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Improve Your Scrabble - Scrabble Hints And Tips

How To Win At Scrabble!

So I have been an avid scrabble player for as long as I can remember and I am often playing on a real board with friends and family as well as online and on various scrabble and word game apps.

I'm not saying I am a scrabble champion but I have found a lot of tried and tested ways of playing that give me the edge in games and grab me extra points so that I win at scrabble more often than I lose!

So check out my scrabble hints and tips and hopefully these will help you improve your scrabble game.

Scrabble Tips

Some of these scrabble tips are more obvious than others but hopefully you can pick a few out that will help you with your scrabble game:

  • Learn all of the 2 letter words so that you can use these in particular to play a parallel word (a word that goes alongside or on top of an existing word that forms lots of 2 letter words). See the list below for 2 letter scrabble words.

US 2 Letter Words


UK 2 Letter Words


Use the 'S' Carefully

If you are lucky enough to get an 'S' in your word rack, use it wisely.

Don't use your 'S' unless it gets you a significant advantage in points, for example if it extends your word to a double or triple word score.

Don't just use an 'S' in an ordinary word (unless you attach that word to another with the S or some other letter) - preferably use it at the end of another word to pluralise it and also create a perpendicular word so that you get the benefit of the points of both words.I will always save my 'S' until I can do this.

I actually have a rule that I will not use an 'S' unless it gives me at least an extra 5-10 points (depending on how well I am doing in a game) and usually a lot more.

Other Letters and Letter Combinations

If you have one of the high scoring letters (Z,X,Q etc) then only use it if you can at least put it on a double letter (or double word) score minimum. I will usually only use it if I can get a double word at least but ideally a triple letter.

Look for the possibility of a triple letter that you can use twice by creating a 4 square word.

Don't let your playing partner use the triple word score even if you can only put down a low scoring word on it. Good scrabble players will never pass up a triple.

If you have the letters I,N and G in your selection but can't make a 7 letter word with them, save them up for at least a couple of rounds because chances are you will be able to make a 7 letter word in the next few rounds and get those extra 50 bonus scrabble points.

I make it a rule to never put a scrabble word down that is worth less than around 12 points UNLESS I am saving the rest of the letters for an almost guaranteed bingo for the next play.

Make sure you have a good grasp of useful words. In particular Q words without a U. QI and QAT are two of the most useful ones and these can also have S added at the end.

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If you have a large number of vowels 9say 6 or 7), in particular 'I's, then quite often it is better to swap them straight away - unless you can use 3 of them at once which may give you a chance of getting better scrabble letters next time.

Blanks are similar to the letter S in scrabble in my mind as you should only use the blank to get a significant score. I will often save a blank to get me a 7 letter word as this is nearly always possible within 2 or 3 goes.

Winning at Scrabble can depend on the letters you get but also involves some clever play.

Winning at Scrabble can depend on the letters you get but also involves some clever play.

Scrabble - Luck or Skill?

I play with one person in particular who always says they get 'bad letters'. Although to a certain extent you can get dealt bad scrabble letters it is really the way you use the letters that you have that makes your own luck. OK if you don't get any of the high scoring ones you are going to struggle but chances are that you will get some and you just need to use them or save them to your advantage.

In any case, take what you get without complaining and congratulate your opponent if they get the win on that occasion and you don't!


Marian L (author) from UK on May 10, 2011:

Thanks AH I'll try and find him although it sounds like he will give me a bit of a hammering if he was on Countdown and in the final 8 lol!

attemptedhumour from Australia on May 10, 2011:

Yes that would spice it up a bit. Try challenging my daft brother on Lexulous, he's good and amazingly quick on the draw. He got into the final of Countdown a few years back. He came eighth but got hammered by the number one seed. I don't play much scrabble these days but used to be an addict. I don't like the ending as there is a higher dependency on luck regarding what you have left. I know you have to manage your rack at the end but you can often score fifty to a hundred points with the last seven letters and calculate all sorts of scenarios'. Give it a try, you may enjoy the challenge. Cheers.

Marian L (author) from UK on May 10, 2011:

Hi attemptedhumour, thanks for your comments, interesting thought on letting everyone go out - I like the fact that maybe you can catch your opponent with a lot of points that need deducting at the end! There is another rule that I sometimes play that is swapping the blanks out if you have that letter - adds a bit of interest to the game!

attemptedhumour from Australia on May 10, 2011:

Hi azure, i love Scrabble too and use the same basics as you, it's a wonderful game that is different every time. The one problem is that it is as complicated as chess, but has rules suitable for snakes and ladders. I don't like the end where the first player out finishes the game. I prefer to allow players to use all their letters up as a lot of complicated scenarios arise. My brother plays on Lexulous. I played him, but he's a speed freak and i need more time to consider my words. He goes under the name of Tony banana. Oh well must dash. See ya.

Marian L (author) from UK on May 03, 2011:

I have to admit I play more online now Golfgal than I used to and some of the games like lexulous allow you to look up the 2 letter words which I think is slightly cheating but never mind I still enjoy it!

Golfgal on May 03, 2011:

Love it! I have not played in awhile, but used to play alot. I use the very same strategy that you do, but I did not have quite the list of two letter words in my pocket. I couldn't agree with you more about not letting your opponents get to the triple words markers before you!!!

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