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Games I Bought Back That Haven't Grown But I Have.

Games That Required A Grind, Are On My Re-Examination Table!


Me Then Vs. Me Now

Opening -

Back in my earlier days of video gaming, I always prided myself on being ready for anything and everything. I worked hard to ensure that my group and I were the only ones standing along with there being no way they could fall in battle.

This prompted me to grind heavy in most of those games that allowed it; games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX along with X-2 and X for that matter. I expected to have the strongest fighting force to ever exist, and I did.

For a while, this wasn't an issue. I didn't care how long it took me to achieve max power thru these means, the ends justified it! I was able to stand with even the strongest of the greats in mid points of certain games.

Ex. Dalton's pet Golem in Zeal Palace in 12,000 B.C, first encounter. Normally, you'd be indiscriminately slaughtered by this ugly barbed wire haired brute, but through being overleveled thanks to the grind, I was 6 levels ahead of the requirement for the Zeal domain. I made quick work of the Golem by using Ayla's Rock Throw and that alone, Marle was on healing and Crono was using his Confuse tech.

Oh, just so you know, the minimum level to survive in the realm of Zeal is 30. I was a 36; way overleveled. To put a finer point on this, I was a level 45 by the time I left the Ocean Palace.

But, one day something dawned on me as I was getting ready to grind in another game; I didn't want to make the time to grind, I didn't have in me anymore. I said, "let's see how far strategy gets me".

Grinding doesn't require strategy, strategy requires hard work and implementation through trial and error. Why strategize when you can mow down everything using force alone. This was logical to me and it felt right.

However, something changed in me as I grew and the more games I played and beat. And, I'm going to tell you what that something was....right now!

Me Then -

I remember the first game I grinded in was Chrono Trigger on SNES. Mt. Woe was my grind spot. Particularly, the eastern part of the mountain, mid-section. Ever since I started grinding in Chrono Trigger and reaping the benefits, I didn't care about how overpowered I was or the shortcut I ignorantly took to gaming dominance.

To me, it was enough to be able to stomp on everything without a second thought. Invincibility at its best. I never had to worry about boss battles or even not being adequately prepared for said battles. I feared nothing!

Me, Present Day -

Nowadays, I play all games without grinding. I bought back Grandia III and that game hasn't changed a bit, no difficulty level to speak of, the only way you were going to survive the Verse Realm is if you grinded which again, I won't do; it's a matter of principle. I got rid of the game, this time for good.

I bought back Castlevania Curse of Darkness, not necessarily a grind game.

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*My strategic solution: Using the right weapons will evolve your Innocent Devils to the right forms where you getting a 100% of them and your area completion isn't an impossibility.

Wild Arms 2 is another game I bought back.

*Strategic Solution: You have Lord Blazer's form and evolutionary form to back you up not to mention all of the ARM special attacks from your Bayonet and the other abilities from your buddies.

Final Fantasy VI,

*Strategic Solution: Equip a healing spell on everyone, have them learn or the ones that require a healing spell to stay alive while using their own respective talents. Utilizing Terra's Esper form is central to surviving with her, using said form only in case of emergencies where the battle is getting out of hand, is recommended.

Final Fantasy V,

*Strategic Solution: You can transform into different character classes per the situation, grinding isn't required.

Wild Arms 5,

*Strategic Solution: tackling the 4 hidden castle areas before Tower O; Abyss is first since it has the easier enemies to exploit. Start with the hidden areas and work your way through those then come out stronger than ever. Before that, search for item chests on the world map while completing the puzzle block crystals which will get your ultimate power for your weapons via Arm parts and Dragon Fossils.

Elden Ring,

*Strategic Solution: grinding isn't necessary as long as you find and explore every locale within that region, you'll be ready for anything.

Tales of Arise, Simply, fall back on the special abilities of your teammates and utilize Alphen's 2 Mystic Artes; you're golden.

See, nowadays I count on my strategic gaming genius to get me through boss fights and tough enemy battles. I don't grind anymore because there's no reason to and with new generation games, grinding is a thing of the past yet, some gamers still do it even today. I won't, grinding is nothing but a time-consuming, easy shortcut to ultimate power.

You want to impress me, show me how you beat a boss using just the tools at your disposal. And, I can show you how to make certain places with hard enemy bosses work with you instead of against you especially when it comes to gaining strength in games like Wild Arms 5 and Elden Ring.

If you know how to utilize strategy when it comes to places in games and know how to use an enemy's impatience against them, you won't need to grind. Tomorrow, I'll have examples!

Like my Post? Leave me a message and I'll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy writing.

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