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Grand Theft Auto Online Eclipse Towers: Best Apartment Safe House (Worth It Or Not?)

Eclipse Towers Safe House in Grand Theft Auto Online

There are many apartments that you can purchase on GTA Online, but the Eclipse Tower is the most expensive, and arguably, the best safe house in the game. The Eclipse Towers has a spectacular view, has a 10 car garage, and nice interior. However, it is the most expensive safe house in GTA Online. The price is $400,000 if you get Apt 31.

All GTA Online Apartment Interiors $200,000 and above have same interior

Every apartment $200,000 and above have the same interior as the Eclipse Towers in Grand Theft Auto Online. Some people may get confused thinking that if they pay more then they will get a better interior. This is true to an extent, but once you buy any $200,000 safe house or above, you will already have the largest and most exotic interior.

The main difference that sets the Eclipse Towers apart from other GTA Online safe houses is the fact that it has a great view from the windows and has a different location. The location is in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. Players will not see any difference in the interior. It will be the same.


Eclipse Towers Worth It to Buy?

Personally, I do not want the Eclipse Towers because I already bought a $205,000 apartment near the beach. It still has 10 car garage and a very nice view, in my opinion. If Rockstar would let players buy multiple safe houses in GTA Online, then I would buy Eclipse Towers as well. However, currently, players can only have 1 safe house, unfortunately.

If you prefer to have an apartment in Rockford Hills and simply just want the most expensive apartment in the game so you can brag to your friends, then by all means buy it or save up for it. It's important to note, however, that more players may be around that area because it's the best safe house in the game. This could potentially mean that you could get attacked by random players in free roam more often. Buying a cheaper safe house may reduce the chance that you will run into random players trying to either kill you or blow up your car(s) around your apartment.

Selling Eclipse Towers for a different Safe House

It is possible to sell the Eclipse Towers (or any apartment for that matter) if you wish to move to another apartment. Simply go to a different apartment and buy the new one. The game will indicate that you will sell your current apartment and you will get 50% of the money off the one you currently own.

Owning Multiple Real Estate in the Future of Grand Theft Auto Online?

There is always the possibility that players may be able to own the best safe house (Eclipse Towers) along with other types of real estate in the future. Rockstar has already updated GTA Online several times and plans on releasing downloadable content (dlc) in the future.

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What would be interesting to see is the ability to buy a safe house in the northern part of San Andreas. It is rather unfortunate that players sometimes have to drive very far just to access their apartment because they are several miles away from Los Santos.

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