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Games Like Portal - Fun & Odd First Person Puzzle Games

I Love First Person Puzzle Games Like Portal

I Love First Person Puzzle Games Like Portal

Games Like Portal - Fun & Odd First Person Puzzle Games

I love portal like many other gamers. While on the hunt for other games like Portal I put this page together for other fans looking for a new first person puzzle game.

Like most gamers I feel in love with the strange adventure that was the original Portal (cake anyone?) This love was revitalised in Portal 2 and the option to experience this with a friend took it to an entirely new level.

If you're like me and love Portal you'll know that there aren't many first person puzzle games like Portal out there and that's why I've put together this fun list of my favourites. Know some others? I would absolutely love to hear your suggestions!

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Which Portal Game Was Your Favourite?

My Favourite Of The Games Like Portal.

My Favourite Of The Games Like Portal.

Quantum Conundrum

For mad science! Quantum Conundrum promises something strange that has a very Portal like feel to me and I absolutely loved it. As a young boy you find yourself trying to free your uncle from the strange scientific problem he finds himself in. This adventure also packs the quirky humour that made the Portal series such an amazing experience for me.

The game is a first person puzzle game like Portal that uses different dimensions instead of portals and with four very different dimensions to swap between the puzzle elements are very deep. While I can admit it takes some getting used to at the start (just like Portal) it isn't too long before you understand the mechanics and will love using them.

Each dimension has their own purpose and most puzzles will require that you mix them all together at some point to make it to the current objective. Dimensions include the fun fluffy dimension that makes everything soft, light and cuddly along with a heavy dimension, an anti-gravity and slow time dimension.

It also combines first person platforming quite heavily so if that doesn't sound like your sort of game then please move onto the other games like Portal on this page. It's something I don't usually enjoy but I was able to look past it because I thought the other mechanics were really enjoyable but that might not be an option for everyone.

Quantum Conundrum (Kinguin)

Something Unique Based On Colours.

Something Unique Based On Colours.

Tag: The Power of Paint

Tag: The Power of Paint is one of my favourite free games like Portal and I wish it was longer as it is more of a technical demo than anything. it came from student work at DigiPen which was also the school that gave Valve the original idea for Portal.

DigiPen is definitely producing some impressive games and Tag: The Power of Paint is no exception. While it is a short game I really recommend it to Portal fans, just like my last recommendation the game is quite platform focused as well.

In case the name hadn't already suggested what you'll be doing in the game Tag: The Power of Paint revolves around the use of colour to alter the property of the ground that you're walking on. From speeding up you to giving you an extra boost there is a colour for that.

While it's a very short game you can't complain for a free game that a few students put together (and were later commissioned to work on Portal 2). It amazes me what these students were able to produce and I have no doubt you'll find it just as enjoyable.

One Of The Best games Like Portal?

One Of The Best games Like Portal?

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QUBE combines colour and physics together in what I found to be a very fun but also challenging experience for the puzzle veteran. For me it's probably the closest you can get to a Portal like experience in terms of mechanics and first person elements it's just missing the storyline behind it to be something truly spectacular.

The idea behind QUBE is simple enough with coloured cubes having varying functions that you activate through your glove. Remembering how the different colours interact with you, the world and each other is important elements to each level.

QUBE really is something unique but feels very similar at the same time as you explore a game world that does feel very Portal like.

Length of the game was probably my favourite aspect and longer on length than most of the other puzzle games like Portal I've featured here (it's always a genre that attracts short games, there is no doubt about that!)

QUBE (Kinguin)

The Game That Inspired Portal & All Games Like Portal.

The Game That Inspired Portal & All Games Like Portal.

Narbacular Drop

Narbacular Drop is the very game that inspired Portal and the people behind it were picked up the work on the official game, so why not return to the roots with this environmental puzzle. With no violence of any sort and even cute little lava turtles the game is appropriate for all ages and I've even let some of my younger cousins play the game when they were introduced in seeing me playing.

You get to take control of a princess who is trying to escape capture with the use of an orange and blue portal, definitely a familiar concept to most readers here. There are also physics elements with objects to play with so it's got all aspects covered.

Did I mention that Narbacular Drop is free? That's the best part of all and you can easily enjoy it for an afternoon or two and the game isn't computer intensive either. It's another job from the students from the DIgiPen Institute which just goes to show the high level of quality that those students are pushing out on a regular basis.

Control The Ball In This First Person Puzzle Experience.

Control The Ball In This First Person Puzzle Experience.

The Ball

The Ball was one of the many games that started its life as a mod, having played the mod (of Unreal Tournament III) I was instantly hooked and the fact that it's now available as a full release game I couldn't not include on my games like Portal list here.

The game is more of an FPS game with puzzle elements rather than a puzzle game played through first person (I think that makes sense anyway). Your job is to guide this strange ball through a series of puzzle levels. You can push or pull the ball to give you the control you need as you explore a strange world that you've discovered in the side of a volcano.

Just like QUBE I really liked the amount of hours your getting from the game which is why I consider it to be one of my favourite puzzle games like Portal. It's only not higher on my personal list here because I don't think it's what most people are after since it is quite different. It's something I encourage you to investigate for yourself though before making a final decision.

The Ball (GOG)

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Which Of These Games Like Portal Is The Best? You Tell Me!

KL on May 29, 2017:

The Turing Test and The Talos Principle are also great games similar to Portal.

Emian on April 02, 2016:

i advise everyone to check out "The Talos Principle"; best FPS puzzle i ever played ....

It's available on Steam .

Shuantsu on February 10, 2016:

Check out Sory About My Uncle

eric s07 on March 03, 2015:

As a fan of Portal, I must admit that even after hours and hours of looking for similar games, there's nothing quite like it. Nevertheless, I agree with most of the entries on the list above. If you're looking for games similar to Portal, this is as close as you'll get. In case anyone would like to read my list, here it's

Jane Doe on January 25, 2015:

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is worth a look as well. I'd call it more of a love story to Portal than a rip off, but there's no questioning its inspiration.

Tolovaj on February 05, 2014:

So many great games and so limited with free time... I like games where you need to think a bit, too. If they are sprinkled with a humor, even better!

Sarah Forester (author) from Australia on February 05, 2014:

Hey Fred, it is on Steam.

Fred L. on February 05, 2014:

Wow The Ball looks like really fun to me, is it on Steam? I'm quite interested in buying it.

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