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How to Check Mail in Order and Chaos

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Mailboxes in Order and Chaos

Mail box in front of the inn in silence

Mail box in front of the inn in silence

How to Check Your Mail

In Order and Chaos it can be very exciting to get mail for the first time. That's when most new players realize they don't know where to check their mail. The mail system can be used to send gold, items that are not bound and letters to your friends.

From time to time order and chaos will send you mail. This is usually a lottery reward, an event or tournament reward or a reward for playing the game. They usually call this enjoy game reward.

You can check your mail in order and chaos by visiting any mailbox which has the mail icon over it. Most mailboxes have this icon, however a few are just for show. All major cities across the land have mailboxes. Many of the medium sized cities also have mailboxes. Very small cities only occasionally have them.

In the beginning town such as Silence and Bellsoal, the mailbox is located in front of the inn. There is also a mailbox in front of the inn at Greenmont. However you can go check your mail in the Quiet Path and other mailbox locations in GM.


Are There Limits on Mail

You can tell when you have mail because there will be a picture of an envelope just below the character icon in the upper left hand corner. when you find a mailbox and click it then a screen will pop up on the right showing you the contents of your mailbox.

There are hourly limits as to how much mail you can send. There are also limits to how much mail you can receive. these limits are pretty fair, and they used to be much worse. So, I won't complain. I only really have problems on the alt I use to store mats and sell on the auction house.

Now that materials stack to 99, that's really not an issue anymore. When you put something up on the auction house, and it does not sell, it sends each item to your mailbox individually. That can be a pain.

If you hit your hourly limit on sending mail you just wait until the next hour. If you r mail box gets full, you won't get new mail until you clear the mail box. All the mail you are sent will be there, but you won't be able to access it until you clear your box.

Sending Items Letters and Money in Order and Chaos


How to send Items, Money and Letters

Sending items, money and letters is easy once you get the hang of it. The hard part is making sure that the recipient's name is correct. To send mail, the name must match exactly. Capitalization and all those strange characters matter. If it is not exactly as it is over the person's head, then it will say failed. If you write the name perfectly then it will say successful.

Sending Gold

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To send gold you simply need to type the person's name into the recipient box. Then you select add money and a new box will appear. Type in the amount of money want to send them and confirm. You can then hit send mail and the money should go straight to the character you have indicated.

Sending items:

Sending items can you little trickier because some items won't attach. To send items you type a name and then hit attachment. A box opens that contains the contents of your bag. You go to the item you want to send and either drag it into an empty box on the left or click the button. You can send up to 5 items. Some items will not attach. That is because it is bound, some items don't specifically say they are bound, but if they don't attach that's why. You can not unbind items.

Sending Letters:

A lot of people in order and chaos do not realize you can send a letter to other characters. You don't have to attach items or money to send a letter. But you can add a letter to any piece of mail including items and money mail. To write a letter you simply need to click on the space between the area where you enter the sender's name and subject and where you click add money or items. That empty space is your paper. When you click on it you're open and you should be able to type a nice letter to your friends.

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Alfredo on May 14, 2018:

I've tried to send items and money amongst my characters but I keeps telling me that the characters do not exist, I can only reply to some of them. I know an typing the names correctly?

Irvin Watson from Mainland, Western Australia, Australia on October 20, 2016:

Very cool. Thanks!

Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on April 14, 2015:

What level was the toon receiving the gold. There are gold limits for lower levels now. Try sending it in smaller amounts.

Bramha on April 14, 2015:

I sent gold to my other char and couldn't extract it. Msg said could not extract gold cuz my bag was full. Which was not the case. Weird

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