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How to Aim a Dart



Well now that you are good and hooked on darts I bet like the rest of us you'd like to know how to get better at getting better at putting the darn things a lot closer to the places you are trying to put them. In other words, how do you aim a dart?
You might be surprised that this is a bit of a trick question, or at the very least a dubious premise, as to say you 'aim' a dart is very misleading to the actual process. To fully benefit from what is presented here you will want to check out something called Flight School, but here is a good place to get started.
First things first, break yourself of the habit of using your dart or your hand to 'line up' the target. It is your eye that will lead your hand, not the other way around. The only job your hand has is to provide forward momentum in a controlled and precise manner as you will be able to do as you develop and perfect your stroke. The only involvement your conscious brain will have in this process will be making sure that your dominant eye is focused on your target. It will get easier as your stroke becomes more refined, but you will want to try to focus on a small a target as possible. A hole left from a previously thrown dart? A shadow? You decide!!
OK, now here is the process. If you take the time for proper solitary practice you will find this work better and better for you. At first though, it may feel a little off putting. Don't over think it and most of all trust that it will work. In fact when ever possible develop and nurture trust and belief in yourself, in darts it is a powerful ally.
Here then is the process you will follow.

Some Dart Videos That Might Help..

1. Take a stable and comfortable stance at the oche. A moving body is a moving target, and you don't want a target that small moving on you.

2. Site the target with your dominant eye (some useful information on your dominant eye and darts can be found: here). You should be calm, but your complete focus should be on that spot you want to shoot at. If you feel a little 'sucked in' to that spot it maybe isn't a bad thing!

3. Keeping your 'laser like' focus on the spot you are shooting at, raise your hand in a smooth motion until your dart rises up into the plane of your vision In other words, if there was an actual beam of light coming from your eye, the dart would move into the beam. At all times keep your focus on the target. You will be able to see the dart, because it is in from of your face but never 'look at' your dart, other than to recognize that it is there and has come into the 'laser beam' of your plane of focus.

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4. Pause for just a moment to let your body settle. The more 'zen like' you feel at this moment, I suspect the better off you are. I like to think of this as the 'ping' moment, but relate to it as works best for you. The main point is that you don't rush between raising the dart and shooting it!!

5. Put that dart straight into the hole. Great job!!
If it isn't working as well as you might like, be patient with yourself and practice. Just remember that there are no quick fixes and that to get to where you want to be will take time and patience. Practice in darts are very rarely rewarded with instant results. Just know that the results will come and that they will be very gratifying.


Kidy Mercer on September 24, 2017:

Damn Yoda, what's your avg in 501

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on July 02, 2015:

Great tips!

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