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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: The Paleto Score

GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael, Franklin, Trevor

Location: Meth Lab, Grand Senora Desert

Unlocked After: Paleto Score Setup

Prep - Military Hardware

After setting up the score, you'll have to track down and secure some military grade hardware. This means catching a convoy that's carrying the items you need. The convoy, marked on the map as an Hs, will travel north through the Grand Senora Desert, west along the Zancudo River, and up to Fort Zancudo. Set up a trap outside Sandy Shores, wait for the convoy to appear, take out the accompanying jeep, and jump in the larger truck. Find a nice, clear spot on the side of the road, wait for the convoy to appear, and open fire on the lead truck, preferably with a high explosive from a Grenade Launcher. Do the same for the truck at the rear. Finish off any troops that appear, steal the bigger truck of the lot (which should be untouched if your aim is good) and drive it to the meth lab. Piece of cake.

Gold Medal Completion

Head Hunter - Kill five enemies with a headshot. This means you'll have to let at least one truck full of troops remain unscathed. Painful, but if you find cover you'll have plenty of opportunities to get in headshots without risking your neck too much. I recommend Michael's special ability for this task, though Trevor can handle it as well.

Sticky Strategist - Stop the convoy using a Sticky Bomb trap. Plant the bomb on the road in front of the lead truck. Once it rolls over the bomb, set it off. Proceed as usual. Not as difficult as it sounds, but your timing must be precise - otherwise, you'll probably damage the hardware truck instead.


The Heist

- Once you have the truck, head into the meth lab and go upstairs as any of the three characters. Watch the cut scene.

- Hop in the van as Michael. Drive to the pier in Paleto Bay to drop off Franklin.

- Drive up to the front of the bank. Run in with the other two guys.

- Wait for the gunman to get rid of the door into the vault. Walk over to kick it in.

- Swap to Trevor. Now for some fun. Spray the cops with your mini gun alongside Michael and the gunman. Cover all angles, don't worry about cover, and aim for the engines on the police cars. The resulting explosions will do a lot more damage than aiming for individuals.

- Peg the helicopter that shows up. A few rounds in the front will do it.

Scroll to Continue

- Follow the other guys across the street.

- In the next yard, take out the cop car across from you, then wipe out the fence on the other side of the grass. Keep going through fences until you're back out on the street.

- Wipe out the two armoured cars that show up. Your bullets won't do too much to the outsides, so aim through the open doors to hit the engines. Continue up the street.

- Depending on who you picked, your gunman may get pinned by a car up here. Don't forget to grab the bag he drops or you'll lose out on a lot of money.

- Go crazy in the next yard full of cops and soldiers. Find cover (though you can't technically TAKE cover) and keep firing. Use Trevor's special ability to mitigate some of the damage, if necessary.

- The game jumps to Franklin. Ride up the street in the digger. Plow straight through with your blade down. The jeeps that pull up won't even slow you down. Turn left to the waypoint at the end of the street.

- Drive to the factory nearby. You'll have tanks firing at you the whole way, so weave the digger back and forth at least a little bit.

- Jump to Michael. Make your way through the factory, shooting off soldiers as you make your way to the rear. For the quickest kills, aim, point up the slightest bit, and fire. This will get you easy headshots each time. Stick with either Trevor or Michael in here - Franklin's just a wee bit too exposed to take the risk of controlling him. The AI will be more cautious.

- Once at the train tracks, make a stand. Hold off the army. Find cover and keep shooting until the train arrives. If you accidentally fall on the tracks, get to the stairs at the side and get back up. Michael and Trevor can't climb in those massive suits, and they'll still die if hit by the train.

- Onto the train. Huzzah!


Gold Medal Completion

Let it Rain - Fire over 4,000 bullets. Trust me, you will.

Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 50%. This is much trickier if you aim more for engines than people. Let auto aim steer your hand.

Time - Complete within 16:00. The mission runs on train tracks, more or less, so this isn't that difficult. Be surgical with your attacks.

Collateral Damage - Cause $1,000,000 damage to Paleto Bay. If you're attacking vehicles and causing explosions, this will be the natural conclusion.


Link on October 13, 2013:

The weird thing is That i didn't have to attack the convoy i just did the Heist mission

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