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How I Surpassed the Crazy Level 397 That Jin Created in BTS in the SEOM

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Since its release on June 28, 2022, ARMYs all over the world have been going crazy in playing BTS Island: In the SEOM which was developed by Hybe for Android and iOS platforms. It’s a video game that can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.

As of this date, there are over 5M users who have downloaded the game and it’s getting positive reviews from ARMY players around the globe! I, for one, have been playing it ever since its release, and there is not a day when I don’t play it. However, unlike most ARMYs, I can’t play it too much in a day because I’m an adult and I’ve got to work. Plus, there’s a limit to playing the game, so parents don’t have to worry about their kids playing too much.


How to play the game

The game is very easy to understand, but the higher the level, the more difficult it becomes and there will be many instances when a player would get stuck on a super hard level or even an easy one! Especially without boosters, special items, or coins.

The game revolves around BTS being stranded on an island. They need to survive, so that’s where players come in to help them! There are puzzles that need to be completed to earn stars and those stars are needed in order to complete missions like fixing things on the island, interacting with members or calling Bang PD, doing tasks, or just about everything that makes their stay on the island more convenient and enjoyable.

The key to enjoying it without going crazy is to only use boosters, special items, and/or coins when you’ve already tried many times to surpass a level and you still can’t make it. You see, even the ones that are supposed to be easy can be hard, and those that are super hard can be easy. It’s unpredictable. It all really depends on the player’s moves.

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When I started, I just made moves without thinking and didn’t even realize at first that the moves were limited. I just clicked and clicked on any combos. Then, it got more challenging, so I was forced to really play with some logic and tactics to be able to surpass the levels. My most favorite is when there’s a dolphin beside any other power-up because when you combine them both, the power-up multiplies and that makes it easier to finish the levels. But then of course, there are also those levels when even this won’t work because the puzzle is just way too hard. In cases like this, both boosters and special items are very important to finish the game.

How did I surpass Jin’s level 397 with just one move?


I am currently on level 469 which is a super hard level. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about Jin’s smartness and creativity in creating two levels on BTS in the Seom: Levels 174 and 397. Each BTS member created two puzzles (or maybe more that I haven’t reached yet). The puzzles created by other members were mostly easy to complete, but Jin’s levels were very intriguing! He gave 99 moves for level 174 and only provided 1 move for level 397! ARMYs went crazy over this and shared their amazement over Jin’s creativity by posting their experience on Twitter. When I saw this, I was only on level 200 something and planned to make sure I won’t go crazy over level 397, so I had to prepare myself! I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that level 397 has only 1 move!

At first, I thought that maybe I should stop using coins and boosters and just save them all for level 397 because I plan to use all the boosters then keep on buying more moves using coins. But then, I realized that I should be saving more on the special items. There are three special items that a player can use and these items do not count against the number of moves. I used the rocket (or is that a plane?) to complete level 397! You see, the rocket (or plane) sweeps the entire row horizontally and vertically from where you position it, so I was able to clear out all 4 birds in just one try without even using any move!


The key to surpass level 397 is to prepare for it ahead of time. If you’re far from level 300, this is the best time to hold onto those special items because you can use them on instances when you are about to run out of moves, or on level 397 where you only have 1 move to complete the level.

Hope that this article reaches ARMYs out there who are enjoying this game as much as I am every day. Keep playing, ARMYs!

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