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How to Beat Margit in Elden Ring

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Once players have taken into the alluring (yet savage) open world of The Lands Between, progressing through the story of Elden Ring puts the player character, known as the Tarnished, face-to-face with Margit the Fell Omen.


Do You Need to Beat Margit the Fell Omen?

To move through the open world, it is not necessary to defeat Margit. However, the Tarnished, by looking for an alternative way around him, not only skip a crucial skill check, but pass over the first Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring.

Preparing for the Margit Fight

Many players don’t realize that Margit the Fell Omen is the first story boss of the game until they have made their way to the steps of Stormveil Castle. There are a couple of open-world bosses between the starting point and Stormveil Castle, but Margit will be the first powerful story encounter.

Here are some tips to follow before facing off against Margit:

● Do a bit of rune farming to work up your stats first. An ideal location would be just to the East of the entrance to Margit’s entrance near the Warmaster’s Shack. Just south of the shack are a group of trolls players that can farm that give 1000 runes each. Defeating the trolls is trivial on horseback and grouping them up will kill them faster since they will damage each other as they try to strike you.

● For those who plan on using a build that employs a shield, it’s possible to get a decent starter shield early on in Limgrave: The Brass Shield. The shield has a high guard boost and is great for damage reduction and blocking.

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● Employ the services of Sorcerer Rogier. Having Rogier brings additional damage to the Margit fight.

Fighting Margit The Fell Omen

If you’ve never played a Soulslike game before, then Margit will genuinely be a trial by fire. The first phase has Margit utilizing throwing blades and a staff. Even with a shield, these attacks are devastating, so make it a priority to avoid his telegraphed attacks.

One of the telegraphed attacks happens when you put yourself at a range, you’ll see Margit wind up some daggers to throw. Dodging them is better than blocking. Having Rogier to help draw attention or hit critical attacks can be valuable.

Once you see Margit’s weapon turn into a hammer, you know you’re in the second phase of the fight. With a giant hammer, it’s safe to assume a lot of slamming is involved. However, his jump is telegraphed and easy to dodge. A well-timed roll before Margit slams to the ground is enough to avoid damage. Right after the slam, there is a tight window for you and any other companion to get a few hits in.

Beating this great boss is optional, but defeating Margit in Elden Ring is a confidence boost that will last you until the next big baddie in this exciting open-world Soulslike game.

Once you are ready, follow these tips, prepare appropriately, and beating Margit the Fell Omen will be the least of your problems in Elden Ring.

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