are called gluedots for a child to young for a glue gun. You can pick them up at your local craft supply store.

Step 4: Measure the opening and cut down an additional bit of card board to cover the top. Stick it up with frosting sugar and cover the opening with sugar cubes to fit exactly. Permit this whole igloo to fully dry (24-48 hours) and then you are ready to play with your igloo made of sugar cubes!

This would be a good school project for your youngster as well as teach him or her to build a real igloo right in their very own back yard.

There are literally hundreds of other arts and craft projects that you can do as well inside during the cold winter months. There are not as many arts and craft stores around anymore because a lot of them have closed down in this economy. But there are a few that have strived online.

Keeping your youngsters preoccupied during the long days of winter can be challenging, but not with the right ideas coupled with the time and space to do them in. Depending on the age of your youngsters you may or may not need to be hands on with them, but a little supervision is always a plus so that they know you are proud of their accomplishments.

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