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"Order and Chaos" Trapping Mounts Without Spending Runes

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Getting a Cool Mount

Oac Mounts - Pro Player on Guardian of the Dawn.

Oac Mounts - Pro Player on Guardian of the Dawn.

Mount Hunting Guide

Catching a mount on Order and Chaos requires bond stones (or a trap), a location rotation and a little luck.

The Nick Shop has special traps, ones with increased capture rate. You don't have to buy them to can catch mounts, they only make it easier.

I do recommend investing runes in permits, but we will talk about that a little later.

Mount hunting is now a full blown sport in OAC. Let's begin by learning to catch mounts with no runes (bought with real money).

There is always a mount up in each area. By area I mean zone, such as Arcadian Forest, The Great Desert and so on.

There is always 1 mount up in each zone.

To catch a mount you need:

  • Bond Stones, traps, or wands
  • Mount Location
  • Patience
  • Determination

Remember, you do not need to spend money on runes to catch mounts. You need a few hundred gold to buy bond stones.

You DO need to purchase mount permits if you want to ride the mounts of other races.

If you do choose to purchase traps and permits, take a look at the Nick Shop.

You will find mounts you can outright buy, and traps with a 50% and 30% catch rate.

If you go this route, purchase at least 3 or 4, for maximum success.

What do Mounts do?

Mounts make you faster, and more stable, but some mounts cast a buff, such as the Buskin Howler Lion. Plus the new update makes mount hunting rewarding as ever.

Mount hunting is the second most popular sport in OAC, just behind PvP.

Since the release of update 19, we now earn achievements for mount hunting efforts. If you catch the right mounts, you now get gifted other, cooler mounts. After update 23 we got new mounts, and now Polynisia Island hosts a new slew of mounts.

Mount Location Video

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Choosing the Best Mount Locations in Order and Chaos

Don't go running off trying to catch a mount just yet. You need to understand which location is best suited for your toons needs before you hit the wilds.

You may want a specific mount, need to look for a mount which your race can ride or want a mount that will get you into the OAC hall of fame.

Once you understand your needs, you can head directly to the zone and spot where the mount you want will be.

Wrathful Kraken Goldfish Mount.

This epic legend has earned the Wrathful Kraken. It is an achievement reward mount received after a player obtains ALL Oriental Mounts.

This epic legend has earned the Wrathful Kraken. It is an achievement reward mount received after a player obtains ALL Oriental Mounts.

Mount locations

There are many mount locations around the globe. The locations stay the same, but the mounts which spawn there change. Each spot has a preset list of mounts which spawn.

Some think that there are three mounts that spawn at each location. This is untrue. There are a lot more than that. Only a few spots in the Under Realm and Frostlund have 3 or less mounts in any given location.

Some mounts spawn more often at certain locations, but many which spawns at multiple locations.

When you mount hunt you should focus one one continent at a time. When you catch a mount in a zone, another mount spawns in that zone.

For example, if you catch a mount in the Swamp Of Wyrms, a new mount will spawn somewhere in the Swamp Of Wyrms.

The Zones are:

  • Swanp of Wyrms Mount Hunting
  • Whispering Islands Mount Hunting
  • The Great Desert Mount Hunting
  • Sinskald Rift Mount Hunting
  • Under Realm Mount Hunting
  • Frostlund Mount Hunting

There is also an indication that Order and Chaos weekly updates change the ratio of which mounts spawn and how often they spawn. However, recent confirmation from Gameloft tells us that this only applies to epic spawns.

This is one reason that mount hunting takes dedication and patience. You may not catch the one you want right away, but when you get the hang of it you will have a whole collection in no time.

The video shows many mount locations with enough accuracy to follow. In the future, watch out for more mount location articles that go into better detail.

Invalid Spell Error

If you are not clicked on the trappable mount then you will get the invalid spell error. Just click the mount, and then the bond stone.

If you are not clicked on the trappable mount then you will get the invalid spell error. Just click the mount, and then the bond stone.

What Kind Of Mount Does Your Race Ride?

Unless you buy runes and purchase a permit, you can only ride mounts which belong to your race. This means you must try to catch that type of mount.

  • Humans - Horses
  • Elfs - Stags (deer)
  • Undead - Dogs
  • Mendals - Chinchillas
  • Orcs - Lions

*NOTE: Polynia mounts are classes. You can ride a mount of any type no matter what class you are.

If you are a human, you will need to try to catch horses. An orc will need lions. You can often team up with other races to mount hunt.

If a mendel, orc and a human team up you can each camp a mount location. If you trust your friends, they will tell you when a horse spawns and you will tell them when chinchillas and lions spawn.

Sometimes you will see someone in global chat give up a location. Sometimes you can ask, and sometimes people sell locations.

I do not recommend paying for a location. Just because you know the location does not mean you will catch the mount.

You will need gold for a lot of things later in the game, if you plan to level in dungeons (using the que for xp), then you need to have gold to pay for pots, scrolls and other things.

Fallen Shadow Lion King - Epic Mount

This is a level 3, or tier 3 mount found northeast of Exiles Village in the Under Realm.

This is a level 3, or tier 3 mount found northeast of Exiles Village in the Under Realm.

Mount Level and Speed

On top of needing to find the right type of mount, you need to find a right level mount. There are level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4 mounts.

Some people call them tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 mounts. The Same thing. The level on the mount is in relationship to your level.

Level 1 mounts....

Have no saddle or armor. They travel around 20% to 25%, which means 20% faster than walking. They have lower stability, which means you get knocked off them by enemies more often. Most level 1 mounts have stability of 30.

Level 2 mounts....

Have saddles and armor. These are also called armored mounts. They travel around 35% and have stability of around 45.

Level 3 mounts.....

These are epic mounts. They have saddles armor and decoration. They travel much faster, between 40% to 50%. They have stability between 50 and 60.

Level 4 OAC Mounts......

Are da bomb!

At level 20...

You can ride a level 1 mount after buying the level 1 riding skill.

At level 40...

You can ride a level 2 mount after buying the level 2 riding skill.

At level 60...

You can ride a level 3 mounts after buying level 3 riding skill

At level 70...

You can ride a level 4 mounts after buying a level 4 riding skill

Once you factor in your class, level, riding skill, permit, level and likes, you can choose a mount location that is most likely to spawn a mount you want.

Remember riding skills are bought at in game vendors. Permits, which alow you to ride other classes mounts are in the Nick Shop.

Order and Chaos Mount Location Suggestion Chart

Here are a few suggestions on where you might find a mount that you can ride.This is a snip it of the mounts out there and intended to only get people started.

 Teir 1Teir 2Teir 3


Black Horse or White Horse at Bordhill. White Horse at location east of the Necromancers academy. Burgundy Horse in Dunewich Moore in the north of Swamp of Wyrms.

The south west spawn point of The Great Desert for Black Deserter (armored horse).

Eternul Frostland Locations


Blue or green lion at Bordhill, or Glimmermor locations.

Akons field, Shadow Addition Lion.

Eternal Frostlund, the Avalanch maker.


Location East of Necromancers Academy for Black and Gray Chin. Or Akons Field.

The Great Desert locations and Skaalskids rift.

Under Realm and Eternal Frostlund


Sandy undead dog in Dunwich Moore, Black Rotting Dog (this can be purchased, too) at location east of Necromancers academy.

Blue armored Dog in Akons Feild or Skinsaalds Rift.

Under Realm Locations


Green Deer in Bordhill, Burgundy deer in Dunwich More.

Whte/purple armored deer in eastern Under Realm.


Buying Bond Stones in Crates is Cheaper!

These are bond stones in Order and Chaos.

These are bond stones in Order and Chaos.

What is a Bond Stone?

Order and Chaos has these neat things called bond stones. You might get these free as a daily reward or in a level gift box,

These are the items you will use to catch your mounts, so never sell or discard them. Bond stones should always have a place in your inventory bag.

You will need to purchase your bond stones with gold. If you need more gold try selling on the auction house.

Black Horse (Human Mount)

Black Horse Spawn East of Fallen Star Straight in the Whispering Islands on the game Order and Chaos Online.

Black Horse Spawn East of Fallen Star Straight in the Whispering Islands on the game Order and Chaos Online.

Where to Buy Bond Stones, Riding Skills and Permits in Order and Chaos

By now you are ready to purchase your bond stones to capture an OAC mount. You are wondering how many to buy. I carry about 50 on me at all times. I have had to run back to town for more on only two occasions.

You can catch a mount with as little as one stone and as many as 70. Mounts run away if they are not caught after a time limit.

A catchable oac mount can cost anywhere between 5 gold and 300 gold. Mounts are now 99 gold! No, you don't get your 800 gold back if you paid 999 gold! Sorry.

Bond stones and riding permits are purchased from Simir in Greenmont. He is located in the stables near the black horse. He is in the same square as the warrior and the blacksmith trainers.

Simir, your friendly neighborhood bond stone salesman, sells one bond stone for five gold and a box of bond stones (5) for 20. A much better deal.

After you buy the bond stone boxes, go ahead and unpack them. Otherwise, they will take up way too many spaces in your bag. Bond stones stack to 99 when unpacked.

While you are there, go ahead and pick up your riding permit. You can only use the riding permit for your race until you obtain a permit.

On Order and Chaos, you can use runes (bought with real money) to buy permits of other races (recommended).

To buy the riding skill for your race (does not cost runes), talk to the fellow near Samir (the bond stone salesman). Now there are many vendors around the world that sell riding skill.

Riding Skill Prices:

Level 1 at level 20: 10 gold

Level 2 at level 40: 100 gold

Level 3 riding permit: 499 gold

Level 4 riding permit: 2,000 gold

Ready to go Mount Hunting?

Once you have purchased your bond stones and understand which mounts you can ride, you are ready to venture out into the lands.

You can mount hunt, moving from one spot to the next. Join a trustworthy mount hunting team or camp a mount spawn location.

In order and Chaos if the bond stone fails it will say capture failed, if it succeeds it says capture success.

In order and Chaos if the bond stone fails it will say capture failed, if it succeeds it says capture success.

Catching Mounts with Bond Stones

Place your bond stones on your side action bar and wait. Once the mount you want spawns, it is time to party.

How to catch a mount with bond stones:

  1. Click on the mount.
  2. Click the bond stones and DON'T move or cast any other spells. (If you move you interrupt the spell, and waste that stone.) If you did not click on the mount, you will see a red message that says "invalid spell".
  3. When casting is finished, a big purple circle will surround the mount.
  4. It will either say "Capture Failed" in red, or "Capture Succeeded" in yellow.

When a mount is caught, its name is no longer purple. It is now white. When you loot it, there is a chance at getting an adventures backpack with the mount.

Sometimes this contains a wing to silence and 82 silver sometimes there are mediocre rewards and sometimes you will get a reward you would normally buy with runes, such as a war free bond.

When you loot the mount, it is sent to your bag. At this point, you are ready to ride, unless you did not buy the riding skill.

When you click on it, you can press use. It will disappear from your inventory and spells lights up.

Go to spells, then mounts and your new mount will be listed. Click on use and wait. Poof, you are on your new mount.

Put your mount on one of your side action bars so you can access it whenever you want to ride it! You will travel through the world much faster now!

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on February 19, 2015:

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GingaNinja on February 19, 2015:

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Hey, you seemed to be a pro mount hunter. Do you happen to know how to catch a mount with no stones AND/OR rune traps? It seemed to be a mage glitch. I have seen someone do it and even recorded it.

Your guides are pretty useful by the way. Kudos!

FumbDuck666 on April 11, 2014:

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