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How to Build the Perfect Team for Pokémon Masters EX? Ultimate Team Building Guide!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

What is Pokémon Masters EX? This mobile game introduces three on three battles of the player vs. the AI. Through either game reward or gacha style pulls, you can get "sync pairs". These are pairs that feature a trainer and a Pokémon. All sync pairs falls into the role of striker or attacker, tech and support or tank roles. Each pair has different attacks, specific buff moves and abilities such passive skills, lucky skills, theme skills, sync grids and sync moves. Fortunately for Pokémon Masters EX and unlike other Pokémon games, each sync pair only has one type weakness. By combining three different sync pair with consideration of their individual abilities, you can make a team that fights the enemy team most effectively. This article talks about all aspects of team building to maximize your chances of winning.

Basic Team Composition

The basic structure of a team is one striker, one tech and one support sync pair. Select the tactics, first target is the support sync pair to absorb most of the damage for the team. Second target is the tech because a lot of techs can tank some hits as well. Third target is the the striker because this sync pair specializes in attacking the enemy not taking hits. It will usually have lower defense and special defense than the two other teammates.


The Importance of a Solid Support Sync Pair

The support or tank in Pokémon Masters EX is so critical for your team's win. This is the enemy's first target when they attack your team. This sync pair must be "tough" enough to survive multiple hits from the enemy. Depending on the enemies' attacks, your tank can be a physical or special attack tank. Physical tanks have very high defense and or hit points (HP) to take many physical attacks with minimal lost of HP. On the other hand, special tanks can take many special attacks with little lost of their HP. There are a few sync pairs that can act as both physical and special tanks. The tank or support is a basic element for your team of three that must be able to defend against attacks.

What are some of the good features of the support or tank that are specifically good for certain opponents? Defense or special defense buffs are common among support sync pairs. Some even have defense or special defense buffs for the whole team. This is especially useful for dealing with enemies that attack the whole team at the same time. Remember most strikers are relatively weak against very strong attacks!

Best Tank or Support Recommendations

Best Physical Tanks:

  1. Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise - good for almost most teams. He buffs defense and gauge for all allies. Unlock his full potential with sync grid and EX! He can also tank some special attacks too due to high special defense stats!
  2. Skyla & Swanna - good free sync pair that is really good. 100% free that does not require gems (in game currency). She buffs both defense and speed to the max with the help of her sync grid. The potion is excellent too. With lots of useful items on sync grid, this is a top free unit!
  3. Hop & Zamazenta - another solid free physical support sync pair. He can buff attack, defense and critical-hit ratio for all allies. He is best on a team for a physical attacker! He has potion to heal and can sometimes use move without gauge due to his passive skill.

Best Special Tanks:

  1. Jasmine (Special Costume) & Celesteela - buffs special defense and critical-hit ratio. Applies gradual healing to all allies. Slightly slow though.
  2. Misty & Starmie and Misty (Swimsuit) & Psyduck - both Mistys are good for special defense teams. Best of all, both units are free!

Best Physical and Special Tanks:

  1. Professor Sycamore & Xerneas - one of the best free units available to player. This is a must have for everyone. Due to good stats and sync move, he can tank both physical and special attacks. Be sure to learn vigilance for lucky skill.

The Main Attacker on Your Team

This sync pair is either a physical or special attacker. One of the most important thing in selecting an attacker to fight the opponent is to exploit their weakness. This will make your attacks 1.5 times stronger vs. other types of attacks. Secondly, determine if your enemies are weak against physical or special attacks. Again, this is to exploit their weakness to your advantage to finish the battle fast.

For example, enemies weak to water type special moves. Use Archie & Kyogre to devastate them quickly. What about enemies weak to fighting physical moves? Use either Bea & Sirfetch'd or Korrina & Lucario. On the hand, for enemies that are weak to fighting special moves, use Wally & Gallade as your main attacker.

Also, you want to focus on what your attacker needs from the other unit. The other units must be able to buff the stats the main attacker needs. Some physical and special attackers can self buff their attacks or special attacks and critical-hit ratio to the maximum. If not, the support or tech sync pair should be able to help the attacker or special attacker to buff the rest. In Pokémon Masters EX, attack or special attack can be increased up to 6 and critical-hit ratio raised up to 3. This will make your attacker reach its full potential.

Disrupt the Opponent with Tech Sync Pairs

The third position on your team is a tech sync pair. Tech sync pairs are more specifically targeted to certain enemies. In Pokémon Masters EX, tech sync pairs' main abilities involve disrupting the enemy. For example, inflict them with status condition, lower their defense or special defense, increase your team's accuracy or evasion and etc. Which sync pair is most needed is depended on the specific battle or opponents.

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  • If the opponent is particular susceptible to certain status conditions. Add the tech pair that lands the specific status condition can make your battle miles easier.
  • If the opponents repeatedly increase their stats to very high levels, use a tech pair that returns their stats to normal.
  • If the opponents rely on certain weather condition to maximize their attack powers, use a tech pair that is able to provide a different weather condition to cancel the opponents' weather condition and maximize your own attack power.

Good Tech Pairs to Use for Many Battles!

If your opponents don't require a certain type of specific tech pair, you can pick tech pairs from the following list. They are very good for many battles.

  • Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur - very good tech pair that have a high chance of badly poisoning all opponents and lowers the defense plus special defense with each hit. She also provides potion and gradual healing. Also, she's an average grass type striker.
  • May & Swampert - very good water type tech pair. She can set weather for water type strikers. May is perfect on the same team as Archie & Kyogre for the hardest battles! Also, she can be used as a striker herself.
  • Serena & Delphox - fire tech sync pair that requires good timing to use most effectively. If the opponents are susceptible to sleep, this sync pair will easily help you win the battle. You just have to time the sleep perfectly to achieve this. Remember, practice makes perfect!
  • Sygna Suit Lyra & Celebi - the new broken grass tech sync pair. This sync pair is very strong with grassy terrain, flinch, confuse, trap, critical-hit ratio buff and enemy stat de-buff. She can elevate your game to a new level.

Considers the Team's Synergy

How does the three sync pairs complement each other's abilities and enhance the whole team's performance against the targeted enemies? Those are the two most important questions. First you must determine how you want to target the enemies' weakness when picking team members. Here are some examples:

  • Opponents weak to fire type moves, have lower special defense than defense and mainly uses attack rather than special attack moves.
  1. Consider this first team: Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise (support), Synga Suit Red & Charizard (striker) and Blaine & Rapid (tech)
  2. Consider this second team: Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise (support), Synga Suit Red & Charizard (striker) and Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur (tech)
  • Opponents weak to fairy type moves, have lower special defense than defense and uses a mix of attacks and special attacks. susceptible to paralysis condition.
  1. Consider this team: Professor Sycamore & Xerneas (support), Diantha & Gardevoir (striker) and Serena (Palentine's 2021) & Whimsicott (tech)
  • Opponents weak to ground type moves, have lower defense than special defense and uses mainly physical attacks.
  1. Consider this team: Dawn & Torterra (support), Sygna Suit Serena & Zygarde (striker) and James & Weezing (tech)

All Other Abilities You Should Improve

Here are other skills that you should consider to make your team even more devastating:

  • Passive skills - from one to three for most sync pairs. Some of these can significantly increase an individual sync pair's power or elevate the whole team to another level.
  • Lucky skills - learnable. Most of the time, use vigilance for support and critical striker 2 for most strikers.
  • Sync move - determine if the sync pair is a sync nuker or not. Sync nukers have devastatingly strong sync move that can deliver a strong blow to one enemy or all of them. Sync nukers are especially good for Legendary Gauntlet stages.
  • Sync grid - powerful upgrade for sync pairs for your to unlock their full potential at three copies of the sync pair. This is a must if you are facing difficult battles.
  • Theme skills - ungradable skills for sync pairs. Added bonus upgrades that boost your team's stats more.

Increase Potential to Power-up Your Sync Pair

Are you still having issues with difficult battles with a team of three carefully selected sync pairs? You might need to increase their potential to power-up individual sync pairs. A three star sync pair such as Skyla & Swanna can be increased all to way to five stars with EX unlocked. The potential increase boosts her stats by a significant amount. Save up your three stars, four stars, and five stars power-ups for your most used sync pairs!


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