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Guess Who Board Game: an Adult Variation


It's happened. Your old fashioned board games are collecting dust. Perhaps you and your children/parents have grown too old to take pleasure in rather simple board games. Maybe you just don't have time for them. Maybe you've moved on to more interactive video games. You want to get rid of your old board games, but they look too nice in their glossy boxes (after you wipe the dust off). Well, there's a game you should save from this oblivion, and its called Guess Who.

Guess is pretty simple by design. Two players square off and draw a personality card randomly from the deck without showing their opponent their card. Both players have boards with thirty or so faces. Each face is connected to a piece that can be flipped up an down. Opponent's cannot see whether their rival's faces are up or down. Players take turns asking yes and no questions about their opponents cards. They might ask if their opponent's card is male. If the answer is no then the player will flip down all the male faces so that they are no longer visible. Eventually a player will have all the faces down except one, which should be the opponent's card.

It's not complicated, so my friends and I have an adult variation. Rather than ask objective questions about the faces to arrive at the answer through logic, subjective questions are asked. The yes or no format remains, but questions are asked like, has your character ever had syphilis? You are only presented with faces so you have to make a snap judgment. Does your character look like a guy or gal "look like" they've had syphilis? Perhaps yes. Then your opponent eliminates all the people that could never have syphilis.

The result? Hilarity. This is the result of this setup. You look at your board and say, he's a fascist, she's a fascist, this guy's mustache looks like Hitler's, that guy has a Jewish nose, etc. It is absolutely hysterical how easy it is to judge. It takes seconds, and if you provide commentary it's even better. Of course, since the questions are all subjective, you never end up with the right guy or gal (perhaps the holy grail of the game) but who cares?

Am I a bad person for playing this game? You might ask yourself. Taking enjoyment in the labeling and debasing of people, even though these people might be imaginary? My answer is a firm no, that this game should be played without qualms. While the point is humor, you actually learn just how easy it is for you to judge others with pretty flimsy evidence. I did not realize how easy it is to write off people until I played this game. I've come to appreciate just how quickly I rate a girl on her attractiveness within seconds. A girl in a black dress and combat boots sparks an immediate reaction from me (arousal) even though there's no guarantee she's my type. So judge. Judge away! Only hilarity will ensue.

PS, if you'd like to more about the people whose faces I've used and the actual answers to the questions, ask me in the comments box below.


Stunna on July 23, 2010:

Great idea

starvagrant (author) from Missouri on July 20, 2010:

The faces of the actual game are also pretty funny as well.

MrsKnowledge from Spanaway on July 19, 2010:

I can just imagine the hysterical laughing. I'm cracking up at the pictures you chose for your polls.