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How To Lower Visibility and increase infectivity in Pandemic 2

The Key

 All of us who have played Pandemic 2 know what the key to winning is. The key to winning is having as low a level of visibility as possible. How do you do this? There are certain things you need to do to keep low visibility. Once you get something like a shipyard or airport closed it doesn't EVER re-open!


Red All Over!

To get your disease to spread there are a few keys.

1. Parasite has the lowest visibility. This means by default you will be less likely to get airports and ports closed.

2. Use only fever and nausea at first until you infect every country. Use only rodents and waterborne. The ways ti can spread CANNOT be sold so once you buy it you have it. Symptoms can be and I suggest routinely selling nausea as it does spike visibility a bit. Buy it back and let it work for a little while then sell it again.

3. Patience! Don't try to rush. You will find the game more enjoyable as you turn the speed up but do NOT try to infect the whole world right away by making your disease terrible and deadly. This only makes people scared and not allow the disease in by closing borders and such. Lower visibility and time is key!


'In Pandemic 2, you're given the choice to create one of the three aforementioned diseases, each having its own inherent strengths and weaknesses. For example, a virus can evolve the fastest, has a bonus to infectivity, but can be most negatively affected by its environment. A parasite, on the other hand, evolves the slowest, but is least affected by the environment and has the lowest visibility. These are the three main traits of your disease; lethality, infectivity and visibility. The higher the lethality, the easier and faster it will claim victims. Infectivity represents its contagiousness, dependent on factors like how it's transmitted (rodents, insects, airborne, waterborne) and also symptoms like sneezing, coughing and more. Lastly, your disease's visibility should be as low as possible to prevent people from taking notice (and then taking action to contain it). Ingeniously, many of the same symptoms that help spread your disease like sneezing and coughing will also increase its visibility, as will other symptoms like dementia, vomiting and depression. Too much visibility and you'll be met with closed borders, grounded airplanes and even vaccines being developed, all of which are the enemy of any respectable disease.'

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Tips for Visibility!

 You can easily buy/sell symptoms, some work better then others. I would recommend seeing which ones keep the invisibility low while increasing infectivity. Don't forget though that infectivity and visibility are connected. They will affect each other but some symptoms less then others. Try to stick to lower level symptoms as stated above like fever and nausea I have found work quite well. Always use parasite! It is the lowest visibility and worth the wait!

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