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HotS Facts - Protoss Earliest Buildings and Unit Timings

The Protoss Tech Tree

The Protoss Tech Tree

Important Conclusion

Although knowing mineral income times is valuable for many reasons (you can find out how many units you can produce per minute and compare it to that of other builds), there is one important fact you should take away with you:

  • A harvester pays for itself after ~1:10

This is a very vital fact for anyone who wishes to cut probes in order to get something faster - it may actually be the case that the build would work better if you did not cut probes at all, since by the time you need the money for your tech unit you would have already got the money back for the probe that you cut.

This is one of the most important things to think about when refining a good build.

Important Harvesting Facts


  • Up until 2, each additional harvester adds ~39-45 minerals/game minute.
  • A standard base yields ~672 minerals per game minute with 16 harvesters,
  • With 24 harvesters this rises to ~816 minerals.
  • That means the last 8 harvesters add only 14 minerals each (144 in total) which less than 1/3 of the first two harvesters on a mineral patch.


  • Until 2 harvesters/geyser, each additional harvester adds ~33-42 gas/game minute.
  • At full saturation, each geyser will yield ~114 gas/minute.
  • A base with 2 vespene geysers will yield ~228 gas/minute with 6 SCVs

For those of you that like to know your information is 100% sound, there is a full explanation in the link below.

Source: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=140055

Tips to Remember

You should note that timings can be remembered by grouping them in terms of Tech Path:

  • Both the Twilight Council and Templar Archives take 50 seconds
  • Remember that Dark Templars take twice as long to get to as High Templar at 100 seconds
  • Both the Stargate and Fleet Beacon take 60 seconds
  • Both the Robotics Facility and Robotics Bay take 65 seconds

Construction Times (s) for Protoss Buildings & Research

Pylon - 25
Assimilator - 30
Nexus - 100

Forge - 45
Cannon - 40

Gateway - 65
Cybernetics Core - 50
Warpgate Research - 160

Twilight Council - 50
Templar Archives - 50
Dark Shrine - 100

Stargate - 60
Fleet Beacon - 60

Robotics Facility - 65
Robotics Bay - 65

Earliest Time to Finish Protoss Tech Buildings

From having a nexus and a pylon, the following is true, It takes a minimum of:

Early Game

  • 1:25 for a Forge and a Cannon
  • 1:55 for a gateway and cybernetics core (which I'll call 'Standard Path')
  • 2:27 for a gateway, cyber core + stalker (with warp gate)
  • 4:35 for a gateway, cybernetics core and finished Warp Gate Research (wgr)
  • 3:58 for a gateway, cybernetics core and wgr with 6 Chrono Boosts

Mid game

  • 3:35 for a Templar Archive (+ Gateway, Cyber Core & Twilight Council)
  • 4:25 for a Dark Shrine (+ Gateway, Cyber Core & Twilight Council)
  • 2:55 for a Stargate (+ Gateway & Cyber Core)
  • 3:55 for a Fleet Beacon (+above)
  • 3:00 for a Robotics Facility (+ Standard Path)
  • 4:05 for a Robotics Bay (+ above)

Protoss Unit Production Times

From Lowest to Highest:

Probe - 17 seconds
Mothership Core - 30 seconds
Observer - 30 seconds
Phoenix - 35 seconds
Sentry - 37 seconds [32 with Warp Gate]
Zealot - 38 seconds [28 with Warp Gate]
Stalker - 42 seconds [32 with Warp Gate]
Oracle - 50 seconds
Warp Prism - 50 seconds
High Templar - 55 seconds [45 with Warp Gate]
Dark Templar - 55 seconds [45 with Warp Gate]
Immortal - 55 seconds
Void Ray - 60 seconds
Tempest - 60 seconds
Colossus - 75 seconds
Carrier - 120 seconds

Important Research Times:

  • Warp Gate Research: 160 seconds (107 with 6 chronoboosts)

More Importantly

By Tech - With Optimal Chrono Boosts

High Templar with Storm: 173 seconds/2:57 (4)

Phoenix: 83 seconds/1:23 (2)
Oracle: 93 seconds/1:33 (2)
Void Ray: 100 seconds/1:40 (2)
Tempest: 160 seconds/ 2:40 (2)
Carrier: 200 seconds/3:20 (4)

Observer: 85/1:25 (1)
Immortal: 102/1:42 (2)
Colossus: 180 seconds/3:00 (3)

[The amount of chronoboosts is put in (n) at the end]
[wgr = Warp Gate Research]

Earliest Time to Tech

Below is the earliest time you can get out Protoss units and/or research from having a cybernetics core already built.

By Tech - No Chrono Boosts
High Templar: 100 seconds/1:40
High Templar with Storm: 210 seconds/3:30
Archon: 117 seconds/1:57 (with 2 Warp Gates)
Dark Templar: 150 seconds/2:30

Phoenix: 95 seconds/1:35
Oracle: 110 seconds/1:50
Void Ray: 120 seconds/2:00
Tempest: 180 seconds/3:00
Carrier: 240 seconds/4:00

Observer: 95/1:35
Immortal: 120/2:00
Colossus: 205 seconds/3:25

Attacking Units In order from Lowest to Highest:

The Fastest Time to Tech to Protoss Units With Optimal Chrono Boost (see above for comparison)

  1. Phoenix - 1:20
  2. Oracle - 1:30
  3. Immortal - 1:40
  4. Void Ray - 1:40
  5. Tempest - 2:40
  6. High Templar with Storm: ~3:00
  7. Colossus - 3:00
  8. Carrier - 3:20

What this means for Sky Toss

  • As you can see, the phoenix and oracle (both harass units) are very quick to produce. Therefore, if you are confident that you can deny scouting for the 1:20/1:30 you need to get a Phoenix or Oracle, then going a quick StarGate can have immense returns (especially vs an unsuspecting Zerg).
  • Consider also just how quickly it is to switch to air units as Protoss - compare the 1:30 to produce an Oracle to the 1:40 you need to build a Nexus.
  • Throwing down a StarGate as soon as you see a Terran expand can mean having your oracle in his base just as soon as he transfers SCV's and throws Mules down in that space.
  • Applying just a little pressure against the Terran's bunkers will force more bunkers/anti-ground production. Considering the relatively cheap price of fast-switching to an oracle, this can be a very devastating attack, and, depending on how well you can micro gateway units, you could even make an expansion at the same time.
  • Consider also that switching to Carrier play allows you to use 4 chronoboosts on a single unit - meaning that you can get a unit out 40 seconds faster than it should be out. In a balanced game, this means that Carriers are more effective than any other unit in their time period.


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I can see the appeal DailyTop10, Protoss is still my dominant race! :)

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My favorite race in both SC1 and 2. I like how Protoss can easily win a clash and dominate a game even with just a few units.

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