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Zombie Farm 2 Tips and Strategies

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With an undead theme, Zombie Farm 2 adds a social Farm simulation twist to its sequel. Like any other Farm sim title, the objectives are the same: grow and harvest crops, earn money and experience, Rinse. Repeat. But the twist here is to grow brain-munching zombies and use them to invade farms, pirate ships and what not! There are several new improvements and additional features infused into the game, including a weird zombie pot that mutates two zombies and transforms them into a grotesque, never-seen-before monster.

This fun farm sim game is an addictive freemium title, which means it is free to play, but may require players to buy special currency (called brains) to buy powerful zombies. There are many fun features discussed in this guide. You will also find tips and tricks to make the most of your Zombie Farm 2 zombies and learn how to create mutant zombies.


Tips to Make the Most of Crops and Zombies

1. There are special ground types that boost your crop/zombie growth. You can buy them in exchange of gold or the special currency brain. To access these special ground types, tap on the “farm” tab in market.

2. To expand your farm, you will need to level-up. Notice the XP meter at the top-left corner of your screen. The meter fills up as you earn XP by placing crops, zombies on your farm and completing quests. You level-up when the meter fills up. In this way when you level up to level 11, you will get a chance to expand your farm land. You can access the expansion sub-menu by tapping the farm tab in the Market menu. To expand, you will need 50 brains.

3. Each crop needs some to grow and harvest. Don’t have the patience to wait? All you have to do is buy boosts that ensure instant growth and harvest.

Guide to Farming Crops and Zombies

  • Open the tools menu at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Now select the plow button to add a land plot to your farm.
  • Once these land plots are placed, tap on them to open separate window titled Market.
  • To plow a land plot, all you have to do is tap on it once. The unplowed plot does not have horizontal lines.
  • To plant a crop or zombie, tap on the plowed land once again. This will open up a window titled “market” where you can purchase zombies and crops for brains or coins. Each crop has a set completion time and requires certain amount of gold/brains.
  • Zombies can be harvested when you see green hands stick out of the farm land plot. Click on a zombie hand to harvest a zombie.
  • Crops are ready to get harvested when they have grown completely. Tap on a crop to harvest it. After harvesting, the empty plot of land will show holes. Tap on it to plow and plant crops/zombies.

Tip: In this sequel, a new feature allows players to earn more gold if they harvest a crop early. The fresher the crop, the more money it will yield. Full-grown crops have a three yield cycle, which means it will remain fresh for only three hours if it takes one hour to completely grow. If you harvest a crop in the first hour, you will earn more. But if you harvest it in the third hour, you will receive half of the gold earned in the first hour.


You can access boosts via the market, but have to spend at least brains to purchase them. You can also earn them for free, but for that you will have to invade an area successfully. A boost can be used only once.

Boost NameUse

Instant Plow

This boost helps players to plough all land plots quickly without waiting

Instant Grow

All plants will grow quickly. The boost is only for ten plants at a time.

Instant Harvest

All full-grown plants get harvested instantly.


Will help zombies to focus only on brains during an invasion.


An important boost. Ensures you rake in maximum money. Refreshes all old crops.

Invasion Voucher

Don’t want to wait for two hours? Well use this boost to invade any time.

Mutant Zombie Facts

  • While mutant zombies can be created using the zombie pot incubator, you can also create special mutants by growing them on your farm.
  • There are more than 25 unlockable special “mutant” zombies.
  • To check out the list of unlocked zombies, you will have to access a menu. You can do this by tapping on a zombie. This will take you to the stats menu. There, you will have to select the mutants tab and then tap on the unlocked zombie to know more about its stats.
  • You can also tap on the locked zombie (blank image) to check out the requirements needed to unlock one.

Tips to Make the Most of a Zombie Pot

1. Zombie pots unlock at level 3, which means you will have to earn enough XP points to level up to 3. These special “incubators” combine two zombies to create a monster zombie. To access a zombie pot, you just have to tap on Items in the Functional sub-menu of the multi-tool menu.

2. The first pot requires players to spend at least 500 gold. After that, you will have to spend 30 brains to buy additional pots.

3. After buying the pot, you will have to place it on your farm and tap on it once to access a separate menu. Here, you will have to tap on two unique zombies to combine them into one monster mutant zombie. Just tap the + button after you have selected two different zombies. A special mutant zombie gets created after an hour gets passed.

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4. Mutant zombies have more power than regular zombies and can be used to invasion purpose. The life force is more than normal zombies, so expect maximum damage inflicted on your enemies during your invasion.

Zombie Types

Zombie NamePurpose

Special Zombies

Require 50 brains. Can be bought via the Market. Boast higher stats than regular zombies.

Mutant Zombies

Unique zombies that are a product of the combination of one zombie and a crop.

Pot Zombies

Require an Incubator to Create Monster Zombies

Zombie Farm 2 Invasion Tips

  • To invade, you will need at least eight zombies in your farm. To achieve a successful zombie, add some mutant zombies or have at least 12-16 normal zombies.
  • For an invasion, players have to wait for two hours. To invade anytime, you will need to purchase a special voucher, which will require you to spend brains.
  • To invade, tap the red button at the bottom-left corner of the game screen. Make sure it says “Ready”. A small timer counts down to 0 and only after that you can invade.
  • You will see a small window pop up. This window shows a list of special locations for you to invade. From Farms to Pirate Ships, there are plenty of locales to invade. To unlock more locations, level-up. After reaching level 8 you unlock another location.
  • Make sure you don’t lose zombie that are purchased via the market. Here are some strategies to ensure a successful invasion without losing too many zombies:
  • Your attack order is one of the most crucial aspects of battle. The game will ask you to arrange your zombies.
  • You should line your zombies starting with the weakest and ending with the strongest. Make sure any mutant zombies are the end of the attack order.
  • Check zombie stats by selecting a zombie (tap on it) and then line up from the weakest to the strongest. You can also line up your zombies randomly by tapping on the button at the bottom of the screen. The random order of zombies will not be based on stats, mind you.
  • After having lined them up, click on Invade and then tap on the Start button to begin invasion.

Additional Tip: Invading farms, ships and other areas are not that easy. Zombies fail to concentrate on one goal (Blame their oversized brains). To help them focus on the invasion, tap on a picture to ward off any wrong thoughts other than brains. Make sure that the zombie concentrates only on brain (a cloud bubble with a picture of a brain should be shown above its head). Once the focus is switched back to brain, he will start invading.

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