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Holiday Scavenger Hunt

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The most wonderful time of the year has finally come around, and along with it, so has the never ending torrent of family and friends visiting from across the globe or even right next door. Of said family, friends, and lovely neighbors, many of them might have kids... kids that will be yours to occupy whilst they visit, or else you may as well end up with a very chaotic cluster of bored children. Boredom and children are never two sets of things that you can safely throw into the same equation and somehow end up with a beneficial product, so you ought to find something to keep them busy while they are over. Sit them down and watch a movie? No, I can guarantee you that at least one of them will refuse to even sit still long enough to get hooked in the movie, not even bothering to mention the prospect of them sitting there throughout the entire span of the movie. Let them loose in your residence without any set goal or task? Now that is a truly tragic idea, at least if you savor your house or apartment, and would rather nothing very, very bad happen to it.

Alas, there is actually an idea that could possibly help you entertain your small guests and give you the opportunity to protect yourself from the inbound complaints of “I’m bored”. Scavenger hunts are awesome ways to keep boredom at bay, specifically during times when a clear theme is apparent. Being holiday season, a Christmas scavenger hunt or holiday themed hunt would be a hit among everyone, and focusing on the children would definitely make for a viable method of keeping them out of every ones' hair, while also keeping them joyous and entertained in the traditional holiday spirit.

Holiday scavenger hunts can be organized and performed in all different ways, shapes, and forms. It’s this freedom to change things to the ways that you want them that makes scavenger hunts potential show-stoppers throughout the entire world. It’s such a customizable game type that you can play it in its most generic fashion based off of a regular old web tutorial, or even decide to take the more creative way and engineer the entire experience towards a single aspect or theme. One way or another, a great time is guaranteed, and Christmas is one of the best times to set up an event like this, specifically for scavenger hunts focusing on younger age groups and small children.

Utilizing the winter wonderland-style theme in a scavenger hunt is not at all an overly difficult or complicated thing to do. As mentioned earlier, the customizability of the event allows you to implement the holiday theme into the hunt in various ways, depending on how deep you want the hunt to be.

Personalizing your scavenger hunt clues can be a marvelous way of throwing some holiday cheer into an event. If you are doing a scavenger hunt that mainly focuses on clues as a means of finding things rather than just exploring and finding them, the clues can be deeply interrelated with the theme. A popular way of using clues in Christmas scavenger hunts is the use of song lyrics and common Christmas sayings as the clues themselves. This makes knowing the songs and remembering the sayings a fun and interesting part of the scavenger hunt, adding to that unbeatable feeling of success and gratification once you figure out one of the clues.

Clues can also be in the forms of riddles. These can be tricky or simple, depending on how old the children are that you plan on entertaining at your event. The riddles can refer to the objects being searched for using clever language and fun word play that your scavengers would have to decipher in order to claim the prize as winner of the holiday scavenger hunt.

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Speaking of prizes, these can also be a fun and/or funny part of holiday scavenger hunts. Considering that the event will be based around Christmas and other nearby holidays, a single large prize or several smaller prizes for the first, second, and third places would definitely not hurt the enthusiasm of your players. Winter is called the time of giving in many places and cultures. The prize you select for the winner doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive. You could just get something small, especially considering that the target audience is younger children. Kids are happy to get almost any toys or games for free, as a new thing to play with is always welcome in everyone’s mind, be it kids, teens, or even adults. Don’t fuss too much over picking a suitable prize for your winner, as the actual fun is in the scavenger hunt, not just in the prize. This simply serves as a motivational element.

The other part of a prize that could be utilized during the holiday season is the fun-NY method instead of the regular old fun method. Instead of telling the children participating in the hunt that the winner will get a prize, you could refrain from mentioning that fact, therefore protecting yourself from any fights over who gets the prize, as well as any disappointment from your players if they aren’t the lucky winners. However, back to the “funny” idea.

Santa, after making his list and checking it twice, has a reputation of giving lovely presents and happiness to all of the good kids. The bad however... get coal! If your group of players is mainly older kids who would likely get the joke and have a good laugh at the winner opening a gift box and finding coal, it’s certainly a jokester’s way of adding Christmas spirit to your scavenger hunt!

While having your clues, riddles, and prizes in order is really important in a holiday scavenger hunt, there’s still a huge part of the scavenger hunt that has to be thought about beforehand. This also happens to be by far the most customizable and easily personalized element of scavenger hunts, making it an easy subject of holiday or Christmas elements. The elements that I’m referring to are the actual objects or items being hunted for!

The whole scavenger hunt is based on seeking out and finding certain objects or types of subjects that match a description given to you by a clue or riddles. While the clues and riddles are all well and done, the objects themselves have to be chosen before those while planning, and the objects are the funniest part! Picking proper objects for a scavenger hunt can be easy, as the objects can be pretty much anything. During holiday season, most people have various winter or Christmas themed objects strewn precariously throughout their homes. Even if you didn’t, it still wouldn’t matter when choosing objects for a scavenger hunt. The glory of the scavenger hunt list is that you can pick anything, and if you want it to be closely rather than loosely Christmas-related, then so be it. You could even add Old Saint Nick himself to your list, as your scavengers would most likely be able to find him somewhere around the house. The scavenger hunt list for kids is another one of those things that you really don’t have to stress about when planning one of these events during holiday season, as the variety of items everywhere makes it relatively easy.

Holiday scavenger hunts can be epic ways of entertaining your youths and everyone else's kids as well, if they decide to opt into the event. Christmas time is an especially easy season to plan a scavenger hunt for simply because of the abundance of easy to find objects, clues, and ideas that can be used. Hosting a funny scavenger hunt for kids based off of Christmas is also an option, one that branches off into a whole ‘nother ballgame of customizability. Be sure to get creative with your scavenger hunt, and have fun while coming up with ways to keep the kids entertained!

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