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History and Analysis of Guy from Final Fight

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About Guy:

Guy is perhaps the token and only Japanese-American in the Capcom universe. He is an American citizen that was born to Japanese parents. There are plenty of Japanese characters in the series such as: Ryu (the protagonist of the franchise), possibly Ken Masters (depending on which SF story), E. Honda, Sakura Kasugano, Karin Kanzuki, Retsu, Rainbow Mika, Ibuki, Makoto, Oro (though he lives in Brazil), Hokuto, Garuda, Kairi, Nanase, Gouken, and Akuma.

Most of them are from Japan, with the exception of Guy who is a Japanese-American.

Despite being one of the most popular fighting game characters around let alone in the Street Fighter series, Guy hasn't been in many crossover titles.

That's apparently because the rights to Final Fight belong to Capcom USA.

While Guy's not the first the original ninja character in the Street Fighter series, he has his own style.

He's the one and only urban street ninja.

Guy originally appeared in Final Fight which came out in 1989.

He wasn't be present for Final Fight 2 because he was out of town for some personal training and he couldn't be reached, despite his girlfriend, Rena, being kidnapped.

He would return for the Super Nintendo Entertain System (SNES) exclusive Final Fight 3 where he would assist Mike Haggar, from the previous two Final Fight games, to rescue Metro City from Black and his Skull Cross gang.

In the same year that Final Fight 3 came out, in 1995, Street Fighter Alpha was released to arcades.

Guy and notable Final Fight boss Sodom were part of the cast.

The game established that Final Fight and Street Fighter were in the same in-game story universe.

Since then, Guy has appeared in the other Street Fighter Alpha titles, but he wasn't put in any major crossovers such as Capcom vs. SNK or Marvel vs. Capcom.

His first crossover title was the Japan-only crossover called Namco X Capcom in which he would be paired up with Sho in Captain Commando (called Ginzu in the United States version of Captain Commando).

Then, he would be added to the cast of Capcom Fighting Evolution representing the Street Fighter Alpha roster.

Since then, Guy hasn't been put in any crossovers such as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross-Generation of Heroes or the US version called Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

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He wasn't put on the roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

He would be teamed up with long-time friend Cody Travers for Street Fighter X Tekken when the Playstation Vita (PSV) version came out.

Since then, Capcom has found ways to weave Guy into the main story of Street Fighter.


The first game that Guy appeared in was Final Fight as one of the three playable characters. He played the token Japanese martial artist in the game.

A friend to Cody Travers and the Hagger family, Guy assists Cody and Haggar when Jessica (Haggar's daughter and Cody's girlfriend) gets kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang.

His second appearance would be in Street Fighter Alpha which came out the same year as Final Fight 3.

Guy's story did not fully get merged into the Street Fighter story. But, he does encounter M. Bison.

In Final Fight 3, Guy returns to Metro City after the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

He returns just in time when Metro City is under siege by the Skull Cross gang. Guy rejoins Haggar and are assisted by newcomers Lucia Morgan and Dean Shepards.

Then Street Fighter Alpha 2 (a retcon of Street Fighter Alpha) was released in 1996.

This fleshed out Guy's story more as he would slowly become a threat to M. Bison and his Shadaloo organization.

In 1998, Street Fighter Alpha 3 was released to arcades.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 really fleshed out Guy's story as he would be an important support character to Rose.

In his story, Guy has to step-up to become the successor of Bushinryu Ninjutsu when the great threat to the world (M. Bison) emerges. Thus, it brings him into direct confrontation with Bison.

Also he would be the one to rescue Rose from M. Bison's clutches.

He's not directly affected by Shadaloo, but he's honor bound to fight for justice. Thus, it makes Shadaloo his enemy.

In that same year, the US-made 2.5D fighting game Final Fight Revenge was made.

It would be made for the Sega Saturn console.

That game would be the final FF game until the release of Final Fight Streetwise.

Both games received poor reception.

Final Fight Revenge was a fighting game that featured FF characters. In the story, Belgar got resurrected as a zombie.

At the end, Guy got bitten by the zombie Belgar and got infected with a virus.

Since the game takes place before Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guy managed to overcome the infection.

Since Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guy has mainly been mentioned or making cameo appearances.

He would be a playable character in Namco X Capcom paired up with Sho. It is explained that Sho's also a successor to the Bushinryu Ninjitsu style.

Guy would also be playable in Capcom Fighting Evolution which would be the first crossover fighting game.

He did appear in the non-canon Final Fight Streetwise as an assistant character to Kyle Travers.

In that game, it is explained that Cody got sent to jail for taking the fall for a crime committed by Guy.

Guy ended up being a crime boss in charge of the Little Tokyo section of Metro City, however he became the honorable type in preventing crime in that aspect.

It also showed that Guy wasn't above using guns in the game.

Then, he would be added to the cast of Super Street Fighter IV.

S.I.N, the weapons development branch of Shadaloo, brings weapons into Metro City. He once again rescues Rose from M. Bison.

Thus, he has cemented himself as an eternal enemy of M. Bison's.

He would make his most recent appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken being paired up with his best friend Cody.

Throughout the years, Guy's story has remained simple and consistent at the same time. Guy's neither a cop nor a soldier out for revenge, he does it out of duty.


Guy's appearance makes him suitable to be part of the Street Fighter cast. He has the all red ninja outfit; come Street Fighter Alpha, his ninja shoes have been replaced by a pair of sneakers cementing him as the “official” urban ninja of the cast.

So far, Guy comes off as contemporary and traditional with his ninja outfit. His costume has underwent alternations over the various games he was in.

Come Final Fight Streetwise, Guy has major ink all over his left arm.

He's definitely a ninja with his own fashion style. Everything about Guy exudes coolness.

Overall Analysis:

Guy is perhaps one of the best additions to the Street Fighter franchise.

Through Guy and Sodom, it was established that Final Fight and Street Fighter exist in the same universe.

He brings his own style into the mix.

So far, Guy's fighting style definitely works in Street Fighter.

Due to his outfit being somewhat similar to Ryu and Ken's uniform, it would be assumed that Guy would be a shotoclone. However, that's very far from that truth.

His background story remained consistent but not boring.

Because of his backstory, Guy should have been added to the cast of numerous crossover games.

For example, he Guy should have been part of the cast of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Capcom could give him dialogue with the likes of Amaterasu, Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Dr. Doom, etc. I can imagine Guy throwing down with the likes of Wesker and Nemesis.

Guy is by no means your stereotypical ninja fighter.

At the same time, Guy keeps it real.

Despite his popularity, Guy remains underrepresented.

He is a popular character that deserves to be added to the cast of future Street Fighter games and Capcom associated crossover fighting game titles. Capcom already has a lot to work with in regards to Guy.


Guy Quotes:

Guy's known to have some interesting quotes.

From Street Fighter Alpha 3

Perhaps you lack the discipline necessary for you to win.”

Senseless killing does not appeal to me. Leave my presence!”

There is a great burden behind the fighting skill of Bushin!”

From Super Street Fighter IV

Defeating Abel: “If you truly wish to uncover the truth you seek, you must grow in strength.”

Defeating Adon: “You have forgotten who made you what you are! You have nothing to teach me.”

Defeating Akuma: “Throwing your humanity away to gain power is nothing to boast of!”

Defeating Balrog: “If I'd lost to you, I'd be too ashamed to show my face.”

Defeating M. Bison: “Evil Bison! You have been vanquished by the Bushin-ryu warrior, Guy! It is over!”

Defeating Blanka: “I have seen many fighting styles in my day, but yours is truly unique.”

Defeating Cammy: “You need not fight this alone. You have allies, do you not?”

Defeating Chun-Li: “I have no intention of interfering with your investigation. Please carry on.”

Defeating Cody: “Every man must walk his own path. Are you certain you have found yours, Cody?”

Defeating Crimson Viper: “Your simple gadgets are useless in the face of a true ninja!”

Defeating Dan: “Why does fighting you always seem to throw off my pace?”

Defeating Dee Jay: “The music I am familiar with is quite different from yours, I'm afraid.”

Defeating Dhalsim: “Your legendary reputation precedes you, my Indian friend.”

Defeating Dudley: “Thank you for allowing me to sample the best of the West's fighting techniques.”

Defeating El Fuerte: “What a strange flavor. This could take quite a while to get accustomed to...”

Defeating Evil Ryu: “ could you have let yourself be swallowed up by the Satsui no Hado!?”

Defeating Fei-Long: “The winds of battle have washed over us both.”

Defeating Gen: “Life is a most precious gift. When did you forget this simple truth?”

Defeating Gouken: “Your moves betray a great deal of training. May I ask your name, sir?”

Defeating Guile: “Your moves are devoid of needless flash and pomp. I respect that.”

Defeating Hakan: “We ninjas eat traditional vegetarian dishes. I have no use for cooking oil.”

Defeating E. Honda: “Is sumo really a simplistic art?”

Defeating Ibuki: “I am always happy to make the acquaintance of a fellow shinobi.”

Defeating Juri: “You are connected to this disturbance I feel. You must pay for your crimes!”

Defeating Ken: “It seems that we both have a long way to go to reach our full potential.”

Defeating Makoto: “You need only to continue your training to discover your true potential.”

Defeating Oni: “It is now time for Bushin-ryu to rid the world of your terrible power!”

Defeating Rose: “Do not underestimate your importance to the world, Rose!”

Defeating Rufus: “Your body is large enough to hold many warriors. Draw strength from it.”

Defeating Ryu: “I should have expected a glorious fight like that from you, Ryu.”

Defeating Sagat: “It appears as if your heart is free of confusion and you have found your path.”

Defeating Sakura: “Your journey of discovery will most certainly be fruitful, young one.”

Defeating Seth: “You do not fully appreciate the depth of the evil inherent in your deeds!”

Defeating T. Hawk: “You are quite the warrior! You have earned my respect.”

Defeating Vega: “You are welcome to be a narcissist if you choose, but you mustn't cause harm!”

Defeating Yun: “Your speed is not enough to keep up with me!”

Defeating Zangief: “You fight with a purity of spirit rarely seen.”

From Street Fighter X Tekken

Defeating Abel: “You only need to work within yourself to find the truth!”

Defeating Akuma: “Bushinryu has overcome the Satsui no Hado!”

Defeating Alisa: “Your body may not be human, but I sense a very real presence within you...”

Defeating Asuka: “The young girls of the modern age sure are getting stronger. They no longer need rescuing..."

Defeating Balrog: “I will not waste time on the likes of you! You are beyond reprieve!”

Defeating M. Bison: “It is time you paid for your crimes, Bison!”

Defeating Blanka: “The world is a truly wondrous place... You are inexperienced but full of promise.”

Defeating Bob: “I do not believe that yours is the perfect body.”

Defeating Bryan: “You must be stopped here and now for the sake of peace and tranquility!”

Defeating Cammy: “To be able to keep up with my speed... You are quite the capable warrior.”

Defeating Christie: “I shall inform you at once if I should happen come across the man you're looking for.”

Defeating Chun-Li: “If you are also on a mission for the greater good, then I will allow you to proceed!”

Defeating Cody: “Cody... No, nevermind.”

Defeating Cole: “You rely too much on your electrical powers. First, you should focus on your mind and spirit.”

Defeating Dhalsim: “Even if the fires of hell itself were to dance at my feet, my faith in Bushinryu would not waiver!”

Defeating Dudley: “Always a pleasure to have a good clean fight! I hope we cross paths again someday!”

Defeating Elena: “Rhythm? I don't know much about that, but I am very intrigued.”

Defeating Guile: “You and I both have our missions. Now if you excuse me, I must resume alone.”

Defeating Guy: “The same clothes and moves as I... Is this some kind of dark magic?”

Defeating Heihachi: “Your attacks have not been dulled by your age... I am very impressed!”

Defeating Hugo: “You have been granted great power. Do you not wish to use it to help others?”

Defeating Hwoarang: “You left yourself wide open. You should increase the intensity of your training."

Defeating Ibuki: “If you wish to become a true ninja, you must train harder! Your concentration skills are especially weak!”

Defeating Jack-X: “A mere machine will never stand a chance against Bushinryu!”

Defeating Jin: “How shameful, head of the Mishima clan. Was that your best effort?”

Defeating Julia: “No matter how strong the attack is, it is meaningless if it cannot reach its goal.”

Defeating Juri: “Those who attempt to create chaos are a blight to this world. I will always stand against you!”

Defeating Kazuya: “I feel an evil intent from your gaze... What are you planning?”

Defeating Ken: “Even the flames of a dragon can be quelled by the squall that is Bushinryu.”

Defeating King: “I do not need to see your face. I learned everything about you during the fight.”

Defeating Kuma: “Please return to the mountains before anyone else gets hurt.”

Defeating Kuro: “Are you lost, little kitty? Shall I take you to an animal shelter?”

Defeating Lars: “Are you want they call a cosplayer? Or did someone rob you of your normal clothes?”

Defeating Law: “I am in a hurry, so my apologies, but I must depart. If you wish for a rematch, let's do it some other time.”

Defeating Lei: “You are quite proficient with a variety of styles!”

Defeating Lili: “Your skills are impressive, but your attacks are clouded by your arrogance.”

Defeating Marduk: “You do not have the speed to keep up with me.”

Defeating Mega Man: “A helmet... Not a bad idea. Perhaps Bushinryu should also adopt this...”

Defeating Nina: “A human life is priceless. Despite that, you continue to work as an assassin.”

Defeating Ogre: “You are not something that should exist in this world.”

Defeating Pac-Man: “What sort of evil demon are you? Actually... just, what are you?”

Defeating Paul: “I understand your dream of being the best in the universe, but you need to keep your feet on the ground first.”

Defeating Poison: “A true battle is not something that's for show! How could you say such a thing?”

Defeating Raven: “Your tricks cannot fool the eyes of Bushinryu!”

Defeating Rolento: “I will put an end to your evildoings here and now! Prepare yourself!”

Defeating Rufus: “You cannot keep up with me with that body. I recommend going on a steady diet.”

Defeating Ryu: “You just keep pushing yourself to the limits. Don't think I'll let myself fall behind you!”

Defeating Sagat: “You have learned much from your defeat. But your journey of enlightenment has just begun.”

Defeating Sakura: “A fist without confusion, truly remarkable! Your fighting spirit reached me loud and clear!”

Defeating Steve: “Your attacks lack the power to bring me down.”

Defeating Toro: “Show yourself, person who is providing the voice of this cat!”

Defeating Vega: “Bushinryu is faster than the wind. One with clouded eyes such as yourself could never hope to keep up.”

Defeating Xiaoyu: “Fighting to protect the one you love... Yes, that spirit is exactly what the world needs!”

Defeating Yoshimitsu: “I feel an ominous presence... That sword... It is a blight upon this world!”

Defeating Zangief: “As expected from the here of Russia. To fight for your country is truly admirable.”


What is store for Guy's future?

Your guess is as good as mine.

If Capcom rolls out with a fourth season of character DLC for Street Fighter V, there is the possibility Guy could be a playable character.

The second season of character DLC, released periodically through 2017, featured Abigail and Zeku.

Abigail, classified as the tallest character of all the Street Fighter titles, was the boss for stage 7 of the first Final Fight title. He left the gang life behind him and owns a chop shop.

Zeku is Guy's master, who appeared in Guy's SFA2 ending, was the final character released for season 2.

Zeku's ending implies that Strider shares the same story universe with Street Fighter but in the far future.

Cody Travers, sporting an intelligent look and likely being groomed by Haggar, is confirmed to be part of the third season batch of character DLC.

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