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Become a Predator in Apex Legends: Season 8

The best teammate that actually knows the strategy but is too passionate to charge into enemies! Now let's lock and load. Rinse. Repeat

They just keep playing it...

For as long as the ads will bring lots of cash, people will play sports and cybersports for show. Apex GLL games just keep on coming. You can always learn something good from TOP players on streaming platforms.


Practice takes time

When you see all those badges of actual predators in Apex Legends, you can suggest how many hours they have spent getting to the rank. They usually display the number of kills on their banners, and these numbers are frightening. Lookup for the best and hope to do the same. So, all you need to do is practice and play the game, hopefully enjoying it on the way.

Basically, you grind as many points as you can. It gets harder with each rank because matches cost more points. Keep your hopes up! The last patch now balances the game better, so you can rank up easier and less stressful now!

There are old recommendations. Do they work in season 8? Hm...

Quick Tips

  • Treasure your points!
  • Know the Current Meta
  • Landing
  • Aim Training
  • Teamwork
  • Mind your Space
  • Learn secret techniques

Treasure your Ranked Points

Kills and placement are the only things that get you those valued Ranked Points (RP).

You can get your minimum RP by getting top 13 or making swift six kills. Either option will give you some points, and combining both — a big RP multiplier. It is best to survive till the top 13 peacefully and then practice your aim on those miserable losers that stand in your way. Thus, you get easy little points. The more you do, the more points you get.

If your squad is destroyed, and you are the only one left, carry your teammates by just hiding. Many players in Ranked matches are left alone and have to keep on surviving with no kills. The longer you last, the more you get, and so your teammates, too.

Know the Current Meta

Not only characters but also weapons are in the meta. Get the most comfortable of the most productive combos for yourself and work through it.


Remember the days when all the cool guys in Apex played Lifeline? Those days are long gone. Pathfinder's ultimate and abilities have had so many nerfs already it does not matter anymore.

Also, Wraith is now not a mandatory pick. She used to be the most solid pick for Ranked and League games. Now only the most devoted fans prefer her to Horizon. Horizon gives vertical mobility very quickly, instead of a horizontal teleport that takes ages to set up and to use. As we all know, high ground is the most beneficial. On the positioning, further on.

For now — guns.

  • Wingman is still the sexiest gun in the game, taking you have been playing it religiously for the past seven seasons, and your aim is true.
  • Some new guns, like Volt, are the new black. It shoots nice and fast, does enough damage, makes the most pleasant sounds in the game.
  • Hop-ups, constantly rotating, change the gun meta but too often, so check the loadout and try all weapons in a firing range to get a hang of them all.
  • Some new weapons like 30-30 repeater are very neat but are not in the league. You see, Wingman is too dear to the heart.


Sure, you know all the maps already and all the locations. If you do not, this is the first Predator thing to do. Choose a location where you feel the most comfortable to contest. Hopefully, very few squads drop there.

Do not land directly on loot when there are squads nearby dropping into the same location. Land near loot, so you can pick up something and get a better position. Contesting is hard, especially if you are playing with random teammates.

Photo by Axville on Unsplash

Photo by Axville on Unsplash

Aim Training

Aim trainer, d’uh. Even if you are sure you are good enough, don’t waste your points warming up in a ranked game. Respect your teammates, and warm-up either at a firing range or get a program that helps you aim training. Some of such programs advanced so much you can choose weapons and ballistics from various games, including Apex Legends.

There are still Public Matches; you can fool around and train your aim there. The latter is probably the best option because it is the closest simulation you can get.

Why do soldiers bother with target practice? One learns best by hitting real people.

— M'aiq the Liar


Talk to your teammates and let them know what you are doing and how many enemies are around. You want to stay together at all times and share the loot. The worst that can happen to you is spreading out and losing any of the teammates. The best thing, however, is doing the same for the enemy team.

To be a Predator, you must think like a Predator. Imagine you knocked out one or two of the enemy team, and the third guy escaped. They can revive the whole squad in 60 seconds the first time. The timer gets cut in two every knockdown. You want to keep an eye on the deathboxes till the timer is over or hunt the last one. Wait till the revive timer ends, and then you can hunt the server again. You want the enemy squads to be less crowded and less numerous.

The Best Performance Squads

The nerfs hit hard or Wraith, Path, and Caustic (the last patch just ruined it). People Still play Wraith; however, it seems many players feel sentimental towards her.

#1#2Fool around squad (now officially the best DPS squad)










You won't believe how many kills the Fool Around squad can do in serious League Games. Do not overuse it. It is rather too aggressive a setup, so you risk a lot of points, especially if you are not communicating properly.

However, such squads are the reason why watching Apex Tournament is cool, too.

Take up the Best Space

Understanding space in shooter games is important, but this notion is very vague and not everybody uses this word correctly. Let's see what it really means on the example of Apex Legends.

Simple ranked rarely has this, but league games look like squads walking around moving as closely as possible to the final ring. Eventually, about 17 squads sit inside the last ring and fight for the best space in the ring till the last one standing.

You want to fight in the area where you feel the most comfortable and safe. It should have cover for all of you and good visibility. In other words, you want to shoot enemies, while untouched. Also, it should be hard to get to you, and you should have all the chances to escape in case two squads decide to squish you.

This is why Gibraltar is always in the meta. He protects the squad on the way to the safe space and gives time to heal and escape. Wraith is extremely useful, but very slow, especially when it comes to a smaller ring.

With this knowledge of how the proes do it, you may be a five feet higher than other players in ranked.

Learn from the Best

Not all Predators are league players, but all league players are Predators.

It is not set in stone. The requirements of league players do not even state you need the Predator rank. You need to reach at least Diamond IV to register.

Most of the players stream the games. Learn about schedules of important matches on the official Apex Tournament page. On the specific date, visit any streaming platform of your liking and search for Apex League games. The streamers come from various countries and speak different languages. So, you may find your favorite team that you understand better.

It is fun to watch and also very helpful, considering you want to learn how to play like the best ones in the game.

Lifehacks and Secret Techniques

Not so secret techniques, since league players stream during games, and you can learn from them. Here are some very common and tactically useful tricks learned from Apex Masters:

  • Wraith kidnap — placing a TP into an enemy and thus teleporting him where some cold lead is waiting for him. To avoid this, hide in the corner. TP cannot open close enough then.
  • Take off your armors when Crypto ults into your squad. Put it on after, and you do not need to waste shield batteries.
  • Switch weapons — mastiff is trash for distant damage, leave it till the ring is small and crowded.
  • Plan ahead — the ring will push all the squads together. You can hardly predict where it will move, so consider a few hiding spots for your squad for future rounds.
  • Manually pick your legend — this gives you a better chance of being a jumpmaster, so you decide where the team lands. Land into the same location till you know every pixel of it. Loot is not as random as you think.
  • Wraith TP in the doorway — it is the best way to use your Wraith ult if you want to protect your squad with it. The enemies cannot use the doorway for the next 39% of Wraith ult. This should give you 80 seconds of protection. Although, you cannot use the door either. And the other side of TP could be watched.

Anti-Cheat Check

So, you now know how to play Apex almost professionally and you are still here? Ah, you must be installing the updates; it always takes so long.

Hope to compete with you in the Apex Games, friend. Now I should have a whole army of well-prepared enemies to practice! Thanks to you!

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