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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Closing the Deal

GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Rockford Hills

Unlocked After: Extra Commission

Trevor has done his part and brought low the many Lenny Avery signs around Vinewood. Josh isn't content with that, though, and for the price of a jump in the sack he's going to have Trevor complete another mission for him: scaring the pants off of Avery while he's in the middle of a real estate deal. Yep, Trevor can certainly handle that.


- First complete the mission Extra Commission. As soon as you finish wiping out the sign posts and give Trevor his just reward, Josh will give you a new mission.

- Hop back in your car. Off to the waypoint in Rockford Hills.

- Halfway there, Josh will call Trevor up and reveal some painful info: the target is in a green Comet… and he knows Trevor is coming. Great. Keep on driving.

- Stop at the waypoint. Trevor will call a jogging girl over. Let her speak her piece and she'll tell you that Lenny is up the street at a house on the left.

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- Drive just a bit further and you'll see a large property on your left. Enter the grounds and you'll see Lenny take off in his very-distinctive car. Chase!

This chase is somewhat tricky. Lenny's not a crazy driver, but he's zipping through some rather hairy terrai: Rockford Hills and Vinewood. This is a tough enough area to drive in at the best of times. Here are some tips for stopping him.

- Wait until you get to more open ground before you try to catch up to Lenny's car. You need to pay more attention to safely getting around the curves on these streets, as Trevor doesn't have the benefit of slo-mo while driving. Wait until Lenny gets away from the houses.

- There are many places you can use to cut off Lenny. The most prominent is a hill that leads out of Vinewood and swoops around in a sizable S. Go through the trees and you can practically land on his car.

- Crash Lenny's car. Don't simply block him and then pull your gun out. If he gets a chance, he'll run you over.

- If you take a bit too long to catch him, Lenny will pull a bonehead move and enter a small lot that circles around on itself. Wait at the gates of this lot and he'll come to you.

- Once you've got your gun out, simply threaten Lenny. This will finish the mission. Alternatively, you can pull out a melee weapon and beat him up a bit, or use your fists.


Gold Medal Completion

Pulverizer - Use a melee weapon to beat up Avery. This is solely dependent on your having a melee weapon at the time. A Police Baton will work very nicely, and you can buy one at an Ammu-Nation. (I'm not sure if fists work.)

Seized - Stop Avery's car in 40 seconds. Tricky, but do-able. This largely hinges on starting the chase at a high speed and making the starting turns with a high degree of accuracy and a very low degree of pain, as you need to shoot out Lenny's tires or otherwise incapacitate his vehicle (without killing him, mind). I highly recommend using a motorcycle if you're aiming for a low time - you won't be able to smash his car around, but you'll have no trouble with Vinewood's curves. Shoot out his tires and the chase is yours.

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