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How To Play Minecraft Hardcore Mode | 50 Tips and Tricks


How To Play Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode is one of the four modes of vanilla Minecraft, the others being: survival, creative and spectator. Hardcore mode is unique in that it is the only of the four modes where upon death the world is no longer playable and to play you will need to create a new game.

This makes playing Hardcore a daunting challenge for even the most expert Minecrafter's because it forces them to think and plan out every move in order to protect their one precious life. Mobs, like in survival pose a serious threat to the well being of the main character but in Hardcore mode they will ruin all the progress. In Hardcore Mode the silent mobs such as the creeper is especially deadly due to the fact that it can ambush and kill the player well before the player even knows what happened.


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50 Minecraft Harcore Tips & Tricks

  1. Always watch your back: Easier said than done but watching your back will reduce the change of being ambushed
  2. Never attack two mobs at one time: attacking multiple mobs at once increases the chance of death exponentially as it is harder to fend off attacks from varying angles.
  3. Never take risks you cant afford to take: If you think there is a chance to die by making a move, rethink the move and possibly backtrack instead of risking it.
  4. Always carry an Ender Chest: after you obtain it, this will allow you to have extra inventory wherever you go.
  5. Carry a diamond pickaxe to be able to take you Ender Chest without breaking it.
  6. Always carry torches: Wherever you go, carry a full stack of torches or another light source to be able to light up an area.
  7. Use Chests: Use chests, but never feel the need to "save" items in them, there is no use saving your best diamond sword only to die and not get to use it.
  8. Always carry a milk bucket: a unfortunate witch spawn could kill you with a poison spell if you don't carry milk, which is the cure.
  9. Carry a water bucket at all times: A handy water bucket in the hotbar could potentially save you after falling into lava or to wash other mobs away.
  10. Plan Escape routes accordingly: Always know a way to escape a house or a mine-shaft in case you need to run for your life.
  11. Always have a building block in your inventory, blocking yourself into a wall in a stone or cobblestone shield may be the best way to regain heath in the middle of a battle.
  12. Watch your food levels: Having food on you will ensure that you can always regain health, when your food level, or hunger, is not filled up the majority of the way then your character will never gain health.
  13. Have farms inside your base, if you get trapped inside you need to have a way to always attain food without venturing outside.
  14. Always have a stockpile of either seeds or the item to plant, the last thing you want is to be hungry and having the scavenge for the seeds to grow food.
  15. Always keep a stack of food handy on you or in a nearby chest, there is no need to keep food at your base when venturing out because it will only be of no use in the base.
  16. Know when to flee and when to fight: Sometimes fighting mobs will not work out, know that fleeing isn't cowardly and fighting isn't always brave.
  17. Wear Armor at all times, understand that even leather armor is better than none at all when going into a fight.
  18. Never go outside at night: There is no need to risk facing ever larger amounts of mobs.
  19. avoid looking down into caves and ravines, there is always a chance you could either be bumped or incidentally lagged into the hole ending the game.
  20. Close outside programs on your computer, lag is unneeded and could kill you.
  21. play under graphics your computer can handle smoothly.
  22. Increase the "gamma" or game brightness to help you see even a little better in dark areas.
  23. Increase the sound or wear headphones to potentially hear enemies coming in the dark.
  24. Turn down the game music, my doing this you can focus on the game more and less on the dramatic in game music.
  25. Play on seeds or the game map in survival or creative mode beforehand and devise a strategy so you will not be surprised by anything in the landscape.
  26. You can create your base on a mushroom biome thus reducing the chance of any mobs spawning dramatically.
  27. Build a base over the water and away from guardians that way you can limit the amount of mobs that can spawn near you.
  28. Build the shelter out of blast proof material such as cobblestone or stone
  29. Refrain from using wood in your shelter as a lighting strike could light it and you on fire.
  30. Build iron doors, while they are more expensive they will protect your from zombies which can break down your normal wooden doors.
  31. Be especially careful while mining, it is one of the most dangerous parts of the game.
  32. Watch out around close corners and tight areas as creepers can corner you and kill you.
  33. Make sure you have a good set of items in your hotbar, below are some items you should always have.
  34. Sword: to protect and kill
  35. Food:To eat
  36. Pick: To mine
  37. Ax: to cut trees
  38. Bows and arrows: to hit enemies from afar
  39. Solid Blocks: To build up or down in emergency
  40. Torches: to light up an area
  41. Water bucket: like aforementioned to stop lava.
  42. Never face the Ender dragon without full diamond armor
  43. Wear a pumpkin head to protect against Endermen.
  44. Always carry at least four stacks of arrows into the end, they are necessary to destroy the ender dragon
  45. Even small farms with wheat, chickens, and cows can be a great asset.
  46. build an indoor tree farm to protect against mobs spawning underneath it in the dark from the leaves. Diamonds are not very hard to find if you travel in deep caves. That being said, the common hazards would be monsters, lava, and falls. The least you need is iron armor and a stone sword to go in.
  47. Enchant everything you have, enchanting can be the difference between a easy hardcore game and one that ends in failure.
  48. Never dig straight up or straight down, lava can kill you before you can react.
  49. If you fall in lava swim to the surface and place your waster above the lava.
  50. Don't forget to have fun, minecraft is still a game isn't it?
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