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Going Medieval: How to Change Heraldry to Anything

Stephen is a former dinner theater actor, humilitarian, unemployed mascot and general home cuisine meth lab technician.

Keep The Change, Ya Filthy Animal!


First, let's navigate to where you can find the heraldry options. This is great if you've never customized your flag.


You can edit your heraldry either at the beginning while you're selecting your biome or during a game by hitting esc and looking in the menu.

Once inside, you get the option to move around a variety of symbols and recolor them, rotate, scale, position etc.

Now for the customs.

You're going to want to follow this filepath to locate the folder you have to move .png files into to allow them to be used as custom artwork for your heraldry.

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Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Going Medieval > Going Medieval_Data > StreamingAssets > HeraldryCustomSymbols

And you're going to want to save whatever image you want as a .png.

I convert mine in mspaint because I'm a man of culture.


The Custom Tab

See that custom tab at the bottom under the symbols? All that's in there before you upload yours is the Voxel Fox logo.

If yours isn't showing up and you did everything right, click the refresh button. Mine didn't show up for a sec.

Now my plebs can live knowing that their greathall is decked out in Al Pacino. Good thing I allowed all stimulants.

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