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Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you are having a Halloween party for kids this year, including a scavenger hunt is an awesome way to increase the fun. Simply create Halloween themed party games as an obstacle that the party guests must complete before receiving their next clue. Here are some cool ideas:

Bobbing for Apples…with clues

The idea for this obstacle is fairly simple. You set up your apple bobbing station, except that you will be tying clues to the apple stems. Simply tie a ribbon on one end to the apple stem leaving about 12 inches of ribbon and then at the other end, attach a small (or snack-sized) Ziploc bag to it. You will fold up your clue and insert it into the Ziploc bag. To make the game more challenging, include some false or blank clues.


Materials needed:


Bucket filled with water



Snack sized Ziploc bags


Balloon Clues

For this obstacle, the players must pop shaving cream-filled balloons in order to find their next clue. This will be a messy game, so make sure that you play this outside of the house or designate an area with either a small tarp or newspaper in order to keep clean up to a minimum.

Basically, you fill each balloon with shaving cream and include one clue per each participating party guest. Again, fake or funny false clues can be included to add to the fun. When you are finished filling and tying up each balloon, tape them up to a poster board. Older children or adults can use darts in order to pop the balloons. For younger children, the balloons can be popped with a pushpin.

Tip: Make sure that you use colored paper to write the clues on. This will make it easy to spot when the balloon pops.


Materials Needed:

Poster board or foam board

Thirty-five 12-inch orange balloons

Shaving Cream


Pushpins (or darts for bigger kids)

Colorful paper to write clues on

For instructions on how to set up this game and materials needed, follow the information provided on the Martha Stewart site.

Halloween Mystery Food Bowls

This obstacle requires some early preparation, but it will totally be worth it. The object of this game is to have the blindfolded party guests insert their hands into “mystery” food bowls in order to find their next clue. Because this is a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt, the foods should feel as gross as possible.Make sure to place the clues inside small Ziploc bags so that they won’t get messy. Also, for an added challenge, include fake clues.

Here are some ideas on what you can use:

Foods to UseFeels Like

Peeled grapes or wet olives with the pimentos


Oiled spaghetti with jello


Bean sprouts or corn husk silks

Dead man's hair

Oiled soft flour tortilla or melted mozzarella cheese


Dried apricots

Dead man's tongue or ears

Pumpkin "guts"


Peeled tomato


Half of a canned peach or chicken livers and gizzards


Boiled Cauliflower



Materials Needed:

Food for whichever mystery food bowl you will be using

Big bowls

Ziploc bags




Pumpkin Cavity Search

This is another obstacle which involves touching gross food. Purchase several pumpkins, cut the tops off and then scrape all the pumpkin guts into the middle of the pumpkin. Put your clue inside a Ziploc bag and place it inside the pumpkin under all the guts. Have each party guest choose one pumpkin to search for their next clue. If they can’t find their clue in that pumpkin, have them step to the back of the line and wait for another turn to choose a different pumpkin to search.

Materials Needed:

Several pumpkins (5 should be enough)

Something to scrape the pumpkin guts

Ziploc bags


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