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“Grim Dawn”: Eye of Reckoning Whirlwind Warlord Build Guide

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Warlords are usually famous for retaliation type build. But this doesn’t mean that it cannot be played as two-handed melee wielder that deal heavy physical damage with internal trauma.

If you can still remember the famous Whirlwind Barbarian in Diablo, then this build will be familiar to you. Spin 2 win style of combat uses Eye of Reckoning as the primary damage dealer of this build focusing on physical damage instead of the usual fire.


  • Physique: This is your primary attribute since the build will be dealing face to face with enemies. It’s also required for equipping the best two-handed maces in the game.
  • Cunning: Cunning may not be the primary attribute of this build, but it’s still needed since it’s dealing physical type of damage. Offensive ability is also needed for critical damage.
  • Spirit: Put enough points in order for your character to equip high level amulets and rings. Spirit also increases your character’s energy.

Easy speed leveling

Choose Soldier first and use Forcewave during the early phase of the game, the skill is available at your first level-up and is effective in cleaning up mobs and bosses. Unlearn Forcewave once Eye of Reckoning is available to you and transfer all the skill points there.


Oathkeeper skills

  • Mastery bar (50 points): This should be max out to unlock all the required skills for this build.
  • Eye of Reckoning (16 points) – Soulfire (12 points): The primary damage dealing skill of this build. The skill deals an insane amount of damage per second and can trigger proc skills if there’s available. Soulfire lets you deal more damage to multiple enemies.
  • Presence of Virtue (12 points) – Rebuke (10 points): What you need from this skill is the internal trauma damage, offensive ability, energy regeneration, and physical damage. By the way, this skill will also affect your allies around.
  • Vire’s Might (1 point): For gap closing only. No need to put more points on this.
  • Judgement (12 points) – Crushing Verdict (12 points): Your best area of effect skill that nukes and crowd controls your foes.
  • Ascension (12 points): Use this buff for harder foes. It lets you absorb hits and increases your damage as well.
  • Summon Guardian of Empyrion (16 points): Your immortal pets that scales with your own damage bonuses.
  • Divine Mandate (12 points): Provides internal trauma damage while increasing it as well as your physical and critical damage.

Soldier Skills

  • Master bar (32 points)
  • Menhir’s Will (9 points): All your remaining skills points goes here. This is a good life saver passive.
  • Military Conditioning (10 points): For increasing your maximum health.
  • Field Command (12 points) – Squad Tactics (12 points): Field Command increases offensive ability, defensive ability, and armor for you and your allies around. What’s more important here is the Squad Tactics that increases all damage by a large percent.
  • Decorated Soldier (8 points): Works well on this build since its primary focus is dealing physical and internal trauma damage.


Note: You need to respec some devotion points in order to get the recommended devotions.

  • Bull: You primary need this for increasing physique and internal trauma damage. Bull Rush is also a good early source of extra damage.
  • Lion: Increases your attributes early such us health, spirit, and all damage.
  • Hammer: Another early source of physical and internal trauma damage boost.
  • Hawk: You usually need this for requirements.
  • Empty Throne: A good source of resistance early game. But most importantly, Empty Throne grants 15% reduced stun duration which is hard to find on most items.
  • Shepherd's Crook: Primarily needed for requirements as well. By the way, you won’t be needing the Shepherd's Call ability.
  • Kraken: Greatly increases damages when using two-handed weapon. This is one of the best devotions for this build.
  • Dire Bear: Boost damage and defense. Maul is also a good source of additional damage.
  • Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak: Ulzaad’s Decree provides good 10 second buff. But more than that, this constellation boost your damage and resistances.
  • Rhowan’s Scepter: The important thing to take note of when it comes to this constellation, is that it requires an equipped mace in order for your character to obtain its damage and defensive boost.
  • Oleron: The ultimate constellation for this build. It handsomely increases your attributes to great extent. Not to mention how good Blind Fury is.

Required Equipment

You should be equipping two-handed mace as weapon since Kraken requires two-handed weapon and Rhowan’s Scepter requires mace in order for these constellations to work. For item stats, your priority are items that increases physical and internal trauma.

Feel free to make your own variants of this build.

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