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How To Make Homemade Moon Dough - Easy Recipe, Ingredients

On this page we have a look to see if there is a recipe for making homemade Moon Dough. Can you make Moon Dough using simple ingredients and by following an easy recipe? We also tell you how actual Moon Dough is made and what some of the actual ingredients are. If you are looking for info about Moon Dough recipes and ingredients then this page should tell you everything you need to know.

Moon Dough has been around for a few years now, it is a very popular moulding toy similar to Playdough. This is marketed as being hypoallergenic non-toxic material that never dries out. If you have actually played with any of the stuff you will know that it is quite impressive and very clever. In theory you should be able to buy a packet of this and it should last forever. But how exactly is it made and what are the ingredients?


How Is Moon Dough Made?

The fact is that Moon Dough is actually quite complicated stuff. We have all seen recipes for homemade playdough and the like but this dough is a little more complex. Although the packet does not reveal the exact contents of the dough it is thought that particles are coated with silicon oil and boronic acid to give them their fluid like movement. The reason it never dries out is simply because there is no actual water in the dough. There are several chemical formulas in place that keep the dough fresh and ready to be used over and over again.

The people who produce Moon Dough seem to be rather tight-lipped about the exact formula and ingredients for creating the dough, this is hardly surprising as the product is doing so well. This is designed in a way that it won’t stick to clothing, it won’t stain clothes or surfaces and it is also wheat free which is important for some children. So know you have an idea of how the dough is made, is it possible to make your very own Moon Dough? Well let’s try to find out.

Handy Recipes

Homemade Moon Dough Recipes

So now the important bit, is it possible to recreate Moon Dough using simple household ingredients? Can you make a wheat free, hypoallergenic non-toxic dough that will last forever? The sad fact is that you can’t, or if there is a way of doing this it has not yet been published on the internet. There are ways of creating dough that is safe and good fun to play with, but if you want a dough that will not dry out and be just like Moon Dough then you will be sadly disappointed I’m afraid.

So if you can’t have a homemade Moon Dough recipe is there anything else we can give you? Well if you are happy with just simple playdough then there are recipes for this. Some are very simple and involve no cooking, whereas others take a bit more time and effort and require more ingredients. The simple recipes require things such as plain flower, salt, cooking oil, water and food coloring. It really is that simple, we will post a few links on this page so you can try a few recipes. There is also a recipe for simple Moon Sand which is very clever, Moon Sand is a similar product to Moon Dough and is another one that is great fun.

Moon Dough really is a great product. The fact is though that buying the dough can become expensive so it is no wonder people want to try and come up with their own homemade Moon Dough recipes, but for now no one has been able to manage this. So your basic options seem to be, go out and spend your money and buy the actual product, or just settle for good old fashioned playdough and make this yourself. Either way, we hope you and your children have fun creating what ever your imagination will allow.

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gghhjigf on December 13, 2014:

I want to know how to make moondough

vapsi on December 07, 2014:

you are good at it.

jacinta on January 26, 2014:

Try hair conditioner mixed with corn flour. Very similar to moon dough

Grammie on October 28, 2013:

Moon dough does dry out. I bought some for my granddaughter and all it did was fall apart when trying to just roll it in the palm of your hands. I would not advise anyone to try this product.

Jamie on March 18, 2012:

My child just loves Moon dough, but she said it isn't that good for modeling. I was wondering if you can make moon dough just like play dough, but with the same feeling as Moon dough ?

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