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Grand Theft Auto Online: Quickest Ways to Make Money (GTA V Fast Cash)


Grand Theft Auto Online: Fast & Easy Ways to Make Money

In the world of Grand Theft Auto Online, there numerous ways to make cash that can be used to buy property, cars, weapons, clothes, and more! However, since Rockstar updated the game recently, missions do not give as much money. This is not to say missions are bad for making cash, however, they may prove more time-consuming compared to other methods of making money in GTA V Online.

Selling Cars in Grand Theft Auto Online To Make Cash

Probably one of the fast ways to make money in GTA V Online is by selling vehicles to Los Santos Customs (mod shop). You can steal a car off the street and take it to Los Santos Customs to sell. It's important to note, however, high end cars like the infernus can not be sold to Los Santos Customs, they will not accept them. Other players personal vehicles can not be sold either. This was most likely put in place because if you were able to sell other peoples personal vehicles, it would be unfair to other players who owned them.

Best Cars to Sell to Los Santos Customs in GTA V Online

  • Lampadati Felon GT $9500
  • Gallivanter Baller $9000
  • Obey Rocoto $8500

Cars can only be sold every couple days in GTA Online. It's approximately 48 minutes real time, but it's easy and quick money when you can sell a car.


Robbing Stores in GTA V Online

There are of over a dozen stores in San Andreas, many of them in the city of Los Santos and the others out in the country side. Robbing stores is a pretty quick way to make some cash. Simply go inside the store and point the gun at the clerk. The clerk will then panic and give you the money from the cash register. Be careful, though, sometimes they will pull out a gun when you are walking out of the store. And if civilians are nearby, they may attempt to be a hero and will shoot at you!

Make sure you have a getaway vehicle to escape from the police. After you escape, you can immediately rob a different store. And after a time, you will be able to rob from the same store that you just robbed.

Keep in mind, the more stores you rob in a row, the higher wanted level you will receive. Stores are marked on the map.

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Killing Players With Bounties for Quick Cash

Bounties are often placed on players in GTA V Online free roam. Not always, but quite often, $9000 is placed on a player. This is quite a lot of money for just 1 bounty. If you kill that player you will claim the reward. And if a friend has a lot of money to spare, they can set bounties on other players for you. Personally, I helped a friend make over $100,000 in a short period of time because I kept placing a bounty on the same player repeatably.

Take caution when attempting to claim bounties. Other players may kill you because they want to claim the bounty for themselves. And the person with the bounty may be prepared to defend themselves (not always, though). Players with a bounty are marked as red on the map.


Robbing Armored Trucks

Another fast way to earn money in GTA V Online is stealing cash from armored trucks. These will appear on the map and you will usually be notified about them appearing on the map. You will see a white truck symbol moving on the map when armored trucks spawn. You need to be level 20 to start robbing them, though.

Play Short Street Races to Make Money Quick!

Racing is actually probably one of the best ways to make money fast in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, it only is if you play on short race tracks that do not take long to complete and do not finish in dead least.

You can potentially make anywhere from $1000 to $10000 or more in a single race! Criminal Records and Down the Drain are good examples of short street races.

Comments on July 27, 2015:

Very cool

Aaron Layson Jr on November 28, 2013:

Wow !! I just started playing GTA: Online. I didn't think it would be as "Intense" as it is. It makes me appreciate the Single player mode sooooo much. I only began it because my younger brother wouldn't leave me alone about it. I have a bunch of Gripes but I live with 'em, just as I live with my life. I Really do need done money also. I can't make it past 20 grand, so these tips will get worked on right away. Thanx 4 the help, it was duly needed. I'm tired of police sneaking up on me from odd angles. Or as I put it, in the days of GTA: San Andreas, "Spawn In". I got a question 4 U.... Have U ever been shooting 1 police officer, but as your looking @ him, ( or her - Now ), drop.... Another officer kinda slides from in back of them, as if they were there the whole time ?? U will know what I'm talking about when U see it. It let's me know that the "Engine" is working, as I call it. And that it's time 2 fight the "Matrix". Dontcha think that's what it's like ?? The (Matrix)

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