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Get real-life combat experience with MAG

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MAG is not your everyday shooter game. It is a perfect balance between combat skills, strategy and cooperation. Its unique gameplay can make it frustrating for a lot of first-time players but trust me, this is a game you need to give it more chance and you’ll most likely enjoy. If you haven’t played MAG, this is a list I could come up with to make the game more fun for you and your teammates;

Lesson One; Stick to your squad and unless you or your squad leader have a good plan do not get separated. This is the reason the game respawns every dead person in your squad back in certain intervals in the same place.

Lesson Two; Pay close attention to the minimap on your screen. Your squad leader may pick a new Frago which takes priority such as destroying the AA battery or other counter-attacking weapons to be able to perform a strike.

Lesson Three; Get a microphone and communicate with your squad members. It is so important that I think it should have been mandatory to play the game. If you see someone camping warn others. If you are a medic, let others know and if you’re injured ask for help. The game also lets you spy on the enemy’s conversations if you’re close to them, so you may know their plan and want to let your team knows.

Lesson Four; Do not bleed out before you make sure there is no medic around you! Nothing is more frustrating for a medic than running to a guy and watching him bleeds out a split second before he gets healed. That being said, if you see someone has killed you and is camping for the next person, please bleed out or warn others because the poor medic may die trying to help you.

Lesson Five; If you’re dead, assess the situation and respawn back with a new equipment set which is needed the most. If you noticed that there are not enough medics in your squad why don’t you become one? If your team is defending and you have personal mines, it’s ideal that you come back and set them where needed and if there is an enemy tank or vehicle a rocket launcher can help, etc.

Lesson Six; Do NOT camp unless you really know what you’re doing! Your squad is counting on you! It is so frustrating to be outnumbered in a battle because half of the squad members are camping with the hope to get a clear headshot from miles away! A stat of 7 kills-20 death is usually better than 1 kill-0 death because it means you were engaged in the battle!

Lesson Seven; Keep in mind friendly fire is on so you may kill your teammates accidentally if you do not pay attention where you’re shooting or throwing grenades.

Lesson Eight; Buy the right upgrades and equipments with your skill points! It helps you and your team a lot! Keep in mind it gets more difficult to earn skill points as you level up so use the first ones wisely.

Lesson Nine; Enjoy the game! It doesn’t happen so often that I enjoy a game even when I lose but if you do well, this game gives you a sense of satisfaction regardless of the end result.

Keep these lessons in mind and you can truly enjoy the game, otherwise, MAG can be the most frustrating game ever made (and that includes Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising)!


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