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Gorean Slave Information

Slave's Creed


Basic Slave Training

The training of a Pleasure Slave, is long and arduous. On the first week, a slave does nothing, but kneel before a mirror in the position of a pleasure slave (kneeling in nadu) for several Ahn a day.

The second week, she will kneel the same way, but repeats out loud, ‘La Kajira’ (‘I am a slave girl’). During the third and forth weeks, she will learn the laws of natural order, relation of the sexes, and that women are natural slaves. Of course, the girl is allowed to argue and debate, during this time. Also, during the forth week, the girl will learn to respond to certain questions, some of them being quite complex.

In the fifth week, kneeling again, repeating the questions and answers, she learned. And in the sixth week, she kneels and repeats out loud, ‘I love being a slave girl.’

The next few weeks will include, a period of exercises. Barbarians (Earth girls), learns Gorean, when not being trained. After the exercise training, they’ll learn how to stand, walk, kneel, recline, eat and drink. They also learn domestic chores, as well as dances, songs, variety of kisses, caresses and sexual techniques.

Now, most slaves will learn how to respond to various questions. Here is an example of common questions and answers:


What are you? A slave girl.

What is a slave girl? A girl who is owned.

Are you a slave girl? Yes, Master.

Who owns you? My Master owns me.

Who trains you? Everyone I interact with, gives me an opportunity to learn, in a formal way, my Master may choose anyone to train his slave.

Do you have a brand? No, Master.

Why? Because, I have not yet proven my slavery.

Do you wear a collar? Yes, Master.

What sort of collar do you wear? A personal collar, Master, it shows that I belong fully to my Master and he may do whatever he wishes with his slave.

What is the common purpose of a collar? The collar has four common purposes, Master.

First, it visibly designates me as a slave, as a brand might not, if it should be covered by clothing.

Second, it impresses my slavery upon me.

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Thirdly, it identifies my Master.

Fourthly, it makes it easier to leash me.

Do you like being a slave girl? Yes, Master.

What does a slave girl want more than anything? To please her Master.

What are you? A slave girl.

What do you want more than anything? For my Owner to find me pleasing.

Slave Types

This here is useful information for those who is following the slave path. Note, that slaves are broken down into two major categories: white silk and red silk . The other silk colors, means nothing on Gor.

The color of silks, bears no references to the training level, that might be seen within the online lifestyle. Simply, the white silks are virgin and the red are not, even though a virgin could be fully trained as a Pleasure Slave, while a red silk newly recruited from Earth, who didn’t even speak Gorean yet. So, the different color of silks one might see within the different online Homes, that was told to earn them throughout the training, which isn’t truly based on any of information from the books.

Now, the condition of slavery, requires no overt sign of bondage. Even though, such items are useful, mostly for marking property or the identity of Owner and such. Plus, what a slave wears, is at the whim of the Owner. Even an uncollared, unbranded slave is a slave.

There is an average of twenty-five different slave types. I will mark down as much information to each, as I can.

-Bathe Girls-Kajirae who serve at the public or private bathes.

-Barbarians-People from Earth or one who doesn’t speak another’s language, like Gorean. However, it is often used as an insult, regarding the slave girls from Earth.

-Beggar Slaves-Pitiful of all. A typical slave who tried to runaway and was hamstrung as punishment. Now, since they can’t walk only drag themselves around; they sit and beg for coins on the street, returning their “earnings” to their Owners.

-Bondmaids-Northern slave girls from the Torvaldsland Territories. These girls are also known as “a girl whose belly lies under the sword.”

-Camp Slaves-Owned by authorized Merchants, who hold contracts for certain seasons or campaigns. The girls are rented out to soldiers at fees which are fixed and almost nominal.

-Coin Girl-The lowest form of street girl. Chained and belled, the girl carries a small coin box at dusk. A man will pay her, placing a coin within the box, then he may have his way with her.

-Display Girl-A kajira, whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty, to reflect the wealth and status of her Owner.

-Exotics-A breed of slaves, whose characteristics have been carefully chosen by their breeders.

-Feast Slaves-Girls usually rented in groups, to individuals or organizations for feasts, parties, and other functions.

-Flute Girls-Able to play single or double flute. Usually rented out for parties or other functions. Also, will commonly served the pleasures of guests.

-Handmaidens-Slave of the Free Women.

-Kettle and Mat Girl-A slave, whose functions divided between household tasks and sexual servitude.

-Luck Girl-Slaves that are kept as mascots on board ships, usually reserved for the captain’s use, though they maybe shared.

-Lure Girl-A slave, who serves as bait, by pretending to desire a man and distracts him, while the Owner and his men captures the unfortunate victim.

-Message Girl-Used to send secret messages. Mostly illiterate.

-Muls-Male and female slaves, kept by the Priest-Kings to maintain the Nest.

-Natural Slave-A slave, who may need training, to refine her nature, but in whose heart is already a slave.

-Paga Slaves-Girls, who work in paga taverns, whose use is bought with a bowl of paga.

-Passion Slaves-Exotics, who are bred for passionate response.

-Pierced-ear Girl-A slave, whose ears have been pierced. Most girls despairs this, for it means that they will never be freed.

-Pleasure Slave-Trained in the art of love, and are typically very passionate and needy.

-Pot Girl-Lowest form of slaves, whose main function is cooking, cleaning, and other menial tasks.

-Secret Slave-A slave, who most believe is free. Her true status is concealed by the Owner, but it is difficult to maintain for a long time as the girl become more like a slave.

-State Slave-Owned by the city.

-Thrall-Northern male slaves from the Torvaldsland Territories.

-Tower Slaves-Slaves of high positions in a household, of course, being slaves, they are still available for any use their Owner sees fit.

-Work Slaves-Slaves serving almost a penal function in some cases. Generally, considered as the lowest of slaves.


Beth on April 21, 2016:

I too am a natural submissive and as such need a master to please and satisfy, to train me, to disciple me, to collar and own me. I know my purpose and place .... kneeling before my master.

Ray Pasley on May 31, 2014:

I have a slave girl and I am looking for a second girl to join U/us. she must be pure in heart and knows her place.

Wes on July 31, 2013:

I am seeking a slave girl to own. I am having trouble finding her. I would appreciate any advice.

Kimberly on May 29, 2013:

I want to belong to a master. I have never been a slave but I think I could be a good slave.

Sir on April 07, 2012:

I like th idea of the Gorean slave training, in reality it doenst work. In this as in all forms of training, there must be a set of firm rules, a system of reward and punishment and spasific goals.

The books on Gor are an interesting read, but they are not real. I think they are fine to draw insperation from but as a training method there is little if any truth to it.

Liz on February 13, 2012:

i've always considered myself "natural sub" after reading this i know i am, thank you, i now know where i'm going in my life

uller[MO] on October 28, 2010:

I am a male slave to a wonderful Master and Mistress even tho we don't follow the Gorean way a 100% that showed me what type of slave I am and for that I thank you.

Rizal Julio C. Romanes on August 26, 2010:

Interesting ..

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