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God of War PS4 more like God of Boredom

God of War (PS4) Critique

God of War PS4 review

Screw the makers of God of war 4 not only do they ruin the god of war franchise by completely throwing away the series main gameplay draw the hack and slash gameplay instead of a crappy walking simulator.

Insomniac was never my favorite Sony game developer all their title were boring lackluster the only games they made that were successful were for children and somehow because it made for a dumber audience it got a pass and became popular not unlike Naughty Dog who made crash bandicoot which is poorly designed game with bad camera angles even Santa Monica who hasn't made a decent God of War game since God of War 3.

Ascension had a bad camera, uninspired enemies, and a weak voice actor who only got worse in God of War PS4 or PSBORE. The game was another freaking walking simulator it's like they copied a naughty dog game and reskinned it for God of Boring PS4. I would much rather play as Thor or one of his sons because asshole Kratos must kill all the gods because he’s a stupid bald moron and that's what he does. Kratos was never a good guy were we an onlooker he would seem to be a mass-murdering bald maniac who kills innocent people for fun daily.

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