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How To Make Money Online In Grand Theft Auto 5: Heists, Trading, Hold-ups and Another Unique Effective Method!

This guide will tell you how to make piles of cash!

This guide will tell you how to make piles of cash!


Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most recent instalment of the highly successful GTA series. This time round, online mode is bigger and more interactive than ever before with team missions, heists, free roam mode and much, much more. The game is highly dependant on a few things, your car, your gun; but the most important factor, which determines everything else, is the amount of money you have. For this reason, I have put together a guide with the most successful money-making tips in the game so far. Due to the fact that there are regular updates and patches to the game, I will not include temporary glitches or mods which are easily patchable. So, onto the guide...

Getting Started

If you've already had the game for a while and you've already got set up etc., just skip this part of the guide, it's for new players only. So you've just touched down at Los Santos City Airport, you've had a little nosy around, done a few missions and maybe made a few friends and now you find yourself asking: What now? Here's a short check-list to help you get set up.

Step 1: Find A Nice Car

When you arrive in LS, don't just hop into the closest car to you on the street, snoop around for a while until you find something worth driving. There are a few areas of the map where some cars are better than others: generally on the inner-city highways there are top sports cars whilst a large number of muscles reside in the countryside. Make sure it's actually a good car for handling, braking and acceleration - not just top speed as this alone wont help you in missions or robberies. Remember that the first car you pick will be the one that you have to use until you can buy a new one so make sure it's something enjoyable.

When you've got enough money ($5,000/$6,000), head on down to Los Santos Customs and start to upgrade your car, some upgrades require higher ranks and more money but the most important thing to buy is a tracker. It costs $2,000 and means that you will always be able to trace your car should it be taken away or if you die.

Step 2: Find A Nice Gun

Now that you've got yourself a transport mechanism, you'll need something to protect yourself with. The streets of Los Santos are dangerous and coupled with the threat of other players, it can be a minefield. You are introduced to Ammo-Nation early in the game and this is the centre for all your firearm needs. Although weapon choice is restricted at the beginning, ranking up comes with it's perks, one of which is the choice of new guns for your arsenal. The default weapon for a new player is handgun, but this can soon be upgraded to a Micro SMG for only $850. This is a solid gun which is good for most types of missions because of its high damage, range, and fire rate.

Another good gun is the Pump Shotgun, this is perfect for close quarter combat with deadly shots pretty much every time. It lacks the ability to shoot long range though, but for tight missions inside buildings, this gun's got you covered. Once you've become a high enough rank and earned a few $1,000, try upgrading to a Carbine Rifle, a very well rounded gun with good damage, fire rate, range and accuracy.

The Weapon Wheel

This is the easy way to switch weapons in GTA V

This is the easy way to switch weapons in GTA V

Step 3: Finding A Garage

Once you've found your dream car, you'll need a place to store it. Garages in Los Santos range from $25,000 for a 2-car garage to hundreds of thousands for 10-car garages. A garage will keep any car you place in it until you take it out again. Garages also come with a mechanic who will deliver cars to you no matter where you are on the map.

If you have a bit more money, you'll probably want to think about buying an apartment. All apartments come with a garage anyway and some apartments are available for as little as $93,000. They provide an easy place to spend the night, hold your clothes and keep your cars.

Here is the location of the hidden money

Here is the location of the hidden money

This is a map of Los Santos with all the stores shown as a black dot

This is a map of Los Santos with all the stores shown as a black dot

Onto The Guides

Once you're setup, you'll probably be wanting to make loads of money to buy an Adder or buy the dream apartment. One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money is detailed below.

Hidden Packages

Scattered around the map, there are several hidden packages which contain between $5,000 and $25,000, on the map above is the location of the $25,000 package. You will not need any diving equipment or anything for this, your lung capacity should be enough. Note that there is an easy glitch to make loads of money off this trick. When you have retrieved the money, switch characters and then switch back to whoever you retrieved the money with. The package should have reappeared and your oxygen supply will be replenished. Keep repeating this for loads of money.

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Selling Cars

This is not one of the best methods in the game. But all the small amounts of cash add up in the end. Every 45 minutes in the game (real time not game time) Los Santos Customs will buy a car off you for whatever it's worth. Normally prices range from about $2,000 to $9,000 with the average car fetching around $3,000/$4,000. But to an experienced player who can spot a good car, the money will increase significantly. Remember that they do not always pay more for flashy cars, an SUV sells for $7,500 whilst a Buffalo only sells for around $5,000. Every 45 minutes means that if you play for 3 hours, you can pick up at least $20,000 if you just pick a random car to sell every 45 minutes.

Robbing Stores

This method is quite good overall as you can rob a store repeatedly for more money. Make sure that you buy a facemask from the mask shop on the boardwalk (you must go there for a mission some time), that way, a hop wont recognise you if you return. Robbing stores gives you between $2,000 and $3,000 each time, Just walk into a shop and point a gun at the cashiers head, shoot around the shop to scare them and when they give you the money, escape the 2 star wanted level. I find it best to have a route through all the stores so you can rob them all on the way round, resulting in upwards of $40,000 in most cases, this run usually takes me about an hour as I have to escape from the cops every time. The location of all the stores is shown above.

Here's A Short Glitch For Lots Of Money!

Final Method

My final method to make money is to simply do the online missions, accept invites, play races, do arm wrestles. Basically, just have fun. This is the best way in my opinion because at the end of the day, I paid my money to have fun and enjoy the game, not worry about how much money I have. Doing missions with other people can result in big payouts of over $10,000 and at higher levels, missions like "Mixed Up With Coke" become available, earning $18,000 and 3,350 RP each time. With 4 people, this mission can take less than a minute resulting in profits of up to $700,000 per hour, along with 160,000 RP.

Well that concludes my guide, feel free to comment below with your own personal tricks or methods and leave some feedback on the guide, thanks.


Aaron Burton from US on October 09, 2014:

I didn't know GTA was so expansive. Great tips!

y ps3 GTA V online ID : ARBAZSHAHALA on September 07, 2014:

Hi, can i have s0me m0ney please

will on July 18, 2014:

Yes but i would recommend that you also mention the best mission to play for money is roof Top rumble

Vince on June 16, 2014:

This is a great guide for those who are not sure on what they can do I recommend this for everyone :)

Joshua on June 08, 2014:

so cool

Your friendly gamer on March 08, 2014:

Thank you for this, now i can get up in the high levels faster and get sweet upgrades for the cars

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