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How To Sell Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Online

Selling yugioh cards is easy!

Selling your yugioh cards can be easy and profitable.

Selling your yugioh cards can be easy and profitable.

How To Sell That Collection

The yugioh card craze continues to be a driving force in today's growing collectible card game industry. Players and collectors alike are literally buying cards by the cases. The question is what to do once you have accumulated to many cards? Nothing, there is no such thing as having to many yugioh cards! In all honesty some people do not want to hang on to all the cards they have managed to collect if they can not use them in their decks or for competitive purposes.

This is when having the option to sell the cards online give you a good edge in getting rid of your cards for cash. It is vital to know what options you have. The key is knowing how to turn those cards into quick cash with as little work as possible. One option is you can always sell your cards to the local card and comic shop. This can be good but in my experience you will usually be paid in store credit and it will be a fraction of what the card is really worth.

You could find a private buyer online. I will admit I buy cards if the price is right. That involves work and than you have to decide if you trust the buyer before you make the decision to sell. Let's take a peek at some other options you have at your disposal.

Yugioh is a prime player is the CCG universe.


Selling on ebay


Making money can make your game!

Making money off your unwanted cards allows you to buy new cards.

Making money off your unwanted cards allows you to buy new cards.


Ebay is the pinnacle of online auctions sites and will most likely continue to be for some time to come. If used to the fullest of it's potential E-bay can be a great way to profit from your cards. The real trick is knowing how to make your cards more desirable than the ones being sold by some other E-bay user.

For example you are attempting to sell a lot of 200 yugioh commons. These lots are all over the site so I can assure you that you may generate a few bids and might rank in about 10 bucks on this auction.

Now let's talk desirability. Instead of 200 commons why not do 175 commons and 25 rares of different types. This will give the buyer a lot more incentive than just getting a stack of filler. They may now get a good or even a great card. Instead of $10.00 you may now generate tons more hits and in the long run several more dollars on the overall auction. All it took was spicing the prize up a little bit.

Extra goodies will always entice a buyer into spending a little more money for what they want. You have to remember just like yugioh the game, E-bay is highly competitive so you really have to go the extra mile to ensure your listing is the one that gets the attention and the bids.

Smart organization

This is a great and effective tip. It will help you pump in a few extra bids and earn a lot more cash. Let's say you have a Marauding Captain listed. Alone this card is not much of a draw and you may get a buck but more than likely you will have a re-list on your hands. Now let's say you add two more Captains to the list to make the grand total three. This gives you the classic paradox combo and makes the cards much more desirable. That buck may now be 2 or 3 bucks.

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Often if it is non high dollar cards you are selling you are better off to put them into a play set. (3 cards of the same type) and let that be what people bid on. People are willing to drop 2 or 3 dollars on 3 cards they may need a lot more easily than to drop one buck on one card. I know when I need one card and I see it listed for like a buck and then right below for a few cents more I see a playset of the same card listed I am more likely to spend those few extra cents to get three of the card. It makes it a lot more appealing, not just to yugioh players but to the collectors out there.

Another great way to increase the odds of selling your yugioh cards on E-bay is to combine combo cards. Take cards like Blue Eyes White Dragon. You can use Maiden With Eyes of Blue to pull that card out into play. A maiden will generate a few bucks as will Blue Eyes but combine them and you can increase your odds of selling the cards greatly. I am more prone to drop 5 or 10 bucks on a lot of 10 XYZs than I am to drop that cash on regular cards so keep that in mind as well.

A Sample


Almost like E-bay but a bit more trickier in my opinion. With Amazon the trick is not a good listing but usually having the lowest asking price for the item you are selling. This means to be competitive with that market you have to price your yugioh cards usually way below fair market value and just take the hit when you lose out. There is great earning potential if you have a lot of cards you really don't want or a great card or two you just don't conceive you ever needing again but otherwise you may not have the earning potential that is available for you on E-bay.

A great store.

A great store.

Troll and Toad

  • Magic The Gathering Cards & Decks
    Troll And Toad keeps 92% of all Magic The Gathering cards in stock. Retailer of WizKids products including HeroClix and Mage Knight, as well as gaming supplies (dice, deck boxes, sleeves, etc.), RPGs, CCGs, board games, Toy Vault toys and more. Over

Troll & Toad

This gaming store is becoming more and more popular and they allow you to sell cards to them through an online order form and simply mail your cards into them and they pay you by check, or through paypal. I can tell you I have had some major success with this store and have sold a good deal of cards to them. Their buy list prices are updated regularly and they do offer fair value for the yugioh cards they buy. In many cases I have felt they paid me more for the cards then they were really worth.tore is

The only drawback I found was it can take a very long time to receive your payment but considering the amount of business this store does that is to be expected. The best part is you know exactly how much money you will get and they always have the nicest reps when you call them. I can not say enough good about this place in all honesty.
Another great part of selling Yugioh cards to Troll and Toad is if you reach a certain amount you can get discounts on purchases in their online store. The prices are very decent and in all truth they have nearly every card imaginable.

Join Listia

How to use Listia


This site is like E-bay but you will not generate cash. I am afraid you will be getting credits. This sounds a bit off but trust me can be very beneficial to you in the long run. I have seen Blue Eyes White Dragon sell for 5000 credits on Listia. That is a lot for one yugioh card. Now consider I once bought a working MP3 player and an 8 mega pixel camera off the Listia site for well under 5k credits. I often use credits to pick up common lots of yugioh cards or get other cool little gadgets.

The trick here is the same as E-bay. Make your listing desirable. Add foil cards to common lots or give the buyer options like if the bid goes to 5000 you will throw in a free ultra rare card. These auctions can really pump a ton of credits your way and those credits can turn into all manors of items. While I do not "sell" many yugioh cards on Listia I do buy them. I can give you a slight run down of some prices you may encounter.

I got five headed dragon for 2k credits. I spent 1500 credits on 50 damaged cards that yielded an un damaged Upstart Goblin, two Reckless Greeds and a few really nice holo foil cards.
Like I said the real drawback here is no cash flow but if you are into getting free stuff this is the route I would advise you take.


With any cards that enter the market be in basketball or yugioh the rise and fall of the values has a great deal to do with supply and demand. Keep that in mind and remember the rarer the card the more cash you might be able to get for it. In truth the best way to sell your cards is find the market that is right for you and research how to go about generating the most interest in what you have to sell and how you can get the amount you desire or even more for what you have. Until next time yugioh fans, play on!


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