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Vampire Costumes - How To Dress Like A Vampire

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Do you enjoy dressing as a vampire, with a long flowing cape, fake fangs, and pale, dramatic makeup? As I write a fantasy fiction blog about vampires and werewolves called The Ballad of the Old Kingdom, I got to thinking about how my blood sucking characters dressed and what accessories they wore. Of course being real vampires they do not have to worry about having to wear fake fangs, make up or bats wings, but they do have to sometimes make their way around town in the bright sunshine. This means that Vlad, Count Antonescu and the other undead characters have to wear specially made black capes, long black leather gloves and boots, black hats that pull down over their faces and very powerful sunglasses to protect their eyes.

They can only get this special protective clothing from a company owned by their hated enemy Lord Kingsteignton, but you are very much luckier than they are because if you want to dress up as a vampire for a party, to play or hang out with your undead friends you can find a wide range of gothic clothing, accessories and jewelry both in the shops or online.

Vampire Fangs

Probably the most important thing you will need for your dress up is some fangs. These supernatural beings need human blood to survive and suck blood from their victim’s neck through two puncture wounds made by their fangs. The cheapest way to get a pair of fangs is to make your own. You can cut some out from sturdy white cardboard and colour the ends of the teeth red to make it look like blood, but you may find that they will not last very long as the cardboard will go soggy in your mouth. For homemade vampire fangs that are a bit more durable, try to find a round washing-up liquid bottle in white plastic. Make sure that you clean the plastic thoroughly and cut out a pair of fangs from the white plastic bottle where there is no writing. As the bottle is naturally rounded they should fit in your mouth quite well and use a bit of red nail varnish to create the effect of the dripping blood. Be careful not to swallow any fake fangs that you are wearing and do not make fangs from bottles that have contained bleach or any other strong chemical.

If you have some money to spend, you can get a wide range of vampire fangs both in the shops and online, and the more that you are prepared to pay, the more realistic your fangs will look. If you are really dedicated to looking like a vampire, you could go to the expense of having a set of fangs made especially to fit your mouth by a dentists. If, on the other hand, you want to dress as a vampire’s victim you can also get vampire love bites temporary tattoos in a pack.

Vampire Wigs and Vampire Make Up

As we all know, vampires are a bit on the pale side and have very bright red lips, often with a dribble of blood oozing down the side of their mouths. Very few of us naturally have this type of complexion, so make up is a must when dressing up as a vampire. There is a wide range of costume makeup available, and you can even get special vampire makeup kits which contain everything you need to create that scary but beautiful face. To achieve the bloodied face look, you can find packs of fake blood to smear on your face or neck. For those who really want to look as realistic as possible, you can even try out vampire contact lenses to change the colour of your eyes. Hair is also very important to get right when dressing as a vampire. Female vampires tend to have long, lustrous black locks, so if your natural hair is not like this, you can try on some wigs that will give you that true gothic look of the female vampire.

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Vampire Clothes and Accessories

The article of clothing that is probably most associated with a vampire is the cape. A vampire cape is usually black, full and long, with a small stand-up collar and a metal clasp. The vampires use their capes to great effect to mesmerise their human prey and capture them in its folds. They can be found both in stores and online, in various different sizes and fabrics to suit all budgets. I think that my choice, if money were no object, would be a deep midnight black velvet cape, lined with scarlet silk and closed with a carved gold clasp.

You can also get full dress-up costumes that give you the complete vampire’s outfit for both children and adults. There is a wide range of styles to choose from, and you could be a sexy blood sucker, a traditional caped creature of the night or even a fairy vampire. Even your pet need not feel left out as you can also get great vampire costumes for dogs

Of course every costume needs accessories and jewelry, and you will find a huge choice of great Gothic jewelry online and in the stores. Vampire jewelry is generally quite chunky and dramatic, and comes in silver and pewter and the favoured colour for the gemstone is red. The themes for this jewelry are bats, fangs, the Gothic look and large heavy crosses if you are looking for protection from your neighbourhood blood suckers! There is vampire jewelry on sale for all budgets, and you can even now get jewelry based on that worn in the famous ‘Twilight’ novels and films.

So if dressing like a vampire is your lifestyle choice and you need to get yourself all of the clothes and make up or maybe you just want to dress up for a special fancy dress party or to play, you can find everything that you need to get the perfect Gothic look. Remember, dressing as a creature of the night is not just for Halloween, but for any dark, spooky night of the year.

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Disclaimer: Vampires are mythical creatures and are not real. Therefore, accessories such as fake fangs are purely for dressing up and entertainment purposes, and should never be used to attempt to create bite wounds in the neck.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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