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Hitman 2 Review: Hitman at its Best

Kshitiz has been gaming for more than 15 years. He owns a PS4 and enjoys playing console exclusives from time to time.


Introduction to Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is one of the most amazing games that you can end up playing. The idea behind the game is not to provide you a lot of missions but make each mission like a mini-game where you can explore and get rewarded.

If you don't know anything about this game, let me clue you in. It is a game about an exceptional hitman who visits various locations and eliminates his targets with ease. The game is all about choosing the approach that you want to take and being as silent or as violent as you want. It gives you complete freedom to explore and find the various ways to do your mission.

The main focus of this game is on its replayability. I have literally played this game for more than a 100 hours, and I am still not bored. This is an amazing feat for a game that is not multiplayer.

I have less hours in God of War, which won game of the year. I am not saying that this game is better than God of War, but it can allow you to kill a lot of time.

We will explore the various amazing features of this game in this Hitman 2 review.


Mission Stories

Mission stories offer you different ways to kill your targets using various disguises and methods. Each mission has several mission stories that you have to complete to get the full story of the mission. Doing all mission stories and challenges will unlock a lot of new stuff like lethal poison, lock pick, electronic key hacker, remote explosive rubber duck, and lethal poison syringe.

If you aren't playing the game on the master difficulty, you will see the mission story revealing sign and get the required information to follow the mission story.

There are some elaborative mission stories that you will enjoy like assisting a local hitman in Mumbai assassinate his targets before finally eliminating him and taking his disguise to get to your final target. I love how this game promotes thinking on the fly and provides you enough hints to make it easy to proceed.

Pro Tip: Lethal poison immediately kills the target while emetic poison makes the target nauseous and induces vomiting. Therefore, I recommend using the lethal poison to immediately neutralize the target.



The challenges add additional things to do to unlock even more items and starting locations. Some of the challenges are fun while the others are boring like shooting all cameras in a particular location. I am sure that everyone will enjoy the mission stories, but certain challenges will be a drag, and you wouldn't feel like doing them.

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One interesting challenge is to find a love letter and deliver it to the brother (Hector Delgado) of one of the targets (Rico Delgado). In return, you will get the code to the safe of Rico Delgado and also get an opportunity to assassinate one of the targets (Andrea Martinez) if you follow Hector Delgado to her mansion. You can find this challenge in the mission Three Headed Serpent, where you are looking to eliminate three targets who lead the Delgado cartel.

If you want to see something amazing, you can wait to eliminate Andrea Martinez so that the Hector sees the body drop into the river. You can then follow Hector to see what he does. This is just one of the things that amazed me a lot about this game. It has so many stories that you can explore if you take the time to understand the mission and follow various important characters.

Pro Tip: You don't have to always kill people to get to a target as you can just use them to kill your target. There are various ways to help the people in the game to do what they want to do, and this will surely benefit you as well. In short, helping other people is a good thing even if you are a hitman.


Amazing Locations

This game has brilliant locations that you will have a lot of fun exploring. The level design in the game is one of the things that stands out the most. They have literally mastered the level design and made it something that I haven't seen in any other game. There are underground tunnels, huge mansions, bars, secret spots, museums, and much more.

The team behind this game wanted to create a game that looked beautiful, and they have managed to do just that. I know that this sounds like a paid Hitman 2 review, but it is not. This is a game that is just so well-crafted that any true video game lover will want to have it in his or her collection.

Pro Tip: Instead of killing someone, you can just knock them out and hide the body into a closet or dumpster to prevent their body from ever being discovered. Your score drops when you kill a non-target, so always avoid doing that to unlock stuff faster.



The cutscenes in this game are perhaps the most polarizing element among the fans. Some people say that the cutscenes are amazing and add to the story while others think that they could have been better. I personally feel that the cutscenes aren't bad, but they aren't something that you should be excited about. This game doesn't focus that much on storytelling, and the strongest point of any Hitman game has never been storytelling.

Pro Tip: Always run away after poisoning a target's water or any other food item because people might suspect you after the death of the target. You have to make sure that nobody sees you when you are poisoning, and you can spot the window that you get to do it unnoticed by being a little observant.

Should I Buy Hitman 2?

If you like games where you have to take down targets and explore various locations to find out all of the secrets, this game is a great choice. If you are fan of this series, I am not even going to make a recommendation because you already know how good the Hitman games are.

Let me warn you about the fact that it can get boring if you like playing new levels and don't like to replay a level again and again. I like the approach that they have taken with limited missions and a lot of replayability, but this is not something that everyone is going to appreciate.

I recommend this game wholeheartedly and know that most people will enjoy playing it. There are a lot of games that you will finish once and never play again, but this is not one of those games. There will always be something that you haven't yet explored, and it adds to the excitement of playing this game.

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