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Grinding Is No Way To Play Any Game!

Alternatives to Grinding


Grinding, Not Needed and I'll Tell You Why!

Opening -

Back in the old days of RPG'ing - Role Play Gaming, we have all sought to be strong and that includes spending hours on top of hours to ensure that we are as strong a fighting force as a fighting force can be.

Through rigorous means, enter and re-entering the same screen to kill the same enemies over and over again meant that we were making progress. However, it didn't dawn on many of us that there are just as many locales to explore than there were enemies giving us the same amount of exp.

Another thing, with every level we gained, the experience point requirement for the next level was only climbing higher and higher. Yet, this stopped many of us not.

Games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Elden Ring, Elder Scrolls, Castlevania, the list goes on and on. These games inspired grinding and inspired many people to still use said method to kill bosses and common enemies.

Again, while this seemed effective, it was only a temporary solution. Not something that was meant to be used as an endgame solution to ultimate power. I used to believe this too until I started looking and reading between the lines. I'm going to tell you exactly what lines those are and where they are found.

Open World -

Now, this starts with open world games. Open world games like Chrono Trigger, Elden Ring and Dragon Quest 11 to name a few, are ideal games to grind for extra experience. However, if you look closely, seeing enemies everywhere or even getting into random fights with enemies, those aren't grinding keys, those are logic keys. Let me explain.

First off, when I see an open world game like Elden Ring and Dragon Quest 11 or even Marvel's Spiderman for that matter, you know what I see, I see locales where experience can be gained from enemies or activities that reward 2 to 4x the experience than just gained from doing one thing or killing thousands of that one enemy. Grinding isn't required.

Dragon Quest 11 is a fine example of this. You see enemies on the open world map from locale to locale, you don't grind them for experience, you explore the different places you're going to and killing enemies within said locale.

Every game that has an RPG element in it is sending you a message and you can interpret said message if you know how to interpret it. Another example, Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is a special type of animal where you don't need to grind, there are steps you can take to get ahead of the game, but if you look at each and every locale on the map, you'll see that you need a map fragment to fill it in.

Getting the map fragment is the first thing you want to do, fill in the entire map or a part of the map you're planning to explore.

Next, pick a region, google all of the hidden areas and locales on the map. You can walk around for hours and not find them that's why I said, google it. Finding those locales are the keys to successfully gaining the amount of experience needed for your character which isn't grinding.

The secondary final ingredient -

This is something that many of us gamers don't do or neglect then we wonder why we're so underleveled when fighting a boss or his boss, enemies. When you fight enemies, kill every single one of them; leave not one breathing.

This solution is the most obvious! If you come across enemies that are long range fighters or are just impatient about killing you knowing they're capable of making a mistake, make that work for you.

For example, at Raya Lucaria Academy, front gates, there are two glintstone magic flinging wizards. Naturally, you might think it is more ideal to rush them and cut them down but the charge time before launching their next attack is razor thin. They can do it instantly without breaking a sweat!

So, what do you do; hide behind the gate and they'll stop flinging magic bolts at you then come down the stairs slowly to investigate where you went or even if you're dead.

When that wizard comes down those stairs and land next to you or when you exchange gazes, kill him then get back behind the gate and wait for the other to come down and do the same thing to him.

As you're walking around Raya Lucaria Academy, employing this tactic will save you in a lot of ways but still be careful though, some enemies are smarter than they let on.

But the key to growing strong in games like Elden Ring is by exploring everything in the entire region, start in one part of a region and explore 100% of it then move on to another part of the region. Simple!

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