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How to Clean a Nintendo DS Game

The Dirt

Nintendo DS games are small. They are also easy to drop, lose, launch across the room - it all depends on how bad your luck is. I have pretty bad luck, so I learned quickly how to clean most electronics. Not only is it best for game performance to have a clean DS game, but a clean hand held device as well. I will go through proper care and maintenance for both.

Cleaning a DS Game

When people don't understand a technology, they fear it or do strange things to it in order to try to get it to work. This method of cleaning is actually one of the best ones for cleaning most computer components (when they are unplugged).

  • First, gather the materials. You need either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and a Q Tip.
  • Second, have a clean working area. No use cleaning something just to have it go into a dirty place.
  • Third, dip the Q Tip so it is damp with the liquid. Make sure its not dripping or anything, and lightly drag it across whatever is dirtying the game.
  • Lastly, make sure the game is completely dry before trying to put it in the DS.

This will work on most things that can get on a DS cartridge. If it still won't come off, you may have a problem. If that does not get it off, your only option is to scrape it off with something, gently. This could damage the game, but if whatever it is makes it so you cannot use the game, it is better than just throwing it away. If it is something like paint, it could possibly just be futile and you will need a new game.

Cleaning a DS

Without thinking ahead, I bought a white DS. I probably would not have gone with this option if I had thought about what age and dirt do to white things. I had a cream and brownish DS before I cleaned it to a nice shiny cream and white color. It is not exactly how it used to be, but it does not look dirty anymore.

You can use the same Q Tip process that you did with the chip, making sure you are not putting standing liquid on the DS.

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Scraping stuck on stuff off is a lot safer with the DS (unless it is the screen) because if you scratch it there will not be damage to functionality. However, I recommend that you always keep screen guards on your Nintendo DS screens to keep them safe as long as possible.

If you must clean the screen, first use a glass cleaning cloth that probably came with your DS - if that doesn't get it off you may try the Q Tip method there as well.

DS Wrist Bands help secure the DS so they stay safe and clean!

DS Wrist Bands help secure the DS so they stay safe and clean!

Good Luck!

A lot of times electronics are not as delicate as they seem. A healthy sense of being careful with them is always good, but accidents happen - especially if there are children around or the item is owned by a child. Do not despair if it looks like something might not work, often it just needs to be cleaned better!

I hope you have good luck keeping your Nintendo DS and the games for it happy, healthy, and clean!

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