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How To: Pokèmon Nuzlocke


The Nuzlocke challenge began thanks to a comic strip where a bored Pokèmon Ruby player tries to set a stringent set of rules for more challenging gameplay.

The term Nuzlocke is the nickname of a Seedot captured by the player in the comic and derives from the union of Nuzleaf and John Locke (from the TV series "Lost" ). In the comics, Nuzlocke is defeated by the explosion of a Voltorb and becomes a kind of tragicomic role.

I avoid further spoilers for those wishing to read the comic (what I told happens soon enough), I just add that on the same site (which I report the link below) other comics set in other generations and also with the most recent Pokèmon titles have also been made.

The basic rules of Nuzlocke are as follows:

- If a pokèmon faints it must be removed from the game or put in the Pokèmon Storage System permanently (in a box defined as "graveyard") and considered as "dead".

- The player can only catch the first pokèmon he/she encounters in each area. if it passes out or runs away, it is not possible to take a pokèmon in that area.

- All captured pokèmon need to be named to bond with each one.

- You cannot soft reset or hard reset the console, load previous saves or use codes or cheats.

- The defeat in battle consists of a "Game Over" even if there are other pokèmon available with the Pokèmon Storage System.


Optional Rules

That is the basic rule for a Nuzlocke Challenge but some players have gone further by adding optional rules.
For example, some players have added the inability to use objects in battles (even held items), determine the starter based on the Trainer ID Number, ban Exp. Share, etc.

There are also positive rules that allow you to not consider the same pokèmon as the first if it has already been caught or not to count shiny pokèmon in the first encounter rule.

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Gift pokèmon and Legendaries (and even Half-Legendaries sometimes) are generally not accepted.

The players have been so overwhelmed by the desire to make Nuzlocke that Roms have also been made for emulators with the possibility of setting their own default rules to fully enjoy the game without accidentally breaking them.
There are also Roms where pokèmon of different generations have been added or where the encounters are defined at random among all the pokèmon available.

This demonstrates how the Nuzlocke phenomenon has impacted the world of Pokèmon fans and how it has expanded to all different media, such as fan-made content or youtube videos.

Below I put a beautiful video that tells the common vicissitudes of those who try Nuzlocke for the first time, the video is fun and I recommend it to those who are intrigued by the Nuzlocke Challenge:


The Pokémon Nuzlocke is an interesting method to be able to give a greater challenge to the most talented players or even to rediscover and give new life to the games that we have completed dozens of times in our childhood.

To be truly among the best, the player must understand the fundamental rules of the game in which he engages by knowing the power level of the pokèmon involved and of the gym leaders to avoid nasty surprises and lose the best members of his team.
Combinations between types, assessing the probability of critical hits, knowing how to make hard choices when you can lose your companions and many others are the fundamental ones for those who want to try their hand at Nuzlocke.

The gain is to greatly increase the longevity of many titles in our collection, set challenging objectives and goals as players and re-evaluate pokemon that are not listed among the most competitive but that is underestimated.

I like the fact that it forces you to change the style of play adapting it to what appears from time to time (Randomness) and not to repeat the same choices when creating the team (Legendary, Arcanine, etc.) as otherwise you would retrace the game exactly as it did in the past.

I hope I have aroused interest in this new way of interpreting a pokèmon game and maybe make you recover some old console with the desire to start over.


Where did I put the Pokèmon Crystal cartridge?

© 2020 Christian Allasia

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