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My Boyfriend Plays Too Much League of Legends and I Don't Know What To Do!

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League of Legends is an online game that can be highly addictive. If you are dealing with a loved one who plays too much League of Legends, know that you’re not alone. Many people deal with loved ones who are addicted to League of Legends. Even female gamers can become addicted to League of Legends, but there aren’t as many complaints on the internet about girlfriends being addicted to League of Legends.


It’s important to understand that it’s okay for boyfriends to play League of Legends. There’s nothing wrong with playing an online computer game—now if your boyfriend is stuck at the computer twelve hours a day, peeing into water bottles and starving himself, then you might have a serious problem.

The key is balance. There needs to be balance with work, school, League of Legends, relationship, and whatever else is in your boyfriend’s life. A thing to keep in mind is that you are not your boyfriend’s mother; it is not your job to rule with an iron fist and control every aspect of his life. Your boyfriend is an independent human-being, and he should be able to function on his own (hopefully). What you can do is support your boyfriend and intervene when necessary. (Don't support everything your boyfriend does. Be smart with what you support.) Also remember that your boyfriend is his own individual person, and he needs space to do things that make him happy. (Just like you need space to do things that make you happy. Ahem... shopping.)


What Is League of Legends?

To deal with your loved one’s League of Legends addiction, let’s first understand what League of Legends is. League of Legends is a popular multiplayer battle arena game. It’s basically online game where there are two groups of teams, and each team tries to kill the other team as many times as possible. The enemy team is either composed of bots (artificial intelligence) or real live players. There is a lot strategy involved on how to power up quickly and kill members of the other team faster. League of Legends is free to install, so a lot of people have access to the game.


Serious Business

A thing to keep in mind is that while there are casual League of Legends players, there some people who take League of Legends very seriously. There are legitimate international competitions for League of Legends. Yes, they do exist. How do we know that these competitions are serious? Well, they have eSports commentators who are paid legitimate salaries.

You Would Think He's Talking About Football

Not only does League of Legends have commentators making a living from the game, there are players who make serious money playing League of Legends. Like enough money to quit their daytime job, buy a nice car, and sit in front of a computer all day.

How Long Does ONE Game Take to Complete?

There may have been times when you've wondered if your boyfriend is sneaking extra games when he promised that he was playing ONE last game (especially if he's been playing for over thirty minutes). League of Legends matches usually can take between fifteen minutes to over an hour. This honestly depends on the difficulty level, the live players on your boyfriend’s team, and whether your boyfriend's team is playing against the computer or real players. This can be really annoying you’re late for a dinner reservation on your date night.

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Quick Tip: If your boyfriend asks to play one more game and you don’t want him to play for a long time, tell him to play a game with low difficulty against a robot. The more difficult a game is, the longer it'll take for the game to finish. If he play a match against live players played by real people, he could be stuck at the computer for a while and you'll miss your dinner reservation.

A Long League of Legends Match With Real Players

Asking Your Boyfriend to Quit During a Game

If you have ever asked your boyfriend to quit a League of Legends match, you may have gotten annoyed replies and resounding noes. Since League of Legends involves live players, your boyfriend's sudden absence will hurt his teammates and your boyfriend's record. Sudden leaves will affect the queue times for future matches, and put bad marks on the player's profile. Increased offenses will result in more serious punishments such as suspensions and permanent bans.

Quick Tip: If you need your boyfriend to do something and he’s playing League of Legends, give him at least an hour notice. Put a timer on in front of him if you have too. If the hour passes and your boyfriend has to leave in the middle of the game, he can only blame himself for starting the game too late or not choosing a lower difficulty level. You did give him a fair warning.


Putting the Relationship First

If you're in a position where you feel as if League of Legends is ruining your relationship with your boyfriend, don't be hasty in ending the relationship without having a serious conversation with your boyfriend. First, don't tell your boyfriend to choose between you and League of Legends. Resentment may build, and it won’t help the both of you in the long run. Instead, sit down with him and have a serious conversation. Tell your boyfriend that League of Legends is interfering with other parts with his life, especially his relationship with you. Let him know how you feel. Be honest with your feelings. Let him know that you feel frustrated, sad, or neglected. If you feel as you need to take a break from the relationship if he continues to let League of Legends take over this life, then be honest about it.


Cutting Back

If your boyfriend has a serious League of Legends problem and admits that he needs help cutting back on League of Legends, then be open to helping him. Talk to him about how much League of Legends playtime he wants to cut back, and help manage his game time when he's playing League of Legends to make sure he doesn't get stuck at the computer. Be encouraging, but firm.


You Are Your First Priority

There are many happy couples in healthy relationships where party is an active League of Legends player. Yes, these people do exist. It's possible to find a healthy balance with League of Legends and other responsibilities in life. However, this might not be the case for everyone. It's important to that you are your first priority in any relationship. While it's usually better to attempt to solve problems in your relationship, there may be times when you need to leave. Again, be honest with your boyfriend and yourself.

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