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How to Convince My Parents to Buy Me Pokemon Cards

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Tips for Convincing Your Parents to Buy You Pokemon Cards:

Pokemon cards are back in style in 2021 as they were in the late 90s. For people who want to collect these cards, the major obstacle is to convince their parents. Most parents find this hobby a waste of money. They don't understand the happiness and joy it brings to the people who collect them.

If you are one of those people who want to convince their parents to buy them Pokemon cards, then you are in the right place. This article will discuss several tips that you can use to convince your parents to buy you Pokemon cards.

Let’s get started.

MicrosoftPokemo - Organization Desk - Personal Collection

MicrosoftPokemo - Organization Desk - Personal Collection

1. Showing Gratitude And Appreciation:

The most crucial factor in getting your parents to say "YES" to your request is asking them with gratitude and showing appreciation. If you make them feel like it's an order and they owe it to you, believe me, nothing gets you a faster "No."

Undoubtedly, your parents are there to fulfill your demands, and they are responsible for your well-being. But to get what you want, you need to make sure that there is enough gratitude when you ask for something. And since you are asking them to buy you non-essential items like Pokemon cards, you might need to put in the extra effort.

While making your demand, don't be dry and cliche by saying, "Dad/Mom, can I buy a Pokemon card." Instead, you can say this, "Dad/Mom, I know you want me to be happy and have even bought me expensive stuff sometimes; I am grateful to you for that." Anything you say afterward can get you a much better response.

2. Give Something In Return:

A question must have arisen in your mind, "What can I offer my parents in return for Pokemon cards?" Fundamentally, all parents want to see their children grow up into responsible and happy adults. To get what you need, showing your parents that you are making positive progress and moving in the right direction can seal the deal for you.

Hence, it would help if you traded what you want for what you can do. Though there is not much you can do for your parents, in terms of what they NEED, you can always promise them good grades in specific subjects or do chores.

While making your decision, you should be specific with your actions to achieve measured results. Instead of saying, "I will get good grades," you can say, "I will get straight A's in Math, English, and History." Besides, you have to do your part to achieve the task, so that your parents can trust you with what you say.

Choose The Right Moment:

Whether your parents will accept your request to buy Pokemon cards or not depends on their mood. Choose the right moment and consider the following factors:

- Make sure your parents are not stressed because requesting at such a moment will always get you a big "No."

- Ask them if they have time to listen to your request before starting.

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MicrosoftPokemo - Gold Page - Personal Collection

MicrosoftPokemo - Gold Page - Personal Collection

3. You Can Ask Them To Contribute Some Amount:

Asking for a partial amount instead of the total amount is another effective trick to convince your parents to buy you Pokemon cards. There are better chances that your parents might agree to contribute some amount in helping you buy your new Pokemon card than giving you full money.

"Dad/Mom, I want to buy new Pokemon cards that cost $20, but I don't have that much money right now. If I can pay half of them with my savings, can you please contribute the rest?"

In this way, you can sound appreciative, responsible and show that you value money. Hopefully, your parents will buy it for you in full, but paying a partial amount is better than nothing.

MicrosoftPokemo - Organization Display Shelf - Personal Collection

MicrosoftPokemo - Organization Display Shelf - Personal Collection

4. Be Patient and Don’t Rush:

Once you have made your parents aware that you would like them to buy you Pokemon cards, you need to show patience. If parents feel like they are being rushed or cornered, they are more likely to say "No" than "Yes."

So, when making your request, you can say something like this, "Dad/Mom, you don't need to answer me right now. You can take your time and think about my request before answering."

Giving your parents space and time will allow them to show your request thought and not make it seem childish to ask for Pokemon cards so desperately.

5. Don’t Lose Hope If They Say "No."

You don't have to give up your request upon hearing the word "No" for the first time. Sometimes "No" does not always mean no, and even if it is, it's not the end of the world anyway.

Instead of arguing with them, you can choose to figure out why! Since we are talking about Pokemon cards, most parents will find it a waste of money. However, you can change their opinion by letting them know about your hobby and why you are collecting them.

If you give logical reasoning to your parents of why you want to buy Pokemon cards instead of arguing with them and trying to get them forcefully, the chances are that they will probably hear you and understand you.

You have to deal with the situation maturely so that your parents realize that you are cautious with your actions and know what you are doing. You will appear to them as a mature and responsible adult instead of a child who wants to waste money on pieces of shiny cardboard.

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Your Parents Will Buy You The Pokemon Cards

Remember, your parents want to help you achieve your goals if they bring you happiness and improve your life. In the end, all they ask from you is to be appreciative and grateful for the things you have. Making your request and choice of words count can make a huge difference, so be wise with your approach.

Final Words:

I hope that the tips mentioned above will help you convince your parents to buy you Pokemon cards. Lastly, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read my article.

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