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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Grass Roots - Trevor

GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Legion Square

Unlocked After: Grass Roots - Michael, Mr. Philips

Remember way back at the beginning, when you visited Legion Square and found some guy campaigning for marijuana legalization? Yeah, he's back, and this time he's gotten his hooks into Trevor. You can but imagine what will happen when a crazed drug dealer gets his hands on a powerful hallucinogenic. Lord help us all.


- Proceed to Legion Square. The dude is sitting at his table, same as before.

- Watch the cut scene. Trevor's reaction to the guy's stance is priceless.

- Time for Trevor's crazy reaction to the drugs. Clowns!

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This seems familiar, and it is. Rather than aliens, you now have to deal with a bunch of illusory clowns. This, like Michael's mission, can be a little difficult, though it's not quite as bad.

- The clowns appear in three waves. During the first, they come out of a pair of clown cars that drive up near where Trevor begins. In the second, they appear in the distance, out of two more clown cars. In the third they spawn en masse at your back, though there are no more cars to contend with.

- Regardless of the wave you're fighting, you need to economize your shots. Though it has endless ammo, Trevor's gun occasionally needs to be reloaded. Plug each clown with a single shot, no more, before moving on to the next. Once you need to reload, get behind cover.

- In the first wave you should concentrate on taking out the clown cars. They pull up near where you start; take advantage of this by plugging their drivers, then shooting through the front window in a concentrated spray. This will take them out and prevent the clowns from spawning.

- The second round is more gradual. Take cover as you head towards the enemy and fire off single shots to wipe out the many clowns in the distance. Keep moving forward, immediately killing any clowns that spawn, while you attack the cars. Again, aim for the windshields. You can't be too far when you shoot or you won't do any damage, so proceed slowly towards the two cars.

- The third round is quick and brutal. Once the last two clown cars are gone, whip around, find some cover, and spray the abrupt set of enemy lines that appears. There are a lot of clowns, and they'll attack you with vicious force if you linger for too long. If you're firing quickly you can probably take them out within seconds.


Gold Medal Completion

Pre-Emptive Strike - Destroy four clown cars before they can spawn clowns. This is tricky. As soon as you wipe out the first two, sprint through the archway at your back and assault the second two. You'll need to be very fast.

Greatest Dancer - Kill six clowns while they are dancing. A few do this at the beginning; the rest you'll probably have to catch at the end. Wait during the final round until you see the clowns dancing before you start taking them out. Risky, but doable.

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