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Pokemon Generation 1 - Gameplay And Review

My name is Krishnavamshi Kesani. I am from India. I am a student currently persuing my B. Tech in SRM Institute Of Science And Technology.


The first generation games of pokemon are known for the older fans as the chromatic generation or the color generation due to the names of versions of the games released. The first two versions are Pokemon Red and Green, which became very popular among the old players. Then came the third and fourth versions named Pokemon Blue and Yellow in Japan. The generation 1 pokemon games were an idea from Satoshi Tajiri, who started developing it in the early 1990s. These games got introduced into Nintendo with the help of Shigeru Miyamoto. Pokemon games and Anime were released simultaneously led to an overnight surge in popularity and made the pokemon franchise the greatest hits in Nintendo. The games became very popular that eight years after their release, they got remade into Pokemon FireRed and Leafgreen.



The gameplay of generation 1 games of Pokemon follows:

  • The player can use six different pokemon in battles against wild pokemon or other pokemon trainers.
  • There are 151 different species of Pokemon which are related to each other by the way of evolution.
  • We can store other pokemon that we don't want to allow in battles in a PC-based Pokemon Storage System, which is made up of 12 boxes that can contain 20 pokemon in them.
  • The Kanto region in the game has the Pokemon League Challenge which consists of eight pokemon gyms that are distributed across the area of Kanto, each training in a different type. The Elite Four and the Pokemon Championship awaits for the pokemon trainers at Indigo Plateau.

Battle System includes:

  • 15 different types of pokemon species that are inherent to themself.
  • 165 different moves with their own type, base power, and accuracy. These moves are restricted to four for each pokemon.
  • Different pokemon have different stats of Defence, HP, Attack, Special Attack, and speed.

At the beginning of the game, the player will have no pokemon in his hands. And without any pokemon, going out of the Pallet Town is impossible. While the player tries to go out of the town, Professor Oak stops him and brings the player to his lab. In the lab, the professor asks us to choose a pokemon out of three. We have to choose between Bulbasaur, which is a grass-type Pokemon, Charmander, which is a fire-type Pokemon, and Squirtle, which is a water-type Pokemon. After selecting our pokemon, we have to leave the town and fight with each of the gym leaders. As we win against those gym leaders, they will award us with a badge. The player's main motive in the game is to become one of the best gym leaders. In order to do that he has to win all the gym badges and win against the Elite Four in the Pokemon League Challenge.

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Gym Leaders and Badges

Gym LeaderLocationBadge


Pewter City

Boulder Badge


Cerulean City

Cascade Badge

Lt. Surge

Vermilion City

Thunder Badge


Celadon City

Rainbow Badge


Fuchsia City

Soul Badge


Saffron City

Marsh Badge


Cinnabar City

Volcano Badge


Viridian City

Earth Badge

Comparison With Other Generations

  • Generation 1 is the only generation with Special as a stat. In other generations, Special is divided into Special Attack and Special Defence.
  • The Physical and Special moves are determined by the type of move in Generations 1 to 3. But in other generations, they are determined by the move itself.
  • In Generations 1 to 4, TMs are used only once but HMs can be used any number of times. But from fifth-generation, TMs also have an unlimited number of uses.


Generation 1 Pokemon games introduced most moves with a count of 165, compared to other generation pokemon games. Generation 1 became the shortest generation in North America because the Pokemon Red and Blue games were released in 1998, while they already released in 1996 in Japan. Their successive generation games, Pokemon Gold and Silver, were released in 2000 in America and 1999 in Japan. Because it is the first advanced generation, Generation 1 is considered to have the highest number of Glitch Pokemon, which are available without the use of any external devices. The Pokemon Storage System, in Generation 1, has 240 spots available for only 151 pokemon, which leaves 89 extra spaces that are not needed. Generation 1 Pokemon Games are the only games without a playable female character. It is the only generation that has more than one dragon-type moves.

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