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How To Get Your Fijit Friends To Dance For You - Instructions

Today we are going to be taking a look at how to get your Fijit Friends to dance. These simple instructions will tell you how to get your Fijit dancing along happily to either her very own music or yours. If you are struggling with the instructions this simple guide should tell you everything you need to know on how to get your Fijit Friends to dance for you.

Fijit Friends came out at the back end of 2011. They were massively popular over the Christmas period and did very well for the company Mattel who design the toys. They are basically soft cuddly dancing robots. They respond to a variety of voice commands and also touch. There are lots of impressive things that a Fijit Friend can do, but the most impressive is probably Dance Mode. You do get instructions when you buy one of these, but in case you have misplaced them or maybe bought a second hand toy with no instructions, we will show you exactly how to get your Fijit Friend to dance.

Fijit Friends


Get Your Fijit Friends To Dance

There are four different characters in the line of toys. You have Willa, Serafina, Logan and Sage. Each toy is slightly different but they all respond to the same commands. So these instructions should work with any of the characters. So as you can see from the video above, it is very easy to get your Fijit Friend to dance. Once switched on make sure she is in ‘home’ mode. If the little red light on her belly is lit this means she is ready to take your command. So move close to your Fijit and say ‘Dance with me’. The instructions say you should be 1-2 feet away when giving voice commands, although if you speak loudly you can be heard from further away.

When your friend hears the command, she will then give you a choice of dancing to her music or your music. If you want to dance to hers, simply say ‘yours’. When she recognises the command she will respond and then start playing her very own song. There are a few different songs programmed in and it seems to be random as to which one will play. Your Fijit will dance for a while and if you want to return her to home mode and stop her dancing you can just press the little button on the back left of her head. You will get a confirmation beep once this is done.

If you want her to dance to your own music, then you simply give the command ‘mine’ when she asks you whose music you want her to dance to. When she recognises the command she will again respond and then wait for your music to start. You need to have the music up reasonably loud for it to register but more often that not this is not an issue. The type of music you play will also have a bearing on how well it works, if you play a slow acoustic song, you may find your Fijit struggles to pick up on it. Play something will a strong beat however and she will dance in time to the music.

Extra Dances & More Content

When you first buy your Fijit Friend you will no doubt be impressed with the amount of things she is capable of dong. The fact is though that there is more content in there just waiting to be accessed. There are a few different ways of doing this. One way is to use ‘chirp’ mode. To do this you press and hold the chirp button on the back right of her head. Hold this down for three seconds and you will get a confirmation beep. Now the red light on her tummy should slowly flash. Now you can play sonic chirps which can be found on the Fijit Friends website. There are four dances you can play using this method and some of them will be ones that you have not previously heard.

Another great way to unlock new dances and content it to buy a Fijit Friends Newbie. These are smaller versions of the toys but they link up with your original toy and interact. Again using the chirp button you can get them to dance together and this really does look good. Later in 2012 Mattel are bringing out new Fijit Friends Yippits. These also interact with the original toys and will unlock more hidden content and possibly new dances as well. If you buy all these and get them working in tandem the results really are impressive.

As you can see it is not that hard to get your Fijit Friend to dance for you. These simple instructions should have given you all you need in order to have your friend rock away to either her music or yours. These clever little toys really are very special and it will be interesting to see if Mattel have any more tricks up their sleeves in future. Maybe in time it will come out that there are even more things are Fijit Friends are capable of that we did not know about.

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