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Text Based Roleplaying Games - Roleplay Chat Rooms

What is HTML Chat?

For those of us who play online games like Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, or Everquest, a distinction between the online games we play and the other kinds of online roleplaying games must be made. One very popular (and long-standing) form of online rpg is text based and occurs primarily in chat rooms hosted on web sites. These chat rooms differ from IRC and messenger chat rooms because they are found only on internet pages.

There are numerous genres of roleplay available on these sites. Really, the options for roleplay are limited only by the level of imagination and writing ability you possess.

Science Fiction Roleplay

One of the genres of roleplay you can find in html-based chat rooms is science fiction. These rooms cater to roleplay based off of Star Trek, Stargate, or any other space pirate type theme. There are a few Star Wars rooms, and even some rooms who have designed their own brand of home brew science fiction.

Vampire Roleplay

Vampire chat rooms are primarily based off of books. Some rooms take their concepts from Vampire: The Masquerade, while the single most popular roleplay system is one adapted from the works of Laurell K. Hamilton's books. Until the popularity of Miss Hamilton's books rose to prominence, the favored system for online vampire roleplay consisted of adaptations from the vampire novels by Anne Rice.

Fantasy roleplay

Beyond the genres mentioned above lies an enormous realm of roleplay fun and games under a huge umbrella of topics. A roleplayer in the fantasy genre could be nearly anything not defined above. You could, in a fantasy roleplaying room see elves, unicorns, fairies, demons, immortals.. the possibilities are nearly endless.

BDSM Roleplay

While there are generic chat rooms for those who follow the BDSM lifestyle to enter and socialize, there are as well roleplay rooms where heavy BDSM themes are present. These rooms typically engage in roleplay involving the exploration of psychological and mental bondage, scenes are acted out between individuals in a 'dungeon play' style environment.

Places to find roleplayers

  • Roleplay Evolution
    Online Roleplay Chat
  • Portal of Dreams
    Portal of Dreams is your one stop source for free form online role play. We have several genres like Gor, Vamp, Horror, Historical, Fantasy, BDSM and Erotica.

Do you like to play roleplaying games in chat rooms? Talk about them here!

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on December 14, 2011:

Concerned - nothing in this Hub references addiction in reference to rpgs. :)

concerned on December 14, 2011:

i dislike ,the term addiction, in reference to rpg.the games arent evil. its the one out of five users who wish only to cause grief, and flap thier uneducated gums about a game that they didnt take five minutes to try. and learn.i.e. the guns not evil its how the idoit who used it for evil, robbery etc. gave the gun a bad name , not the clown who pulled the trigger. rpgs, are good but one cannot label them addicting or bad or sinful. just because his parents or teachers beat him with a bible, and told him it was sinful. or he or she had such a crappy life thier weak mind could not differetiate between the meaning of the word game. ...duh.long live rpgs, and freedom to use ones imagination, and make sure to keep idiots and potatoe heads from ruining your fun, with half cocked ideas and uneducated fobias, inherited from the blame gamers who didnt see thier childs need for help. before he or she went postal.its called roll playing GAME.... for a reason.

Salem on September 23, 2011:

Salem Seminary

A fun and welcoming RPG that is loosely based on the Harry Potter series of books and movies. As a new member you may create whatever character you'd like be it student or adult and start developing characters through chapter based roleplay. The current year is 2050, so any Harry Potter Cannon characters you'd like to bring in would be grandchildren of that original character. Currently Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons have all been shut down due to a rise of a "new Dark Lord" in Europe. ***WE WANT YOU TO RP WITH US*** CLICK THE LINK AND SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!

also!! Please remember to vote for us! We are currently rated # 3 for every RP FORUM! potter/cgi-bin/rankem.cgi?action=in&id=Salem

Aeglewaygate on August 02, 2011:

Medieval Fantasy RPG on IRC: Dicebot, character sheet enforced.

Platform: IRC


RPG: Medieval Fantasy, dice-bot, character sheet enforced, customizable.

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[b]Roleplay now!:[/b]



Sericea on February 23, 2011:

A fantasy chat strictly for adults. Midnight Passions is set in a tropical paradise.

Life on Midnight Isle is an erotic adventure. But it can also be perilous. Dark romance. Adult role-play fantasy chat. Release Your Inner Beast.

Pashen on February 23, 2011:

Mystical Realms has been around since 2001. A free text-based fantasy chat with more than 60 rooms. Dice, private rooms, character chambers and more are all included with membership.

Alyssa on June 20, 2010:

Feel free to check out

CyberChat (ironically is not a sex chat) offers freeform roleplay (meaning you're free to do your own thing). I highly recommend it!

Joseph Gambit on February 05, 2010:

we have a whole facebook style roleplaying community set up as well. We are over at - Theres profiles, pictures, videos, forums, blogs, and groups, plus a multi room chat

Lord Vigil on July 02, 2009:

There is quite a few places where you can Role-Play freely. The one that I use most often is Nihilcon , as it has a facebook like set-up with character profiles and adding friends and other little doo-dahs that make online roleplay easier. Thanks

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on March 28, 2008:

I just heard about a new HTML text chat roleplaying site opening up called Addiktionchat.. has anyone heard of it?

Cuiorne on March 03, 2008:

Hello! Myself and friends have a text based medieval genre orignal theme MUSH if anyone is interested. A client such as SimpleMu or Zmud is highly recommended. On the webpage is a list of clients, some are free some have some cost.

Anwethia is a new addition to the world of online text based RP games. We welcome new playersOne thousand years ago, the medieval world of Anwethia was almost destroyed by the misuse of powerful elemental magics. The wisest of these mages came together to save this world and they formed what would be known as the Guardians. Under their guardianship, gateways to other worlds were discovered. From the guardians, the best called Ley Riders were chosen to guard these gateways. The continent of Nosizwe comprises of many lands and peoples, like the Polar Regions, the Plains, Garragg, Liosliath and a frozen city in the Wastes. Keranna, once the dominant power, is weakened which left a void. A void that the others are jostling to fill. The Plains tribes war with Garragg at its northern borders. Liosliath in southeast Nosizwe has freed itself from its conquerors and seeking to rebuild itself. Its port city of Carriag is just re-establishing itself as a trading crossroads. Anwethia. On top of politics, rogue mages, piracy and natural disasters add their destabilizing presence. Welcome to Anwethia. Where we ROLE Play and not ROLL Play. No sheet, no skills/stats. Creativity, the inspiration to craft stories that will grow as Anwethia grows. A world crafted where everyone's stories matters and will contribute to how it develops. A world with a dedicated global staff. A world offering new players the opportunity to play high-ranking feature level characters. We are looking for motivated players for the following : - Nobles - Magistrates - Merchants - Craftspeople - High-ranking feature level characters Connect - 2860

Bonnie Ramsey from United States on March 02, 2008:

This is interesting. My oldest daughter is into the role playing (Fantasy). She is an awsome artist and she creates a character (usually females) then she draws them to match their powers. She has created some really awsome stuff! While most are beautiful, they are very wicked and you definitely wouldn't want to encounter one in a dark alley! lol. I am sure when she gets a computer she would be interested to know about this! Thanks for the info!

Whitney from Georgia on March 02, 2008:

I love the picture at the top! It's great

Susan Keeping from Kitchener, Ontario on March 02, 2008:

That's interesting, I didn't know there were roleplaying games through chat. I'll have to check out some of your links.

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