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Guess the Word Game - With Mimics and Drawing

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You are having a nice dinner or a birthday party and the meal is reaching its end, when you and your friends are just about to finish, you may want to play a game, fun and joyful games where everyone is welcome to participate and have fun.

Games are a great way to have everyone together doing the same thing and having fun. It can be hard to please both genders so here are some ideas to unisex games.

Hosting games at home has many advantages, when compared to a pub or restaurant, it can be really cheap, no limited hours and everyone feels warm and welcome at your home.

The Guessing Word Games are good because they are easy to understand and everyone may participate. They also do not need many things, so in less than a minute you can have a small space to play it.

Party & Co Card


Playing Games - Teams or Individual

There are many ways of playing the game. You may want to do it just for the fun, or you can add a prize to the winner to turn the game more exciting.

Playing Teams

You can define the teams before, the criteria may vary, Men vs Women, Kids vs Grown, and so on... Let the excitement begin and the competition start. You should have something to serve as a timer.

When playing in teams, each team has its own points, and each word has to be guessed inside the team. That way everyone from a team will do mimics or drawing, and the other will have to be watching to guess the word as soon as possible.

Playing Individual

Playing this way you can make sure everyone is going to be the center of attention. It is every man for himself and the one that can answer most of the quizzes wins.

The way that points are assigned must be decided carefully, or else there won't be so much excitement as playing in teams. One way to make it more exciting is to attribute points to the right answer and to the one that is doing the "hard job", that way the person doing mimics will do anything they can to have someone answering it right.

Sharpened Pencil next to a sheet paper, that is what you need to start playing. Image By Thomaseagle (Own work)

Sharpened Pencil next to a sheet paper, that is what you need to start playing. Image By Thomaseagle (Own work)

Playing Mimics with no Costs

The Basic needs to play mimics with no costs can be resumed in the 4 P's:

- People

- Paper

- Place

- Pen

If you really do not want costs at all, you can do it just with the People and the Place.

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Depending on the way you will play, you can have already written papers with some ideas to do mimics about, or you can let the other team decide and write down every time there is a round to play.

2 Examples:

- Teams - Having at least 2 teams, each team has to choose the Mime for the round and a word that the Mime of the opponent team will have to show using mimics, the Mime will have to express what is written by the opponent team so his team can guess the word and win points.

- Individuals - There will be no teams and each one will want to participate in order to be the winner. In order to have someone doing mimics or drawing, that person has to win points too.

- Just For Fun - You gather ideas and write down several papers with ideas to do mimics about. Depending on the number of people you should have at least some 50 small papers. To make sure everyone participate, the next person to do the mimics is the person on the right(or left) of the last one. This way you will have a good time just laughing.

Some ideas you might want (Best for mimics game)

You may want just to print and cut this list in 24 small papers. Or just the funnier that interest you.



















Michael Jackson

Freddie Mercury











According to the people playing, you should choose a theme before and stick to it. It will make the game easier but also challenging to find new ideas.

Guarantee some rules before, like no pointing or not making letters with the hands. This can be handy to avoid discussions in the future.

Comedy Game on BBC

Playing Guess the word using Drawing

Playing this game is very similar to the mimics game.

You just need more paper to do the drawings and assure you have 2 pens or pencils, so the game can be faster.

This game can be harder to play, since the drawer has to find a good place where he can draw well and everyone can see. If you have an easel it can be a very good thing to use in this game, but not necessary.

If you want to make it different there are several interesting challenges for this game.

  • The person drawing must have his eyes shut / blinded. This will make it harder and much funnier.
  • The pen cannot leave the sheet. This makes the person think in advance how it will draw and only gives an opportunity to make the design, since the pen cannot leave the paper for a new draw.

Some ideas for the Drawing Games

This list of 20 words was optimized to Drawing Game. Have fun.











Cell Phone







Plastic Bag



You can always decide to have a trophy, choose a sticker and the winner can carry it everywhere

You can always decide to have a trophy, choose a sticker and the winner can carry it everywhere

Winners and Prizes

If you want to create a more competitive environment and feel that people are truly motivated in wining and feel the pressure to win, there has to be a Prize for the winner.

In order to maintain the goal of a low cost game, the prize should also be something simple, or a each one can give like 1$/€1 and the winner takes everything.

Other prizes can be a symbolic cup which the winner takes and has to defend the next time you play. That will create a motivation to play again in a near future.

The game can also be used to decide who is going to clean the kitchen if you are in holiday vacation with friends, or to decide who is going to put the garbage.

Board Games

Board Games


The goal in Pictionary is to draw, most versions are only about drawing about different themes. You roll the dice to have a theme chosen, pick a card with the various themes and then you draw for your audience.

Trivial Pursuit

This game is not about drawing or mimics, it is about knowledge, Questions and Answers. However you can use the cards of this game to have words for your own Mimic and Drawing game.

Party & Co

Party & Co has the more varied kind of games than Pictionary and Trivial.

There are cards for several activities, and you may have to sing like a humming, drawing, imitate expressions of someone and some more funny games..

If you want a quick way to play or just skip the cards that you do not like, adapt it as you want.

Trivial Pursuit on Amazon

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