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How To Get the Mount (Torrent) in Elden Ring (and Find the First Merchant) in Under 10 Minutes


This tutorial will show you how to quickly gain access to the rideable mount (Torrent) in Elden Ring. If you skip the cinematics and reading, it takes under 10 minutes. It should still take under 30 minutes even if you take your time and explore.

Basically, you just need to activate any four Sites of Grace (essentially bonfires).

Feel free to watch the video tutorial I made to see this process step by step.

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My Video Tutorial

You find the first two during the tutorial. A third one is just outside after the tutorial, and a fourth one is very close by in the ruins of a church. The first merchant is and an anvil to improve equipment are both located in this same church close to the Site of Grace.

Once you activate the fourth Site of Grace, a woman will come and speak to you. Agree to her request and she will give you the whistle to summon Torrent. Just equip it and use it like any other item and you're good to go!

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