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How to Craft in "Order and Chaos"

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Order and Chaos Online

The quest to begin crafting is located in Silence. He will ask you to bring him 10 bronze mineral, 10 poor fur, and 10 grenadine. Once you finish this step he will reward you with crafting.

There are three rewards to choose from but choose carefully because you can only use the business skill you want to craft. In OAC, you must choose the crafting skill for your class.

Business skill for each class:

  • Monks and Mages = garment / tailoring
  • Rangers = leather working
  • Warriors = foundry / blacksmithing

You will need the crafting of to make epics. If you choose the wrong one, don't worry you can reset your crafting.

Crafting skills are very difficult to level, but there is a shortcut. You can buy a tablet to increase your crafting by 100 from the Nick Shop (very cheaply).

The max business skill level is 600, as of right now. The level cap is 70. Many people ask if crafting is worth it. As you can see, it is needed for epics. So, it is essential.

Business skill trainer locations are important to know.

If you choose the wrong business skill you can unlearn it by using a vendor that you buy from crafting merchants (page 2).

Starting Crafting

NCP who gives starting quest for foundry.

NCP who gives starting quest for foundry.

Start of the Crafting Quest Map Location

Starting quest for crafting skill location.

Starting quest for crafting skill location.

Where is the Quest for Crafting Skills

Masto is the vendor who begins crafting for you. He stands under a light post dear the attack dummies in the town of Silence. Not all classes start near here, but all of them will be brought here before they go to Greenmont, the major town of the world. (Flare Island is Open, and will be the new major town).

  • Crafting quest name: "The Apprentice." This quest will ask you to bring him 10 Bronze Mineral Ore, 10
  • Requirements: 10 Bronze Mineral Ore, 10 Grenadine and 10 Poor Fur

The grenadine will drop from all human enemies, the poor fur from the animals and the bronze you will find along roads and cliff faces. Once you select your crafting you go to the trainer to learn that skill.

Trainers can be found in Silence, Greenmont and other cities around the world. You will seek this trainer for your patterns that you will use to improve crafting. You will also buy at least one of your mats from the supply merchant.

The quest itself is very easy, the biggest mistake that people make is selling their ore, grenadine and poor fur to the merchant because they do not know what it is for.

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Crafting Part One

When Should I start Crafting Skills

Start crafting skills ASAP. As soon as you get to Silence go to Mastoo and get your quest. Complete it, turn it in, go to your trainer and get your first pattern.

If you work your foundry as you go, you will find life to be much easier. If not, you might find yourself grinding for days and days or months and months.

At some point, you go a little mental. You will start to buy mats on the auction house. They can either be expensive or nonexistent. This is when you see "Will sell soul for Normal Armor Scraps" in global. Alternatively any other mat (material) needed for crafting.

If you start it right away and work on it as you quest in each area, then you won't have a problem.The mats always drop together so finish each continent for both questing and crafting before you leave.

I know many of you want to race to 70. But then you will learn that you can not get epics without the foundry, and then be left to do nothing but farm or spend real money on runes.

Where to Get Crafting Materials

Crafting materials are dropped by enemies or found in the world.

You buy thread and flux from vendors. You can also purchase the materials on the auction house.

All players use armor scraps. Foundry uses ore. Crafting uses cloth.

Runes for crafting (not ones for Nick Shop) drop in Frostland and Under ream. Ice Edge Ore (foundry) is mined in Frostlund, Frostbite Flax and Fur are found in Frostland too.

Crafting part 2

Buying Crafting With Runes

Most people will tell you not to bother leveling crafting. They will tell you to use the Ancient Slabstones found in the Nick Shop.

These slabstones are a quick way to level. If you bought 6 of them, you would be all done with crafting.

The cost for these tablets is surprisingly low. They do run specials, and sometimes the tablets go on sale.

One warning, if you buy a tablet MAKE SURE TO BUY THE RIGHT ONE! There is 1 tablet per crafting skill. If you are foundry, buy foundry. If you are garment buy garment. If you are leatherworking buy leather working.

I knew a guy who bought the wrong one, and did not use it right away. He ended up surpassing the return time and ended up wasting real money on runes that were used for something he could not use or even vendor. Just double check before you purchase a tablet.

My advice is to grind your foundry to at least 300. That won't be too difficult. Then buy the last three levels from the Nick Shop.

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