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Gotham Knights Drops Tonight!

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Gotham Knights, Get Some!


The Knight Drops At Dawn's Early Light!

Synopsis -

For a long time, I've been skeptical about entertaining the idea of getting Gotham Knights and even though the game has been a long time coming, it cannot be argued that the game's entertainment value is second only Batman: Arkham Knights on PS4.

Truth be told, I haven't played many Batman games over the years except for Batman Forever on SNES. That game was okay and it was actually that game that made me want to play as Robin by himself using his staff to incapacitate criminals.

I was sitting up watching the IGN First on the IGN game channel a few nights ago and even though I should've looked away or turned my television to another channel, I couldn't look away. The awesome gameplay mechanics was mind-blowing and I wanted to try out the game myself.

I always get amped up for a game and I want it to go on the record that this time was no different, I wasn't going to get Gotham Knights at first because I thought it was going to be one of those games that played a lot like Marvel's Spiderman on PS4.

Not to say that the game was bad because it wasn't, I just felt like I spent more time strong arming bad guys and making my way around the city to stop more bad guys instead of just enjoying the game. The suits was a big selling point for me.

Gotham Knights isn't on any of that, it is a game that seems more about really trying to immerse someone into the gameplay than just trying to get you to solve this and beat up that.

No, from what I've seen of Gotham Knights, it has a great story, immersive gameplay and overall replayability value. The Court of Owls will be featured in the game and boy, I can't wait to get my hands around those guys' necks.

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The way that the Court of Owls is featured in the game gives you a reason to want to find out about them or go after them. Personally, I plan on doing both. In the past, you only had 2 heroes to use which was Batman or Robin.

In this game, you got a pick of 4 heroes. Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood. To be honest with you, Robin and the Court of Owls was a bit of a selling point for me. I mean, I would've still played the game if Robin wasn't in it but the Court of Owls is a secret society that, if you remember, Deathstroke tried to bring Damian Wayne into in the movie, Batman v. Robin.

While I was a little taken back by the fact that it's not just going to be a ritual 'clean up Gotham' while trying to stay under the polices' radar. This game is going to be so much more and if I'm being honest, I don't see the gameplay ending as soon as you get to the end.

I see so much future DLC for this game, it's not funny. Ironically, I thought this game would be the runt of the litter in terms of gameplay, wow factor and even pick of individual heroes.

However, this game has been polished to perfection and I assure you that you're going to get so much out of this game when you play it. As I stated in the title, the game drops tonight at midnight.

Make sure you get yourself and your money together, me and money are ready and I've pre-ordered mine ahead of time actually, I did it a few nights ago. Incidentally, best 75.00 I ever spent.

You know it's funny, I always thought that I'd let this game wait until about Christmas because I wasn't too impressed with it outright but I'm glad I took the time to research it because it is the best decision I ever made.

I'm telling you right now folks, get yours. You'll be happy you did on account of the fact that it is a game that is definitely worth your while. Don't let anyone tell you that this game isn't worth the hype or the deserved hype that it is because it is so well deserved and then some.

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