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Gods Unchained: War Decks Tips and Tricks

Auros, God of War

Auros, God of War

The main domain of the War decks is mainly related to the battlefield and the camaraderie of the combatants. It is not strange in fact to find them in the taverns in peacetime to tell the heroic deeds of one or the other.

Fighting is a matter of honour and respect. It doesn't matter if you're a Viking or Olympian.

The main abilities of the war god's allied creatures are mainly Blitz, protected, leech, and twin strike.

Sometimes they may even have Flank for their incredible combat strategy, which puts even the most prepared armies in trouble.

As usual, at the beginning of the game, we will be able to choose only one of the following powers of divinity. These powers can be activated several times during the game but only once per turn, provided you have enough mana.



Enrage is a divine power that lets you increase the strength of one of your creatures at the cost of damaging them.

Even if that may seem counter-intuitive, that can lead to a more aggressive approach. Enrage will allow some of your creatures to be able to kill even stronger opponents.

Lore-wise, those creatures will endure a berserker rage.

Building a Deck around this specific Divine Power is quite easy. Enrage is inexpensive and can easily fit into the curve. It only takes single mana to activate the ability.

Start with creatures with toughness higher than two. That can help you avoid killing them if we use the Enrage ability more than once.

Consider also that some ability used by the opponents can deal damage. So, if those strategies become dominant in the metagame, feel free to up to three.

Using creatures with Armor 1 or higher can be another angle of attack, as armour prevents damage.

You can also try to introduce more effects that can protect your creatures so that they suffer less of the negative effects. Or as a way to protect them from enemy counterattacks.

For example "Another Round!" allows you to reinforce a creature by giving it a + 3 / + 3 bonus. Enough to protect from most of the smaller creatures.

The "Enduring shield" relic allows you to attack directly with your divinity and, at the same time, give protection to a creature.

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Slayer is a divine power that lets you deal two damage to your opponent. Right to the face!

This divine Power can become useful when you need to do the last few damages to your opponent. Especially when they build a defence with Frontline creatures or they wipe the board. In this case, the battlefield is no longer an option.

You can also use this divine Power late in the game when you start losing momentum or empty-handed. Or even early, you can use Slayer as a mana sink for unused/wasted mana.

Being able to use this ability up to four or five times during the game can be game-changing. Considering the starting 30 life, you only need to deal 20 - 22 damage to the opponent.

Slayer is one of the best Divine Power for a War Deck because it gives you extra reach over the opponent.

If you want to optimize your deck for Slayer you need to build an Aggro War deck. Bury the opponent with fast creatures and steal some damage here and there along with the game.


Valka’s presence

Valka is the champion of Auros, God of War.

Like a champion, she is renowned by her people to such an extent that they are named after Valkin in honour of her.

With this divine power, we can put a 1/1 creature into play. Valka’s presence was introduced in the Divine Order expansion.

Paying two mana for a 1/1 creature is quite expensive but the ability is repeatable without using cards.

In some cases, these creatures can be useful for filling the board or as expendable creatures. They can also be useful for filling the gap between ours and the opponent's creatures. For example, doing a double strike to remove the opponent's largest creature at the cost of one of ours (smaller) and a Valkin can be a way to not lose too much ground.

Additionally, they can attack protected creatures to make them lose protection. The same can happen against Frontline creatures, deadly creatures and so on.

Valkins are full-fledged Vikings and thus get bonuses from Viking-themed cards. For example, the Thunder Caller card can reinforce the strongest of your Vikings. Use 1/1 creatures to attack and get the frenzied bonus.

Revered Seer will power up your creatures at the end of the turn. Making them more difficult for the opponent to remove and allowing you to inflict more damage over time.

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